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Shannon Jeffery Mar 2014
What the **** is wrong with me?
I'm too madly in love to see
the pain and confusion I cause
my emotions and thoughts I force

All I want is you to be happy
but all I'm doing is making it ******.
I don't care the pain I have to take
but I never thought my love for you was a massive intake.

My heart too big, my soul to open,
everyday my love will heighten.
I'm causing more pain then love.
I've pushed my feelings to hard, caused it to be rough.

I'm sorry for any pain or confusion,
my total love intrusion.
I don't know what to do
all I want is the best for you.

Maybe what's best has got nothing to do with me
has my love turned from a gift to a fee?
I'm lost for you Angel, what do I do
I've been blinded by my love, I have no clue
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Ok so I wanted to find a way to learn more about felloe poets here on HP. But I know not everyone likes to write long detailed information so.... I'd like you to write a 10(I will accept up to 20 but prefer 10) word poem describing yourself with one of these 4 elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

If you would like it to be easily found please use the tag #elementchallenge

I will write one aswell :) lets see those creative minds in action
Shannon Jeffery Sep 2014
I've got an old tale just for you
Not that hairy *** hanging thing
Something brand spanking new
I am a little bit crazy
But once you know me
You will see how I fly with one wing

Now to the tail we shall go
Waving left and right, to and fro
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
A lot says a tail, oh they bellow
But not with a voice oh no no
With the to and fro shows the flow

Now isn't this interesting
A tale of a tail, should I say more
What was I thinking
It gets thrown around and rubbed on the floor
Of what domain am I now sinking

You can't tell me? you don't know?
You've followed this entire show
Oh, it's ok I'm just cooky
Here just forget it all and have a cookie
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2014
Thoughts streaming
My heart enduring
Her smile alluring

No longer in control
you're my one and only
My love for you, eternal
no longer feeling lonely
My soul calls for yours
for all I can dream is you
For you my heart adores
I'm in love with you, 'tis true

To be with you, a dream I see
a time for joy and a time for glee
My heart cries, even as time flies
the day will come, when we are one
you're the one for me, my love for eternity.
Shannon Jeffery Oct 2014
As I march through the gates of hell
Into the fields of harvested evil
The scents of an impure presence
Envelops the nostrils with vile essence

I stride up to the devil himself
"Lucifer.. your reign.. is filth!"
He glares at me with an evil grin
"So you're the one.. giving a new name to sin"

Face to face, eye to eye
This is where our destinies lie
"Your time is up, your rule is done.
I shall not rest until the throne is won"

"You impudent fool, a stained halfbreed.
You're not worthy to lead"

*"HA...Stained? No, you Satan
Are stained by your love for a human.
Come on father, don't you see
This is inevitable, our destiny"
Shannon Jeffery Jul 2014
Her lips form the chain
Which holds my heart
Delicate whispers become
My every heartbeat

My soul set in her sight
Luminescent eyes pierce
Deep inside my being
Every thought, her echoing whispers

Calling me, drawing me in
Seduced by the seed of a kiss
Forestry grew entangling
The deepest caves if my soul
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Your eyes glow like the golden sun
Peering deep within my soul
Your voice is as whimsical
As an angels harps hum

A touch of pure elegance
Sending rhythm to my heart
Your movement flows like gracious art
An angel sent from the heavens
Shannon Jeffery Nov 2014
I see children on the streets.
The looks on their faces, ever sweet.
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
Sometimes joyous and sometimes mad.
I can't wait for the day I'm a dad.

Running through each moment
Showing all their life, they own it.
Sometimes they'll get into the rough.
Though through each experience they'll learn when enough is enough.
I know the life of parent can surely be tough.

We need to let them live and let them explore.
Or they might never find their inner roar.
There is one thing I'll give my children from the very start,
And that is all the love from my heart.
Parenting is a special kind of art.
I tip my hat to all parents, I know its a rough job but it is well worth the trouble. I have "played" the dad role before but honestly can't wait to have my own family.
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
I am a poet
And you are my canvas
My blood is the ink
And you are my paper

Our hearts beat as one
As each stanza flows
Our souls intertwined
In words no one else knows

You are my dream
A poem meant to be
With each stroke of my pen
I now set you free
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
I am the god
Who brings the sun to shine
With my silver bow and lyre
I shoot muse across the sky

I am the ink
That caresses your page
The rhythmic verses
Dancing across life's stage
I can bring you great health
But beware I can bring you the plague

Listen to life's harmony
And poetic flow
Syncing with my muse
I'll give you a show

This is my day but it's time for me to go
I'll shoot to the sky with my trusty bow
Upon you head my symphonies will snow
But I'll be back for sure with muse for tomorrow
For my name is Apollo
A little challenge am doing with some friends :)
Dunno if I should keep the Title just as the name or try and figure something creative out, just can't think of anything at this moment
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
Blinded by blood
I do anything for you
A relation that whirs my head
Until I am sick and I spew

Now with this mirror
I see the knife you stab through
You're the cause of my death coming nearer
And yet I'm the problem, the ******* issue

The hating words of love
That come from your mouth
You cover your tracks with the glove
That you wear, you're a tyrant, a louse!

But I won't sink so low
I won't return the favor
For your death will be slow
Cause no more am I your savior

I'll just walk out the door
I won't even turn back
I know I'm worth so much more
No longer am I your snack

Good luck with your new life
Who knows what's in store
Without your radiation
Life grows deep within my core
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Answers of the imagination
Rendering through whimsical translation
T**ruth of the heart & soul, pure aspiration
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2014
I lie awake as you sleep
I imagine you dreaming
My soul watching over you
Guarding your dreams
I lay here wishing to tuck you in
To kiss you and wish you good night
Sleep well, Sweet dreams my gorgeous Angel
My heart lay next you yours
Holding you tight.

how I wish I could be there
I miss you, I love you
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
A silhouette
Just a husk
I'm a creature made of lust

A *******?
Who knew?
His ******* Father

His name at least
It's known to me
The nature of the Beast
A fleeting Memory

Yet so readily can I recall
The feelings of fear

One and all
I hold them dear

For he taught me
What not to be

I wish I could hate
For every hurt and every blow
The man who left me to this fate
How much he'll never know

It's useless to expend the effort
On a shadow with no substance
So I've built my fort
Keeping him in the distance
A poem written by Jonny Appleseed, Poetry Corner (an android app for poetry)
I am not Jonny my PC alias is Eien Hana :)
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
I fall to easy
Am I too kind
Life gets greasy
But I don't mind

My heart thrown out
Into the fields of war
A healing hand
Wanted forever more

A soft hearted fool
Played by the game
In a world of cruel
You'll never leave the same

Pain of the street
I'll take the chance
Of being fresh meat
There is dormant peace, just take a stance

The world's in our hand
It's all up to us
Together we band
For the right and the just
Shannon Jeffery Sep 2014
Muscles releasing tension
To drift into ascension
Is my intention
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
Good night, sleep tight my child
Dream your heart wild
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
Eyes Are Blind
To The Seas Behind
An Amazing Mind
Shannon Jeffery Sep 2014
Pen scratched dry
Pages painted blank
Inking silenced this night
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
I feel a little dull
Like life has nothing left
My mind is just empty
Not cluttered with mess

With nothing to write
Nor even reason to
When life is so bland
What do I do

I would love to write again
Bringing the sun to rise
But my heart stopped pouring
Now my ink just dries

So what should I do
When life is just plain
No purpose to try
Only voids of insane
Shannon Jeffery Nov 2014
Fading* in the shadows
Is where
I feel at home
Hidden from piercing gazes
Up and down
my soul they roam

Drawing back the curtains
They feed on
my heart
Tearing at my emotions
A worn sadistic art

Driven through a world
Etched in toxic blood
Altered through war and greed
D**rowning in green mud
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Drawn in like a brainwashed sailor
To the serenade of the sirens song
Your beauty blinds me of my failure
Eyes that remind me of home

Entrancing sapphire like the crystal flow
Of the river down through the forest
Peering deep into my soul, blindly I follow
Lushes ruby lips I loved to caress

But for everything so visually perfect
Your soul was deprived
A personality so deeply wrecked
I'm surprised I barely survived

Your soul reminds me of a holiday
The kiss of bitter cold gales
Freezing deep in the snow I lay
Chilled bone deep feeling frail

The mistake I made was accepting
That everyone could change
Giving you a chance again
Never was I more deranged

You are a dark and twisted seductress
Stabbed in the back once too many
No longer shall I try to impress
For you I now forever banish
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
It only takes words
For me to fall
For you
Be careful
What you say
And What you wish
I fall to easy, I don't need to see you to fall just your caressing words.
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Love is like a gorgeous rose
with time and care beauty grows

A beautiful aroma fills the air
from all the love and all the care
vibrant colors warm the eyes
rose flourishing, reach for the sky

There are times when the rose won't bloom
That doesn't mean I'm through with you
Although it appears a barren bush
This love just needs a little push

Though the thorns may cause a heart to bleed
Through the pain you soon will see
All these pains can be healed
Just as long as you don't yield

Learn from each moment
Forever enjoy it
The rose is just a metaphor of
An ever growing love
Thanks to Mike Hauser. I was very stuck with parts of this. He gave me some amazing lines.
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
The airs chilling howl
Screaming its sorrows
The skies thundering cry
Draining its eyes dry

Pain flows along the winds
Coarsing our skin
Drowning in the tears
Chilling to the vein

But behind all this pain
I see cheerful times
Plants are blooming
In the wind the tree chimes

Birds are now chirping
The sun poking his eye
Through a tear in the grey mask
Mask fading, uncovering the sky
Shannon Jeffery Oct 2014
Like the sun lit moon
Your eyes light my smile
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Turn of the lights
For you light
Up this dark night
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Today I am done
I'm done with it all
World you have won
I'll curl into a ball

You've broken my will
Poisoned my soul
My mind is collapsing
But I guess it's not surprising

You reach out with talons
And rip out my heart
My blood you drain in gallons
It's a sick, sadistic art

If there is a hell
This is where it's at
Life is but a mere cell
We are just rats

I could go on forever
About the pain that you cause
But in the end, you'll just sever
More hearts with your claws

My light is in darkness
In escape from dismay
All I request
End me this day
I am over it all, the irony though I write a poem about my unbreakable will, well **** it, it's broken.
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Best friends for life
Respect and love unbreakable
Occurances of strife
Treasured trust deeper than space
Hearts chained together
Everlasting link unshakable
R**ichness of soul, love forever
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Tears fall
As your words
Pierce my soul

Like the

Blood slowly dripping
As the razor
Slides across my wrists
A long time ago I went through a stage of depression. This basically sums up how I felt. I don't know why I remembered this and wrote about it though
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Bullying such a terrible thing
Target the small and fragile
It will only cause a minor sting
This pain shall only last a small while

Hound that little boy with glasses
"Nerd, Geek, Four eyes"
Shove him into lockers as he passes
Torment him until he cries

What about the red haired girl
"Ginger, Ranga, Carrot Top"
Pound her down until she curls
Push them to their limit, don't stop

Now the question I shall ask
What did you gain
Other than your shallow mask
Trying to hide your own shame

You don't understand what you cause
Those kids you tormented
Only find safety and joy in self recluse
They now believe they are demented

That girl you called Ginger
Has bled out over the floor
Its "You" who caused her to injure
This young girl is now dead to the core

That boy you called four eyes
He now hangs from the ceiling
Sleeping away in the night skies
These kids no longer have feeling

What do you say for yourself
Nothing, nothing at all
Bullying is your disgusting wealth
But one day realise you shall fall

One day people shall stand
Fight against this vile behavior
Together we will band
And this shall be our savior
Stand up against bullying. We need to get rid of it. Causing way to much harm
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2015
If love is not but a dream
Than I am just an essence
To occupy unneeded space
Never to feel the warmth
Of my soul embraced

In the vision of love
My very being shudders
An orchestral muse
Intervened by an abruptly
Dissonant key
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
To those who have stood by my side
Who chose not to walk out the door
Fueling and enduring my whacky ride
Who knows what left we have in store

I'd like to begin with a big thank you
A loving hug and even a kiss too
You guys are my brick wall
Keeping my structure standing tall

Even when you're not around
You've kept my feet on the ground
Either you've all kept me sane
Or maybe together we're all going insane

But no matter how my journey ends
Remember forever we are the best of friends
Even through all the insanity
You are all still my family
For all those who have been there for me
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Bound in your castle
By the salty moat
You cried
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
A carousel of dreams I'm riding
Through the days and nights, exciting
What will come I do not know
But this whimsical path I will follow

Hiking through mountains of magical dreams
Waterfalls cascading from mystical streams
As leaves on the trees whisper to me
Take what holds you back and set it free

Letting out all that has been held
An invigorating sight is unveiled
A life stream of all dreams unsheathed
Utopia of imagination I've received

As bright colors burst from the heavens above
Flooding the land with the water of love
At the purpose of moment the perfection of place
All in the right time and space
Thanks to Mike Hauser for another wonderful collaboration. Such a fun guy to write with :)
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
I feel a change in the air
Floating my way
Can't wait untill it's here
I must say

There's no longer a chill
In my bones
No more feeling ill
A new array of tones

My soul is soaring
Above the clouds
My heart is beating
Out aloud

No expression can express
My current emotion
For I'm dressed to impress
With my doors wide open
Looking to the future :D feeling determined and ecstatic for a new era
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
A dancing collision
That we all embrace
One that blinds our vision
Another's heart we chase

A "soulmate" we are after
For this we journey beyond our grasp
We look for that spark, just a tiny ember
To ignite our love in hope it forever lasts
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Come stand with me
Let your mind wander, let it be free
For just one moment, look at your life and realise that you own it.
Open your eyes, no door is closed.
Only your mind can decline the choices you have inside
I can tell you, you perceive your world
In one of two ways
Number one
You're in a room with only one way, do you go through the single door or do you just stay.
Number two
Your room has two doors, but which do you choose. You want to be careful so that you don't lose

Your eyes maybe open, but your mind is sown shut, you feel your stuck in a rut but don't worry your story still ain't woven until you have written and started living.
Picture it like this, the room your in has fifty no make that a hundred doors.
Now through each door, another room exactly the same
No door is closed, never a single choice, now I propose you listen to that little voice that hides in your mind, just take your time, and you'll be just fine.

Now I ain't saying your life will be perfect
It'll probably be far from it, but that's the best part, don't be afraid of what can be made, let your life start.
Never one choice
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
The combination of two hearts
Cause two souls to combine
Like vibrant coloured art
Losing track of all our time
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Even the devils hand
Can caress
The depths of loneliness
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
What does a shattered person
See in a shattered mirror
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
The power is in my mind
But I'm stuck with the mouth
Of a mime
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
Don't open your mouth
Let your heart speak
The three word oath

Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
With One Spark
The Mind Arcs
To Hit The Mark
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
The echoes of whispers
Projecting through the chasms of my mind
Smiles and laughter plastered across my walls inside
Amongst all this commotion, loneliness is all you'll find

That moment of true realisation that you're all alone
When you scuttle through the crowds
In hope that your vital signs
Have not yet been shown

The aching fades as I steer the shadows
A beating heart oozing, drying away the flooded gaze of piercing eyes
My soul traverses toxic shallows
For lost silence is now my prize
Shannon Jeffery Jul 2015
Once again
In cupids rift

For every breath
You breathe
My heart beats
An orchestral muse

Just one
Silent glance
Causes seismic quakes
Across my soul
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Beer in hand
Drinking my pains away
In front of me my child stands
"Get out of my sight, go and play"

The wife arrives home
Tears in her eyes
"Someone just throw this ***** a bone"
Turn up the volume, drown out the cries

"Turn that **** down" she yells
Sick of this crap
In my head like loud bells
Beat this ***** with my belt strap

She curls in the corner alone
I resume watching my show
My son mutters in a low tone
I raise my hand for the blow

He stares into my eyes
I see a glassy mirror
My heart falls and inside I die
I'm a ****** monster, a terror

Tears fall down my cheek
My young boy is a reflection of me
What will this cause him to seek
This is not what he should see

As the diamonds fall over his dimples
He asks me "is me and mummy a burden?"
Down my face tears still trickle
Speechless deep inside I'm hurting

"No my boy, daddy is a rotten man"
"I still love you daddy, just
please don't hit mummy again"
Choking up my chest begins to bust

My son is a bigger man than his father
I wish I could right my wrongs
But to protect my son and his mother
I tremble walking deaths songs

I'm not good for either
Before I enter the gates of hell
"Son, please take care of your mother"
This is the end my life I expel.
Not a real life event. Trying to bring awareness to those who don't understand these issues and those of who do this understand what they cause.
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
On an expedition we shall go
Into the deep dark unknown
I do not know what shall be found
No sudden movement nor sound

To begin this my friend
Travel my souls darkest end
For your thoughts I will bend
It is time for you to descend

The horrors that I see
The evil that lays inside of me
Rattling away trying to break free
Do not worry for I hold the key

The key to a stained heart
This is only the start
My soul will tear you apart
My minds purest art

Black liquid spilling from the walls
Darkness seeping in through your pores
With a high screech the voice calls
Your soul it now draws

To tear from your whole
Left with nothing but a dark soul
Your heart filled with holes
Total loss of control
I don't know what caused me to write this nor where it even came from in my head.
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Darkest shadows
Harbor broken souls
Like a mothers
Warm embrace
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Divine rays lavish upon us
An intrinsic warmth beating down
Y**ielding gracious transient light
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