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May 2016 · 612
Lost (Holding On)
Shannon Jeffery May 2016
Here i hold a masquerade
A precious volatile art
Held behind the veils
An unstable lonely heart

Praying it doesn't shatter
Confused and falling apart
Here i hold a masquerade
Contingent from the start
Mar 2016 · 728
No Matter The Weather
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2016
When the trees bend
From the winds blow
In my arms
I'll hold you close

When the thunder cracks
And the lightning strikes
I'll have your back
Throughout all days and nights

No matter the weather
Clear or storms
I'll be right with you
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
"Hey" (W.I.P)
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2016
I just want to say hey
how are you
and if you don't mind
could I get to know you

It seems today's
not the day
my heart just sways
and then runs away

I wish I could be
right beside you
but I'm too scared
don't know what to do

I just want to say hey
how are you
and if you don't mind
could I get to know you

maybe tomorrow
i'll get the chance
but will my heart shake
or dance the dance
Trying something slightly different then normal, I have a rythm in mind and trying to form it into a song. Order may be bad, but definitely want to work on this one. Any tips would be very welcome

The chorus probably pretty obvious is:

"I just want to say hey, how are you, and if you don't mind, could I get to know you"

Thanks again :)
Mar 2016 · 477
First Sight (10W)
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2016
An Electric Gaze
To Kick Start
A Razed
Rustic Heart
Mar 2016 · 357
If I Gave You Me
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2016
If i gave you my eyes
Would you show me the way
Or would you leave me blind
And tuck them away

If i gave you my lips
Would you softly caress
Or stitch them together
Like that of your dress

If i gave you my hand
Would we soar atop clouds
Or would you let go
Buried deep below ground

If I gave you my heart
And gave you my soul
Would you hold me close
Or shatter me whole
Mar 2016 · 469
Ungranted Wish
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2016
It's that time again
A war being waged
Between heart and mind
Upon the broken stage

Shattered reflections
Know how to dine
If only fate
Hadn't been signed

Then maybe
Just maybe
You could
Have been mine
Aug 2015 · 487
But A Dream - Love or I
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2015
If love is not but a dream
Than I am just an essence
To occupy unneeded space
Never to feel the warmth
Of my soul embraced

In the vision of love
My very being shudders
An orchestral muse
Intervened by an abruptly
Dissonant key
Jul 2015 · 589
Shannon Jeffery Jul 2015
Why am I told I'll be the perfect guy
For that special girl
Yet I find myself
Here all alone

Why does my heart
Fall faster than the speed of light
Yet I'm too blind
To notice when the time is right

Why does the me inside
Enjoy such rollercoaster rides
Yet me on the outside
Just wants to break down and cry

Why is it I'm speechless
When I see your eyes
Yet my mind
Just speeds on by

Why am I so weak
My heart crumbles, it just breaks away
Yet I stand rock solid
Smiling on through everyday
Jul 2015 · 540
Cupids Trap
Shannon Jeffery Jul 2015
Once again
In cupids rift

For every breath
You breathe
My heart beats
An orchestral muse

Just one
Silent glance
Causes seismic quakes
Across my soul
Jun 2015 · 590
Flow Free
Shannon Jeffery Jun 2015
Well here we are with an odd little start
Just feeling free flowing from part to part
Don't you just love these moments in time
When the idea of fate just slips from mind

Like all existence fades into one
When all knots and ties just become undone
With sun warmth on face at times of night
Even the darkest of shadows see this light

When your weightless gliding on through space
Even though gravity holds you right in place
Moments stand still but gone in instants
That moment of harmony within existence
Jun 2015 · 272
Lifted Weight
Shannon Jeffery Jun 2015
When ones soul can hold their heart
Warmth and compassion flows like art
Casting away all pain and sorrow
Able to stride through the misty shadow

Eyes now cleared of all stains
Light uncovers shaded plains
Existence floats right on through
Close in step you do too
Jun 2015 · 330
Shannon Jeffery Jun 2015
A crescent flashed
for but an instant
Impenetrable barricades smashed
as if non-existent

Silent lights flicker
as the butterflies rise
Crimson rushes ever quicker
Unchained, set upon the skies
Apr 2015 · 393
Hollow Survivors
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2015
Rolling tides of thunder
Howl across our shattered world
Scattering hopes and dreams
Of lost, withered souls
Apr 2015 · 338
Who Are You?
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2015
Can you answer this question
With a smile on your face?
Can you answer this question
With confidence in place?

In your mirrors of thought
Do you see your belief?
In the pool of your essence
Could you find relief?

Do you pilot your life
Or are commandeered by emotion?
Could you tell me who you are
Through all of the commotion?
Apr 2015 · 371
The Bond Between Life & You
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2015
Something not many know.
Maybe not even I,
But begin to see I do
With waking eyes.

I once believed
Life owed us the world.
I now realize
That we owe life,
More than we can pay.

We should embrace,
With open arms.
Take it from
In front of our face
With a confident smile.

We owe life this,
For it gave us a chance
To live just once.
Don't let it escape
Don't let go
Grip your chance
Tight in both hands
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Forbidden Fruit
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
Your scent circles me
Draining my sanity
Drawing me in with a sirens song
But these urges could never be more wrong

If I were to take one nip
Of your luscious soul
Within but a click
I'd engulf you whole

I hate you, no
That is a lie
I hate that you don't know
You're going to taunt me until the day I die

You're within but a fingers reach
Hidden inside forbidden
The fruit of pure sweet, forever untouched
Mar 2015 · 350
Blank Mind
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
I feel a little dull
Like life has nothing left
My mind is just empty
Not cluttered with mess

With nothing to write
Nor even reason to
When life is so bland
What do I do

I would love to write again
Bringing the sun to rise
But my heart stopped pouring
Now my ink just dries

So what should I do
When life is just plain
No purpose to try
Only voids of insane
Mar 2015 · 354
Equal Trade(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
Life is taken by time
Time is taken by living
Mar 2015 · 517
Just Something
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
I need somethin to set me in motion
Somethin which will electrify my emotions
My life is so dull, no commotion
I want somethin to happen, a life no longer frozen

Is this some sort of lesson
My body's just stressin
I got nothin to be confessin
Just bored and depressin

Wish it was just over
Life threw me over the border
Got nothin, just getting colder
Give me somethin to look back on when I'm older
Mar 2015 · 376
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
When evil evades
The light inside
It begins to persuade
Until you've died

Say your prayer
For death is in the air
No one will care
Your life stripped bare

No heart
No soul
Torn apart
Left a black hole
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015

I am but a leaf
Now blooming upon first light
Floating in the wind

But floating I'm not
Hanging from a branch, my world
Caressed on her wings


Swaying melodies
We dance in a summers breeze
The world at our tips

Graceful connections
Flowing through one another
Intertwined as one


Cracks of deception
Encasing my deepest core
Eternal bonds snap

My world, nothing more
Than a puppeteer grasping
Vulnerable hearts


Withering away
In the chilling gales of truth
Fading to nothing

To drift upon winds
Scattered among sands of time
For eternal peace
Each stanza is a haiku
Hope you enjoy
Mar 2015 · 412
Guidance Of A Broken Angel
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
With a gentle touch
And eyes so kind
With a soft sweet voice
And a vibrant mind

You heal the weak
With your broken soul
You repair their pieces
So you can feel whole

Your heart shall lay
Upon destinies gate
Protected by an aura
Of all love and fate

For every teardrop
Another's heart shall rise
Your soul buries their burdens
And carries their heart to the skies

If only your mirror
Reflected this upon you
Maybe your time
Wouldn't be up so soon
Mar 2015 · 295
Search For Words
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
I draw my pen
From its sheathe
Taking up my stance

Target now
Within my sight
I begin my advance

I reach into
The realm of dreams
In hope to retrieve my muse

Instead I draw
Upon cracked slates
Broken and abused
Mar 2015 · 322
Live The Moment
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
Why do you smile
When your heart bleeds

If you walked my shoes a mile
You'd understand that love seeds

Why do you laugh
When your soul is crushed*

There's no need for pains from past
When there's future joy to be touched
Mar 2015 · 516
Nameless Soul
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
Aimlessly wandering desert plains
Sifting the sands in search of your name
Heat waves beating from a blazing star
An unquenchable thirst to find who you are

Mirage after mirage allude your eyes
Casting illusions that your search is nigh
Across the sand flows a blood soaked creek
Masking the truth for which you seek

But deep beneath the surface are your fortunes untold
Upon a tattered old book, your name in bold
Stop following the deceptions that you see
Follow your heart it will set you free
Mar 2015 · 369
Reborn From Ash
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
The blazing phoenix
Soars to the skies
With tender flames

Bursting into ash
Drifting among the winds
To the ground it rains

Piles of ash cold as ice
Scattered remains
Begin to rise

With exploding heat
Born again ready to fly
Off it soars back to the skies
Mar 2015 · 2.2k
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
Harmonious vibrations of existence
Resonate silently through
Heart and soul
Mar 2015 · 261
Eternal Bonds
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
It is that one evening of the week
Time to draw the water from the well
For your village grows physically weak
Waiting for death to ring their bell

You drop the bucket into the abyss
To bring another week of crystal life
So no soul you will have to miss
In this ****** world of strife

As the line rises to its apex
Not a pinch of liquid
Not even a speck
Just an empty casing of wood

But in these moments of hard times
You remember the souls and hearts
That came together with joined hands
That dug this well and nailed in the parts

Today may not be the day
But together you shall stand strong as one
Again like before you'll join hands to pray
In hope that tommorow water shall come

Even if this breath may be the last
With your soul you'll inhale each memory
Remembering all the souls of your past
And become one with them for eternity
Mar 2015 · 527
One Feeling
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
One little feeling
Just a slight change of emotion
Can start your mind spinning
Causing a world of commotion

Like the ignition of rockets
A tiny spark is all it takes
To cause a domino effect
Raising all the stakes

Take a dive in the ocean
As a shark swims by
Feel the rushing adrenaline
As you reach for the sky

Clouds come over
A thunderstorm strikes
Only five minutes later
It's a clear starry night

Leaving you in wonder
What's going to happen next
Maybe let's just wander
Along lifes steps
Mar 2015 · 346
The Game
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
"Life is just a game"
Something we've all heard
Some take with excitement
Others think it's absurd

But think for just a moment
One moment is all
What if life is the player
And we're its game, here on call

We fight to the death
With no purpose or cause
Life lasts forever
We have no button to pause

No revives
No return
No extra lives
Just time to burn

Bound by mortal chains
To world where we bend
Maybe I'm crazy
But it's lifes choice in the end
Feb 2015 · 510
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
I'm an assassin
Amongst shadows
Darting swiftly
Back and forth
Slicing you from
The inside out
Feb 2015 · 466
Rusted Scars
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Among the scattered sands
Blood of silent warriors flow
Masked by salty waves
Tears drip slow

Rusted steel reflects
Hidden scars of life
Burning souls living
Side by side with strife

Searching for an escape
From islands of sorrow
Waiting for the end
Fighting for tomorrow
Feb 2015 · 661
Silent Vow
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
When that smile lights up your day
You break a little inside
You know the words you want to say
But instead you bury them and hide

The soothing of their voice in ear
Puts your hairs on end
You build your voice for them to hear
But silence is all you send

You'd do anything for your love
Across the universe you'd endeavor
Eyes that glitter like the stars above
Sign your heart forever
Feb 2015 · 688
Patchwork Heart
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
A shattered heart
May struggle
To love at first
But a patchwork love
Will hug you tighter
Than a priceless vase
Afraid to break
Feb 2015 · 356
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
The power is in my mind
But I'm stuck with the mouth
Of a mime
Feb 2015 · 262
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
You can't build a home
With bricks of cracked stone
Feb 2015 · 332
Retreating Winds
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Through the whispers of the winds
I glide in to be heard
Then retreat to the shadows
Hidden in your words
Feb 2015 · 374
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
The combination of two hearts
Cause two souls to combine
Like vibrant coloured art
Losing track of all our time
Feb 2015 · 273
Scared Together
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Don't bury deep inside your fear
Share your worries, let us hear
Scared we are all deep inside
But in each other we can all confide
And in the right bearing we shall steer
Feb 2015 · 500
Mind To Page(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Rainbow colours light the mind
When ink and paper
Feb 2015 · 356
I wish
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
I wish I could write
All day and all night

I wish sleep i did not need
For upon my daydreams I could feed

I wish I had the power
To bloom more than just one flower

I wish I could be a real poet
So I could say "ye, I am and I know it"

I wish wishes came true
Like a genie giving three wishes, I'd only need two

I wish there was more to me.....
But it's time to return to reality
Feb 2015 · 920
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
The ink in my pen
Is my escape
My Anesthetic
Feb 2015 · 282
Caged By Tears(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Bound in your castle
By the salty moat
You cried
Feb 2015 · 745
Your Kiss(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Tenderly sharp
Like a bee sting
Right through my heart
Feb 2015 · 274
Sharing Flow
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
When you allow your emotions to flow
Out all over the page
The ink will glow
Like a spotlight spread over a stage

With each stroke of the pen
We adventure through
Your souls den
Allowing us to experience the world of you
Feb 2015 · 581
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
There's brutality
Against crazy
For normality
But to lazy
For equality
So tell me
The totality
Which you see
In your insecurity
Feb 2015 · 266
Join The Craze
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
We all live
In a world
Of crazy

So who's to justify
A definition of normality?
No one is "normal", so when you call someone weird or odd think about what one might say about you.
Feb 2015 · 733
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
The heart
Is only as strong
As what it has
To fight for
Feb 2015 · 226
One Word
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
One hello can
Make a heart

One goodbye can
Make a heart
*S  h   at     t er
Feb 2015 · 393
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Horrid screams pierce the walls
Razor claws slice from thin air
The Predator strikes once more
Sending you to the abyssal lair
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