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Diksha Prashar Oct 2020
Explanation will ruin

The fun part

Let’s not judge

The art,

Let it speak for itself

Depth of forgotten parts,

Each stroke

Portray love of

Its own

Shaded parts hide

The truth unknown

Light adds essence

Outlining presence,

Dancing on tunes of calciminer,

Enlightening eyes of beholder

Inspiring dormant emotions

Weaving commotion

Art of devotion.
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Diksha Prashar Jul 2020
Have you ever thought?
It would have been her
Darkest hour;
Innocence being
By the grabby hands,

A molester
Taking her dignity
Without consent,
No amount of tears
Screams and cries
Her pleas
were deaf to their
ears & eyes,

They took away
Her pride,
Using her in worse
Possible way,
Discarding her like
Crawling their way,

Yet, people have audacity
To question her faith,

When demons roam freely
Marking their next prey,

Locking away her pride
admonition flocking
with pride,

Portraying victim of seduction,

A cruel face of
Hypocrisy masculinism
Plucking an innocent flower
Before it reaches
Its full potential
Barricading her life
To isolation,
Have you ever thought?
You and I
Can be next on
(****) record.
Millie Feb 2020
It’s all spinning
around and around and around
I fumble forward
The ringing in my ears screeching louder
The crowd moving closer
Until my eyes meet
Bhill Jan 2020
In a room filled with bubbles
Take notice of the little ones
The little ones travel the distance because they survive commotion
We are in a new year and decade, pay attention to the little things
Stay away from commotional chaos
Have a terrific introductory day to fresh beginnings

Brian Hill - 2020 # 1
Happy New Decade. Pay attention to the little things in your fresh beginnings.
Jules Oct 2019
I know I disappear occasionally
I lock myself in my room silently
Sitting alone
Just me on my own
Feeling so overwhelmed by all the noise

By all the people
By all the attention
By all the commotion

It takes a part of me
And leaves no emotion
I won't apologize
not this time
I try to forget her
But she never leaves
It's to much to bear
Just let me breathe

She feeds on my misery
She drinks my emotions
Just let this be history
Please stop this commotion
Pluviophilist Mar 2018
Is becoming a runaway an option?
Can escapism, be a relief to this soul full of imperfection?
Or would it all just be a volatile alleviation?

I, I drown in a sea of commotion..
And I get lost in all this confusion..
But you, You are my salvation,
And so my soul rejoices with celebration
Shruti Gauba May 2017
You say you love all of me,
like I am your better half.
But half of the things that go through my mind
have only made you laugh.
You say you love my madness,
but your love felt just lukewarm.
While on the inside I'm a commotion;
a constant, violent storm.
You touch me with tenderness.
and I lie that I like it too,
but the truth is that I feel myself
when I am not with you,
because passion and recklessness
find a home in my soul;
so when I am set on fire
is only when I'm free and whole.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
She's an emotional vampire
She'll **** out what she desires
She preys on the lonely
Making them think they are her one and only

She lives off their emotion
Love or hate, just as long as it's commotion
She thrives on the drama
Leaving behind only trauma

She'll take you down slow
You won't even know
Till she releases her hold
Leaving behind only holes
Where she's ****** out your soul

She's an emotional vampire
She'll burn you like Hell's fire
She's quite the enchanter
Her whole life is a banter
It's only the emotion that matters
She sparkles like a sapphire
That emotional vampire
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