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a dusky walk
through the middle
of the park
clear of
the shadows
of branch
and leaf
at its edges
the only light
stretched out
but struggling
from distant
lamp posts
or the
yet more distant
halo of moon
breaching cloud
it is enough
to plot
a route by
but not
with confidence

a leather flapping
tells tale
of bats
in their erratic
yet assured flight
by many
perhaps for
that very reason;
not flying
the expected path
GJLT Mar 2021
And what is knowledge,
Other than glorified, or ignored, interpretation?
The meaning of a thing,
Of your idea,
Or mine.
Necessary because you can not show me what you mean,
At least not literally, for I am not rooted in your reality,  
So I may take it a different way.
And so there is constant legitimization to those who
Say “I meant it like this.”
And then so it is,
A found, perfect defense,
Of which we cannot dispute.
We do this while also applauding those
Who respond with fiery tenacity,
“Well, I took it this way.”
Well, then checkmate.
Scream atop the rooftops your messy, contested discourse,
And mix it in alongside the shadow
Of culture and history,
Allowing for the perfect recipe,
For there to never be
A clear winner,
But be prepared to accept that I know not what you mean.
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Life's comical creations,
No lack of variation,
People destined to be ******,
Falling with no where to land,

People blessed with ignorance,
No pleas for indifference,
Only bliss and fantasy,
In a world of agony...
I wrote this because in my eyes, it seems the only way to be happy is to be ignorant and unknowing of the world around you
Alienpoet Dec 2017
I am a white Labrador
I don’t like other types
I bark and I bark and I bite
I am a white human
I don’t like people of other shades
I load my gun and sharpen my blades
I am a husky I like to play
I tussle I hustle and bustle with other dogs all day
I am a human being
I see that we are all different but the same
blaming other people is a playground game
I am an alien we been through all these struggles
On our planet we recognise that variation is fun and not trouble
and variation is also causes beauty in strange ways
we don’t come to fight we come to observe your planets creatures
But we are light years away but we’d like to teach you.
An anti racism poem variation is the spice of life
Àŧùl Jun 2017
"I love my 57474 Forever"*
A variation of this phrase,
Used to be my password everywhere.

Yes it was so easy to remember,
For each heartbeat repeated it,
And I could just not forget it ever.

But then she chose to walk out on me,
A rethink she gave not her decision,
And seemingly I am going to be lonely,
Not just for a day but forever & ever.
On a T9 keyboard with some memory,
The number 57474 will translate as her name.

My HP Poem #1573
©Atul Kaushal

PS: I've changed my password everywhere ever since she departed from my life.
Templar of Steel Jan 2016
As I watched the new day awake
And the snow flakes that fell to the ground
Just to melt, or to freeze on the lake
To then shatter with a cracking sound

I thought of us human fools
With no real purpose or meaning
Just being used as tools
We cannot stand without leaning

Against a friend or foe
Against false truths and ideals
Afraid of the beast below
When compared to the truth, he appeals

And a snow flake landed on my cheek
A light touch and then it melted away
I won't remember it next week
Even thou it danced it's very own ballet

Even thou it was as no other
The touch of it was the same
To me it was just another;
We are all just the same
Cecelia Francis Mar 2015
Love proves
inadequate at
every turn

****** niggling
over stupid

Shed no tears

Ain't like he
crying over
Cecelia Francis Feb 2015
Flask emptied,
half-full still

cup runneth
Cecelia Francis Jan 2015
Close the eyes
to give it a try:
Florida sun
vibrant and warm

Sensations known
but not felt

It was -indeed-
and that is
all it was
To know what it is, and that it was, but not to relive it again
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