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10.4k · Apr 2014
Haters Termination
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
I have a message
For you haters
You're the wreckage
Your words like razors

No longer shall I keel
To your decimating attitude
I have an intransigent zeal
Of undeniable magnitude

Your reign of terror
Now a speck in the past
Your puppet strings I sever
Now free I feel, at last

I dare you, I dare you
Try to cut me down
But be warned, I will strew
Your face all over the ground

No longer am i afraid.
All the hated, it's time to stand
All the haters, it's time to be repaid
No more worries, just grains of sand

The tides now change
Deny them their satisfaction
Their power has no range
Haters, this is your termination
Sick of all the people who think they are better and put others down. Time to stand up.
8.2k · Aug 2014
To Be(20w)
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
To be what they want
Is to win a battle
To be who you are
Is to win a war
7.1k · May 2014
Sleepless Mind
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
It's time to enter a sleepless mind
The cogs and wheels spin and grind
I hear the whistles and the chimes

My head racing faster than a v8
Thoughts are larger than a U.S state
For my sleep I am ever so late

Clocks in my head, tick tocking
Side to side my head rocking
Chains pulling of the ship docking

Inside a war is going
Bullets and missiles a throwing
Explosions is all, lost for all knowing

Eternity lost in void of thought
Reminiscing on all I was taught
Consistent darkness you haunt

A sleepless mind is what I see
It is all I know how to be
So if don't you mind, come join me
3.3k · Apr 2014
Questioning Destiny
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Is destiny reality
Or just a falsity
Once I believed in destiny
Now I believe it's insanity

I'm a little lost for which path to take
I've been given so many
I just don't want to make a mistake
There are just so many possibilities

Which one is the right
Which one do I pick
Will I end up with a fright
Will I end up really sick

Too many choices
And so many voices
How do I know
Which path to follow

No longer do I believe
That there is destiny
My own path I shall conceive
Have I just created my own insanity
So many life possibilities handed to me but can only pick one. Im young and confused, don't know which path to take. My heart doesn't either lol
2.6k · May 2014
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Noctilucent Dust
Ignites the
Grand skies
Humming twilight
T**apering moonlight
2.4k · Apr 2014
Blooming Love
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Love is like a gorgeous rose
with time and care beauty grows

A beautiful aroma fills the air
from all the love and all the care
vibrant colors warm the eyes
rose flourishing, reach for the sky

There are times when the rose won't bloom
That doesn't mean I'm through with you
Although it appears a barren bush
This love just needs a little push

Though the thorns may cause a heart to bleed
Through the pain you soon will see
All these pains can be healed
Just as long as you don't yield

Learn from each moment
Forever enjoy it
The rose is just a metaphor of
An ever growing love
Thanks to Mike Hauser. I was very stuck with parts of this. He gave me some amazing lines.
2.2k · Apr 2014
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Stressed out to the max
Head uncontrollably whirring
My patience being taxed
My stomach is stirring

Blood rushing, veins bulge
Muscles tensed, tearing apart
In this instability I do not indulge
This madness, lost in dark thought

I need to be alone
Prevent any harm
Lay like a cold stone
To return to calm
Stressed night at work -.- just venting
2.2k · Mar 2015
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
Harmonious vibrations of existence
Resonate silently through
Heart and soul
2.1k · Jan 2015
10 Word Poem Challenge
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Ok so I wanted to find a way to learn more about felloe poets here on HP. But I know not everyone likes to write long detailed information so.... I'd like you to write a 10(I will accept up to 20 but prefer 10) word poem describing yourself with one of these 4 elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

If you would like it to be easily found please use the tag #elementchallenge

I will write one aswell :) lets see those creative minds in action
1.9k · Mar 2014
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2014
Thoughts streaming
My heart enduring
Her smile alluring

No longer in control
you're my one and only
My love for you, eternal
no longer feeling lonely
My soul calls for yours
for all I can dream is you
For you my heart adores
I'm in love with you, 'tis true

To be with you, a dream I see
a time for joy and a time for glee
My heart cries, even as time flies
the day will come, when we are one
you're the one for me, my love for eternity.
1.8k · Apr 2014
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Bullying such a terrible thing
Target the small and fragile
It will only cause a minor sting
This pain shall only last a small while

Hound that little boy with glasses
"Nerd, Geek, Four eyes"
Shove him into lockers as he passes
Torment him until he cries

What about the red haired girl
"Ginger, Ranga, Carrot Top"
Pound her down until she curls
Push them to their limit, don't stop

Now the question I shall ask
What did you gain
Other than your shallow mask
Trying to hide your own shame

You don't understand what you cause
Those kids you tormented
Only find safety and joy in self recluse
They now believe they are demented

That girl you called Ginger
Has bled out over the floor
Its "You" who caused her to injure
This young girl is now dead to the core

That boy you called four eyes
He now hangs from the ceiling
Sleeping away in the night skies
These kids no longer have feeling

What do you say for yourself
Nothing, nothing at all
Bullying is your disgusting wealth
But one day realise you shall fall

One day people shall stand
Fight against this vile behavior
Together we will band
And this shall be our savior
Stand up against bullying. We need to get rid of it. Causing way to much harm
1.8k · Jan 2015
Heart & Soul(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
To be

B             O                  
          R          K     E

Is the only way
To feel

1.7k · Aug 2014
Shannon Jeffery Aug 2014
When will she walk into my life
Will I know she'll be my wife
The door is open for her now
Awaiting the one I'll share a special vow

I dream of the day that we meet
Filling the feeling of being incomplete
She is a gorgeous diamond, shining
A smile ever so admiring

A sparkling star of my dreams
May not be today but someday it seems
1.5k · May 2014
Little Red Riding Hood
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Little red riding hood
Standing in the deep dark woods
Out comes a piercing howl
Not from a hooting owl

Whistling through the shadows
Like a hovering ghost
Launches out of the trees
THUD, the wolf drops to his knees

Red riding stares with an evil grin
A cape full of blood stained sin
Removes the cold steel from his heart
Smears the blood like a work of art

Twirls and dances of victory
And skips off into the night
A girl of pure insanity
Twisted soul for the forest she frights
1.5k · Jan 2015
Haiku #8
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Love. *Hate. Four Letters
Cake* has four letters as well
I love it. Do you?
1.5k · Apr 2014
Subconscious Chameleon
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
I have lost who I am
Or was I just never found
I don't know when this began
Where do I start? Feeling drowned

I subconsciously blend
I'm a natural chameleon
My emotions and thoughts bend
I feel like an alien

Whomever I stand by
Is who I become
I could breakdown and cry
All these influences, like gum

I'm deep down somewhere
Just no clue where to begin
I need a white light to appear
Or forever my world will spin
Lost for who I am. So hard to explain.
1.2k · May 2014
Her Garden
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Garden of beauty
Is where you lay
Trapped on the outside
Is where I stay

Your heart full of roses
And your soul of tulips too
Your eyes the diamond river
A glorious beauty is true

My heart beats for two
But locked out i am from you
Untouchable serenity
Mind stirring insanity

I lay here expiring
Watching you through a glass window
To your garden of eden
I dream to go
1.2k · Apr 2014
Total Loss
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Beginning to lose faith
total loss of breath
Humankind begins to disgust
total loss of trust
Society tearing apart
total loss of heart
Cursed monsters control
total loss of soul
Too much disgusting behaviour. Animal abuse, destroying forests, war for greed and power. Too much to name.
1.1k · May 2014
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Her eyes are my rainbow bridge to paradise
She smiles and the whole night sky glows
Engulfed by her gaze, my heart skips twice
Her beauty graciously flows

She is my sunrise
Lighting up my dull skies
She is my sunset
Painted my soul the first time we met

She layers my heart with petals of a rose
Covering the thorn carved wounds
Down my face a stream flows
An untouchable enchantress glides on the winds
1.1k · Mar 2015
Forbidden Fruit
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2015
Your scent circles me
Draining my sanity
Drawing me in with a sirens song
But these urges could never be more wrong

If I were to take one nip
Of your luscious soul
Within but a click
I'd engulf you whole

I hate you, no
That is a lie
I hate that you don't know
You're going to taunt me until the day I die

You're within but a fingers reach
Hidden inside forbidden
The fruit of pure sweet, forever untouched
1.0k · Mar 2016
"Hey" (W.I.P)
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2016
I just want to say hey
how are you
and if you don't mind
could I get to know you

It seems today's
not the day
my heart just sways
and then runs away

I wish I could be
right beside you
but I'm too scared
don't know what to do

I just want to say hey
how are you
and if you don't mind
could I get to know you

maybe tomorrow
i'll get the chance
but will my heart shake
or dance the dance
Trying something slightly different then normal, I have a rythm in mind and trying to form it into a song. Order may be bad, but definitely want to work on this one. Any tips would be very welcome

The chorus probably pretty obvious is:

"I just want to say hey, how are you, and if you don't mind, could I get to know you"

Thanks again :)
1.0k · Jan 2015
You Know Whos Awesome
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Everyone on HP

Because we all have our stories
For the world to be told
Even when times are tough
We do not fold

We have our own kinks and quirks
Which make us our own
For we are all different
All unique, and all bands together this is home

This is why we are all awesome
Some stand out as figure heads
But don't let that put you down
For all your works are awesome and need to be read
998 · Apr 2014
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
Heart filled melody
Artistically flowing like
Rivers under
Moonlight, transcendence  
Of our souls in the
Night peacefully
Y**earning for serenity
988 · Dec 2014
In The Third World
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
As the night sings its lullaby
To those in their sleep
Somewhere in the world
A starving child curls and weeps

Wake up now from dreaming time
Birds are singing, sun shining bright
But as the night turned on over
That starving child lost their light
Don't take what you have for granted
969 · May 2014
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Now listen here
Everything you need is easy to obtain, its
Very simple for me to explain
Ever thought you couldn't get it
Reach out and just grab it

Go your hardest at what ever you're after
Instead of curling and giving up
Vacate your mind and try again
Enter positive sight my friend

Understand this though, you will need to
P**repare for a journey, and it'll all come to you
951 · Dec 2014
Battlefield of Hearts
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
I fall to easy
Am I too kind
Life gets greasy
But I don't mind

My heart thrown out
Into the fields of war
A healing hand
Wanted forever more

A soft hearted fool
Played by the game
In a world of cruel
You'll never leave the same

Pain of the street
I'll take the chance
Of being fresh meat
There is dormant peace, just take a stance

The world's in our hand
It's all up to us
Together we band
For the right and the just
938 · Jan 2015
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Impaled by the arrow
Of Cupid
To suffer for eternity
898 · Feb 2015
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
The ink in my pen
Is my escape
My Anesthetic
895 · Apr 2014
Soul Lined Web
Shannon Jeffery Apr 2014
My life is like a spiders web
Strand for strand intertwined
An ordered chaos built each day
From my soul this web is lined

Twisted and tangled in a mess
Full of insects which upon I feast
These are the bad memories that I have
Deep inside I conceal the beast

Because of those moonlit nights
My web shimmers like a lake
These are the good times that shine
Those memories shall never break

Some strands of my web
Are sticky and gross
But all in all they stand strong
Because this is just how life goes

A web of unimaginable entanglement
Strand for strand intertwined
An ordered chaos built through time
This web my soul has lined
879 · Feb 2015
Strange Little Boy
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
I met a little boy
Who seemed a little strange
He was sitting in a corner
Just drawing away
He took a look at me
And laughed
"What a sight to see"

I asked him what's so funny
He looked at me again
And had one more laugh
That's when he said

I already know you
You're in my book
And all you can do
Is take a little look

I was ready for a laugh
Oh but a laugh was not in sight
I checked over it once, I checked over it twice
Oh no no, this cannot be right

I spin around, my world has changed
An echo screams "You're cursed, You're cursed"
Freaked out I run for the nearest cover, the echo again
"Too late, too late, this floor your blood shall stain"

I have nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Stuck in his book
Just waiting to die
Well something to end my block Hehe

I may write this as a series, I don't know yet depends if I can get the second one started right :)
875 · May 2014
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
Curvacious body of a temptress
Tantalizing goddess thieves my soul
866 · May 2014
Majestic Passion
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
The twinkles in the night skies
Is what I see in her majestic eyes
Whites of her teeth of which I'm swoon
As bright as a gracious midnight moon

A soul of pixie sparkling dust
The warming aura deep I trust
A heart so strong, hauls me along
The thumping of a deep love song
840 · Sep 2014
Life Raft
Shannon Jeffery Sep 2014
My life is a raft out at sea
Smooth motions shimmer under me
Until the storms crash
Engulfed by tyrannic oceans I smash

To be swept ashore
And be built once more
Ocean peaks I shall climb
Weathering the sands of time
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
A carousel of dreams I'm riding
Through the days and nights, exciting
What will come I do not know
But this whimsical path I will follow

Hiking through mountains of magical dreams
Waterfalls cascading from mystical streams
As leaves on the trees whisper to me
Take what holds you back and set it free

Letting out all that has been held
An invigorating sight is unveiled
A life stream of all dreams unsheathed
Utopia of imagination I've received

As bright colors burst from the heavens above
Flooding the land with the water of love
At the purpose of moment the perfection of place
All in the right time and space
Thanks to Mike Hauser for another wonderful collaboration. Such a fun guy to write with :)
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2014
These days I have more flashbacks
Than I do reality
I wish the past would just sit back
And leave this poor boy be

But the past it holds more flavor
Than a stick of chewing gum
When it comes to what I savor
Babe your still the one

All I dream is you and me
Heart struck that youre gone
Forever my love I hoped you see
You are my transcendent song

The places we used to visit
A time when our hearts flourished
When the skies were our only limit
Beautiful times we cherished

Never knowing where we will end
Just a bunch of mysteries
For time to us we thought would bend
And now I have just memories

But as they say all things come to an end
And come to an end they must
For what we once held together
Are now ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Thank you to Mike for this amazing collab experience :)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Hello everyone :)
I would like to welcome a poet to HP, Inspired2Inspire is an amazing poet.
If you could take the time to check out his poems
would be great.
Awesome Poet
795 · Dec 2014
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
Don't open your mouth
Let your heart speak
The three word oath

785 · Mar 2014
Life Goes On
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2014
Pain, sorrow, fear
continue to ring in your ear
Life will bring the bad
we know how it is to be sad
But we have the ability
to rise against the stupidity
Of which we bind
our emotions allowing it to grind
We can stand and fight
for what is truly right
Our happiness is key
please just hear this plea
For if we stand tall
and rise above all
We can cause these pains to begone
Because....Life....Goes... On
784 · Dec 2014
Dream Date(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Dec 2014
Having you in my arms
Is just perfect to me
I don't need a special location/time. Anything is perfect as long as my love is in my arms. I don't care what we are doing :)
For I would just be getting lost in your eyes, voice and thoughts
731 · Mar 2014
Vibrant Paradise
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2014
I sit upon a risen bank
with golden white grains below
in between my toes it flows
a soft singing breeze does blow

I gaze upon the stars so high
like fairy dust in the sky
the beauty of a moonlit night
a vibrant night, just Paradise
Thought I'd try something different :) hope you all like it
727 · Feb 2015
Your Kiss(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Tenderly sharp
Like a bee sting
Right through my heart
723 · Sep 2014
Graceful Theft
Shannon Jeffery Sep 2014
Who is it that silently
Stole my heart
Who laced their seal
Upon my chest

No one I meet
Sparks a second beat
Blind to all
Except the graceful thief

Your breathe on the air
Into the sky I stare
Imagining where you lay
Waiting for that one special day
720 · Jul 2014
Alluring Whispers
Shannon Jeffery Jul 2014
Her lips form the chain
Which holds my heart
Delicate whispers become
My every heartbeat

My soul set in her sight
Luminescent eyes pierce
Deep inside my being
Every thought, her echoing whispers

Calling me, drawing me in
Seduced by the seed of a kiss
Forestry grew entangling
The deepest caves if my soul
708 · Feb 2015
Dark Warm(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Darkest shadows
Harbor broken souls
Like a mothers
Warm embrace
706 · Feb 2015
My Valentine(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Your sweet taste
On my lips
I love you

703 · Feb 2015
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
The heart
Is only as strong
As what it has
To fight for
700 · Feb 2015
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Come stand with me
Let your mind wander, let it be free
For just one moment, look at your life and realise that you own it.
Open your eyes, no door is closed.
Only your mind can decline the choices you have inside
I can tell you, you perceive your world
In one of two ways
Number one
You're in a room with only one way, do you go through the single door or do you just stay.
Number two
Your room has two doors, but which do you choose. You want to be careful so that you don't lose

Your eyes maybe open, but your mind is sown shut, you feel your stuck in a rut but don't worry your story still ain't woven until you have written and started living.
Picture it like this, the room your in has fifty no make that a hundred doors.
Now through each door, another room exactly the same
No door is closed, never a single choice, now I propose you listen to that little voice that hides in your mind, just take your time, and you'll be just fine.

Now I ain't saying your life will be perfect
It'll probably be far from it, but that's the best part, don't be afraid of what can be made, let your life start.
Never one choice
694 · Mar 2014
Empty Void
Shannon Jeffery Mar 2014
White Blank Canvas
Thoughts Flooded With Void
An Empty Madness
Drained And Annoyed

Lost For Creation
Searching, Searching
**** This Frustration
Where Are You Hiding

Please End This Game
You Win, Come Out
Arc Up, Take Aim
Let The World Hear Your Shout
How I feel when my imagination shuts down. :|
681 · Feb 2015
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
I am the god
Who brings the sun to shine
With my silver bow and lyre
I shoot muse across the sky

I am the ink
That caresses your page
The rhythmic verses
Dancing across life's stage
I can bring you great health
But beware I can bring you the plague

Listen to life's harmony
And poetic flow
Syncing with my muse
I'll give you a show

This is my day but it's time for me to go
I'll shoot to the sky with my trusty bow
Upon you head my symphonies will snow
But I'll be back for sure with muse for tomorrow
For my name is Apollo
A little challenge am doing with some friends :)
Dunno if I should keep the Title just as the name or try and figure something creative out, just can't think of anything at this moment
673 · Jan 2015
Change Is On Its Way
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
I feel a change in the air
Floating my way
Can't wait untill it's here
I must say

There's no longer a chill
In my bones
No more feeling ill
A new array of tones

My soul is soaring
Above the clouds
My heart is beating
Out aloud

No expression can express
My current emotion
For I'm dressed to impress
With my doors wide open
Looking to the future :D feeling determined and ecstatic for a new era
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