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Meagan Jan 2014
~It's time to let everything go and get my mindset right
Thoughts and confusion consistently put up a fight
~Overcoming the past and focusing on the present
Life's obstacles make sure they leave their dent
~Strength and willpower will lead me through my quest
It is only in the end everyone will see I'm doing my best
~The pride i'll possess from doing it all alone
This will truly show the people I love how I've grown
~This path I'm on will never show what I'm truly capable of
I don't want to look down on my family from the heavens above
~I don't want anyone to stand by me if they don't feel I am capable
I'll just have to show them that I'm ready and able
~I need to show myself how much I love being in my own skin
It's only then that I can tell myself ultimately I'm going to win
~The sickness in the end isn't worth the pain
I want to be prepared for anything, shine or rain
Meagan Jan 2013
~ Your carelessness isn't amusing anymore
   Unusually enough, this time I'm keeping score
~ Your mind is consumed with foolishness
   Restraining my interest less and less
~ Lack of interest in enjoying memories with me
   It just may result in my promise to flee
~ Wondering why I'm changing? Understand on your own
   It hurts me to say, I may have to let you alone
~ But I can't do that, I have no reason to
   This is a phase, I know I love you
~ I've loved you since I saw you, right, yes that's true
   There's just some doubt, my mind's seeking something new
~ But I don't want anything new, we've seen so much together
   These images will fade, we'll be together forever
~ I feel guilty for doubting you, guilty for doubting us
   It's just my mind being fooled, making this unnecessary fuss
~ You love me, but why?
   I'm nothing special, until I die
~ Our spirits have a bond, one impossible to describe
   I love our mind frame, our unbreakable vibe
~ Always keeping me safe, why would I risk that?
   Makes zero sense, just lays there like a mat
~ I got this, we got it, our hearts cannot escape
   This is our place, where we belong, simply fate
               ~Meagan Williams
The complications a relationship can overcome.
Meagan Jan 2013
~ Beaming with radiance, confident with a luminous glow
   Full of life, your high spirits will continuously grow
~ Your optimism shows like a great beam of light
   Filled with positive energy, your mind and soul are bright
~ Versatility mixed with eagerness, you’ll never be without
   Simply travel and explore whenever faced with great doubt
~ Your honest spirit keeps you balanced, and your mind outspoken
   Not worried about what the people see, you keep your mind open
~ The tolerance you acquire is a trait to be remembered
   It may be confused with appearing judgmental
~ Always entertained, with your creative outlook on life
   If things don’t go as planned, you continue on with your night
~ While restless at times, every atmosphere stays positive
   Through consequences due to risks you take, you always stay confident
~ Never let the consequences impact you with negativity
   Adventures are meant to be made, throughout each and every vicinity
     ~Meagan Williams
Your a sign of a sun, from the sun, for a sun.
For Adam.
Meagan Jan 2013
~ Confusion consumes all five senses
   This new world, what experiences await?
~ Is no one affected by my new presence?
   Aimlessly searching for where I belong
~ Unaware of these faces, their eyes focused curiously
   Ignoring every single iris judgment
~ This new place, these emotions increasing furiously
   Hoping something appears, to cease all tension
~ The first step in this new world, is simply commotion
   Something changes with the new day; new light, new hope
~ Our first interaction, the butterflies appear instantly
   Mid conversation, I can't help but smile
~ A rush of happiness, this is just the beginning
   Alone at last, at least for a little while
~ Time disappears, as I lay with you simply grinning
   My heart starts racing, I can't control it anymore
~ As time carries on, my heart feels restored
   To trust again, laugh again, love again
~ Expressing the inner me, not as hard as I imagined
   Something about him, everything feels right
~ I need some time, to sort out the confusion
   He patiently waits, until that beautiful night
~ I don't want to wait anymore, I still have butterflies
   Finally he's mine, no confusion, no lies
~ Perfection and passion, from one life changing kiss
   This is beautiful, so safe and my favorite bliss
~Meagan Williams
The story of entering a new world, and to be saved by true love.
Meagan Jan 2013
~ Believing what is real, is not easy to do
   Everything I feel, is not always real
~ To undergo change, to have every 'hello' reversed
   Never what I want, for better or for worse
~ Circumstances change, feelings stay the same
   Obstacles change, mind never sane
~ In need of that love, in need of that care
   However demonstrated, my mind will only stare
~ These expectations may be implausible
   Closely examining them seems only impossible
~ I understand the effects of my choices
   When given them I simply rely on other voices
~ My own self isn't what I express in my appearance
   At least I’m myself here, with no interference
~ Expressions support life values, interpreting the thought process
   A damaged train of thought interprets incorrectly
~ My body language is irrelevant to what I'm assuming
   For one trying to comprehend, It's complex and amusing
~Meagan Williams
Reflection, realizing flaws and what needs to be changed.
Meagan Jan 2013
~The sensation of experiencing everything
   Everything is never nothing; worthy of remembering
~ Beauty surrounding your senses, inhale with every breath
   You're invincible, the outline image of mystery
~ Looking over with increased anticipation
   All words are shuffled with variation
~ Confident in your surroundings, anywhere and everywhere
   Thrilling vibes, never realize a judgmental stare
~ Only recognize the unrecognizable, every detail
   Every aspect of life, all in different realities
~ Immortal visions, images sufficient for a lifetime
   Liberating memories, sensational at its very prime
~ Gleaming within the mind, I feel the feels you feel
   With intertwined consciousness, we debate on what's real
~ Implausible explanations, never impossible excuses
   To acquire this forever, would inflict internal bruises
~ This level of fun, fundamental producer of freedom
   For, this prosperous feeling rids you of being numb
  ~Meagan Williams
The endless ideas my mind interprets the word "Fun" to mean.
Meagan Jan 2013
~ Disguised in your own skin
   Overwhelming thrive to be seen
~ What to prove, what to win?
   Acceptance from unimportant faces
~ The faces criticize, they believe what they want o
   Unreasonable explanations, blinded by tragedy
~ Unaware of the value of someone like you
   Strong, brave, a high head with high hopes
~ Let them underestimate, let them laugh
   They'll soon come to realize, they're the ones who must cope
~ You've come so far, and with so little fear
   The ones who care are sure to linger near
~ Continue to express your radiance and love
   Until the end of your journey, you'll continue to shine
~ Set your mind free, don't listen to those faded faces
   Undermining stress comes with too much of a shove
~ No matter where I go, I'll remember your spirit forever
   I'll carry on what you've taught me, to different worlds and places
~ Different ways you've impacted my life
   These things I'm sure not to forget, ever
~ Each day our friendship grows stronger
   With fights, laughs, even some irrelevant drama
~ Our memories, our thrills, everything in between
   If you believe in our friendship, it'll last even longer
      ~Meagan Williams
What I see in you, and what I see in our friendship. The good and the bad.
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