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Mar 2014 · 1.2k
The Misadventure
When the pale Luna, goddess of the night,
Her silver blanket did upon the pond cast,
While gliding along the inky sky,
Near to the milky stretch-mark of stars
(Sign that the Universe is our mother)...
The air was thick with the violin symphony of crickets.

Beneath the knotted hair of a willow tree 
A campfire, asked to dance by the breeze,
With sheer joy crackled and sparkled 
At the sight of the petal-faced imps. 

In a foolish manner, one prodded the other:
"Go you and kiss a frog on the nodding!"
Wanting to impress his comrade,
He sprung up like a grasshopper off the ground,
And like a fox pup disguised himself in the reeds.

There, his torch revealed two sinister gleams,
A low CROAK and RIBBIT RIBBIT came with them.
The boy jumped and caught the wet ball of slime,
It protested in his cherub hands and wriggled in vain.

He moved his puckers closer to the little being,
Nature is the one who likes a good teasing,
He kissed it on head,
Then froze with dread,
The frog was a toad and the taste was displeasing.
I submitted this poem to my college competition and it got me the first prize of £20. :)
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
Damned One
****** One

I carried your being on my back,
Had knees like jellies under your weight,
But I kept going despite the pain.

You strangled me with your legs
When the ride got a little bumpy
Because you didn't want to fall off,
Unaware of your own strength to walk.

Your weight got me drowning;
Your weight had me short of breath;
It made me lose focus on what's ahead
Because I had to measure every step
And you kicked your heels into my ribs
Despite my biggest, sincerest efforts.

I was happy to have my feet moving
And my shoulders bending
Just in the name of you.
But you were a ****** one
And left me behind
Like ship wreckage after a storm.
You left me bruised,
Purple, ripe only for the  dead.
The arrow is stilled in my chest,
Scratching my heart but not piercing it,
While you hop onto a different throne
And make a different shoulder your home.
This is for all those who have tried their best but it wasn't enough and so were left without a word.
Mar 2014 · 6.9k
Phoenix Soul
It was a dark night, rain slashing through it,
Trying to cut the windowpane,
When your demons escaped from the cage.
They tied you up and burned you on a stake.
The fire licked you up and devoured you,
They thought they have destroyed you at last.
But your soul is a phoenix,
and it sprung back up from the ash.
A poem I wrote for a friend who is a fighter like no other <3
Mar 2014 · 561
Be My Chapter
Be My Chapter

I want to be a chapter in your life.
Is it so much for me to ask?
I want to be the favourite chapter
That you anticipate for every time,
But being just A chapter will do.
Let our histories interact,
If only for a while.
We might just be the plot twists
That set the story on fire.

Be but a chapter, nothing more,
For my story revolves around another face,
But our stories aren't on the same page yet.
So be my chapter while I wait,
Keep the story interesting.
Mar 2014 · 8.8k

Darling you are beautiful.
Not just ordinary-sort-of-beautiful either.
It's not for everyone to enjoy,
Tis not to everyone's taste,
But it is there:
Ineffable beauty.
And it begs to be loved.
I would do so gladly,
Tracing your face's outline
Like it is a piece of art work,
Or the full moon in the sky.
It is so specific. So very you:
Beauty like no other.
You can't see it sometimes
Because it hides behind your smile
And sits above your raised brows.
It likes to daydream at times
In the crooks of your curls,
And takes a nap on your nose.
As a master of disguise,
It plunges into your eyes,
And finds there warm sea water.
It is a little timid maybe,
But with a few kind thoughts
You could lure it out
Into your own
Observable universe.
Mar 2014 · 566
Fear and The Heart
Fear and The Heart

I now drown in the sand of time,
Lost among the dust and grains.
My next step is uncertain,
Because I cannot see ahead,
And my heart wants to eject itself,
Right out of my chest.
It keeps beating an thrashing
Against my broken ribs,
As though a bit of a bashing
Could rid it of its chains.

It's a startled animal.
A bull fighting for its life;
A fawn stood at a gun's point;
A fly stuck in the spider's web.
It's so scared, so terribly scared.

I try to soothe it so,
Singing it a pretty song,
Until it trembles a little less,
And feels more at home.
Because one thing you should avoid
Is having a heart that is too scared of loving,
A heart that tries to fold inwards and disappear
At the presence of another.
A heart must be brave.
No sands of time should get it
Into the state where it's no longer connected
To your very own veins,
And causes only pain.
Mar 2014 · 15.8k

If I could be but a burning sun,
I'd scorch you with my wrath.
All your labour and all you loved
Would sizzle in my heat,
And turn into steam.

What I can't have,
Why should I let you keep?

If I was but an ocean blue,
I'd envelope you in my foam.
Grain by grain I'd wash away
The foundation of your home,
Claiming it for my own.

I need to breach your comfort
So I can have mine.

I need to pour onto you
Like torrential rain.
I need to chill you to the bone,
Like some haunted wind.
For you cannot, should not
Have that which I cannot reach.

You snatched it from under my nose,
And it kept screaming my name,
But you muffled its voice.
Your cruelty knows no end,
So now you'll taste mine
And I promise the pain won't fade.

— The End —