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Traveler Aug 2019
Pain grounds me to reality
I can feel it while watching TV
Pokes and prods
Will you please
Figure out
  What's ill'in me...
Take some blood
Figure out what will not die
Blame it all on yesterday's
Disruption is the final stage
Traveler Tim
If "Yesterday" accepted the blame
Wouldn't yesterday own it?
It would become Yesterday's blame!

That's why it's good to keep it simple.
Yenson Apr 2019
Grow up, get real
It's the way the cookie crumbles,
deal with, who says life is a bed of Roses
I am what I am and you are what you are
we didn't make ourselves, these things happen
go blame your parents if you must vent, your father first
if he wasn't lust crazed and extracting his little winkle that time
you wouldn't now sit here a fool of hate doing early troll duty
some are privileged and some are not, **** it up
it's been like that from time immemorial, boys
we can't all be winners with all we want
not even the Queen has everything
I would try and be the best I can be
rather then waking up to know
some fool somewhere annoys
me enough to become
a pathetic troll
Jezz, its bad
enough being
a peasant without
having to go to bed
obsessed and wake up
obsessed day in day out
I dread to think what its doing to you all
and no paid hols or a Merc to whizz you
for a lovely Chinese meal like I will be doing
later today with a peasant *****, in comfort and style
get out the pitch forks, folks, I know the writer of this piece, I just stole it from him. He is a ****** toff, silver spoon ladidah rogue.He should be publicly lynched and his innards fed to foxes. We should be burning this horrible capitalist blood sucker at the stake. We should castrate this parasite. WE are the salt of the earth and these leeches are living off our backs. Grab your pitchforks, grab your staffs and cudgels, let us drive this greedy ******* out of town. Come on folks, you'll feel better for it......
Zead Nov 2014
Without an authority, you are your own authority. But yet what do you perceive? Right and wrong? Truth and false? 

So can you observe within yourself?

Did you observe anything before ever observing what is inside of yourself, or was it afterwards? what floats inside of you is only what floats outside of you:
is this not how you come to being? Are you truly finding yourself? Or what are you finding about yourself?
(Your opinion is only a reflection of the exterior from yourself; But that is beyond the point.)
If there truly is not an authority, and if you are the authority; how can anything exist from you alone?

know that what you perceive isn’t from you. It is only within your consciousness.

Truly you only know that you exist because of what exists outside of your existence; although you are not proven to exist without the absence of your existence.

Whatever you trust in isn’t from you; and only faith can be what you believe in. So whatever you put your faith in
it can only be of your own knowings, but you cannot have faith in yourself alone.
Jon Elfers Oct 2014
Flesh folded until untangibly recognized
as the same being it was violently ripped
like thunder from the clouds
as ephemeral mountains in the sky,
mark the moments of now,
while the sun shines through past lives,
just now reaching us,
millions of changes later,
I am hear, you are deaf,
hooking lines, sinking lore,
silencing flashing of rain,
on the off chance one might pain.
Meagan Jan 2014
~It's time to let everything go and get my mindset right
Thoughts and confusion consistently put up a fight
~Overcoming the past and focusing on the present
Life's obstacles make sure they leave their dent
~Strength and willpower will lead me through my quest
It is only in the end everyone will see I'm doing my best
~The pride i'll possess from doing it all alone
This will truly show the people I love how I've grown
~This path I'm on will never show what I'm truly capable of
I don't want to look down on my family from the heavens above
~I don't want anyone to stand by me if they don't feel I am capable
I'll just have to show them that I'm ready and able
~I need to show myself how much I love being in my own skin
It's only then that I can tell myself ultimately I'm going to win
~The sickness in the end isn't worth the pain
I want to be prepared for anything, shine or rain

— The End —