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Ironatmosphere Jun 2014
I am afraid that no one will ever want me
Because as soon as they see her
They will bow at her feet
Overwhelmed by her perfection
I will become invisible
When her beauty shines so bright it blinds them
They will become deaf to my words
When they hear the angelic melody hers form
I will become a brick
When they touch the feathery silk that is her skin
I will become empty space
When she becomes their entire world
And I will be forced to smile and be happy
When she finds the love I’ve been craving for so long
I’ll have to
Because she,
She is my sister
And I,
I can’t stop loving her just because of my own imperfections
Ironatmosphere May 2017
I am banging on the walls
Loud, angry thuds echo around me
I am screaming for you to see me
But you tell me you can’t
You can’t see through the walls,
The walls you claim that I have built
My legs tremble as I fall
The skin on my knees curl around the gravel
And I wonder
As you walk away
Why can’t you see me through these glass walls?
Ironatmosphere Oct 2018
There is an ache
And it won’t go away
A darkness that smothers the light
A hunger that never ends
Leaving me paralyzed
Left craving everything
But wanting nothing
Ironatmosphere May 2020
He was a crash course
a lesson in love

he bought me a one-way ticket  
to an express train around the sun
Ironatmosphere Mar 2013
I’m afraid
I am
I’m afraid I’ll never stop feeling like this
Like I’m a bottomless hole
Filled with want and longing
Ironatmosphere May 2013
I hated love
The love I felt for you
But now it’s gone
And I kind of miss it
All that is left is numbness
I am numb

My heart has been sterilized
It is clean of feelings
And maybe, just maybe
It’s better this way
Ironatmosphere Sep 2013
I don’t know what to do
With this heart
Mostly made of glue

I keep dropping it
Shattering it
It’s an endless circle of shattering and repairing
but I know
Sometime in the future it won’t shatter anymore
It will stay together
A heart shaped lump of glue
Ironatmosphere Jun 2020
You never really liked me
If you had
You wouldn't have been scared
when I gave you my everything

I saw you
and I liked
even the things I normally wouldn't

And I hope you find someone else who can love you that way
because it is hard
and it is rare

You were never that for me
I kept searching for it in you
but in your eyes were only lust
and I almost got lost along the way
But I'll find someone else to call my home
Ironatmosphere Feb 2014
I feel like an alien
Like I am on a planet that isn’t mine
And it is crawling with these disgusting creatures
That look exactly like me
And I will never escape
Ironatmosphere Dec 2021
I stand before you
Completely bare
You've never been like this
You've never been this naked
Even though I've seen you without clothes
You've never been this bare
Ironatmosphere Mar 2014
Red fur
Black long socks
Almost floating
Through a palace of trees
Golden eyes gleaming
In the velvet night
The fox says nothing.
Ironatmosphere Mar 2013
I missed him all weekend
And then
He wasn’t there
Ironatmosphere Jan 2013
Your perfection is an illusion I can’t see through
I like everything about you
Moonlight dancing in your eyes
My stomach full of butterflies

Hair brown as a cacao bean
Skin giving of a golden sheen
A hidden kindness no one sees
Decapitating my knees

Even though I can’t see what’s underneath
I can feel the burning heat
Every time you’re near
My heart palpitating so loud, I swear you can hear

Quoting my favorite song
I’ve been this way for far too long
Lost in a love I never had
I’m too pathetic and sad
You don’t even say hello
Why the f*ck can’t I let go?
Ironatmosphere Jan 2013
Your perfection is an illusion I can’t see through
I like everything about you
Moonlight dancing in your eyes
My stomach full of butterflies

Hair brown as a cacao bean
Skin giving of a golden sheen
A hidden kindness no one sees
Decapitating my knees
Ironatmosphere Sep 2013
My heart is a circus animal
Confided in a cage
Scratching at the walls
The visible pain invisible
To people passing by
Ironatmosphere Jan 2015
There is a cloud of black smoke extending itself around me
Twisting its limbs around my neck
Choking me
Till whatever oxygen is
Is just a memory
Ironatmosphere Mar 2013
He hung the world like it was a painting on a wall
He stared at it from afar
He shook his head
He said he don’t want to go back there, not at all
Ironatmosphere Jun 2014
The sky is white
and flat
It’s like we are all living in an aquarium and they forgot
to turn the lights on
to turn the sky on
Our knowledge of how to breathe is slipping away
like the cloud that tripped and smeared they sky with buckets full
of one single shade of white

Waiting under the white sky
we stand wondering,
our breaths caught in our throats,
if they will turn on the sky
and let us remember
how to convert oxygen
into the carbon dioxide that is slowly destroying it
and us
Ironatmosphere Jul 2020
Your ghost hangs around
As his skin touches mine

He doesn't need a cigarette
After ***

But there are still ashes on the ground
Left over from when we burned down
Ironatmosphere Aug 2020
A little slice of happiness
Was all I got
A moment where he loved me
In the shape he thought I existed in
Where I hadn't ruined it
Where he wasn't scared
Where we were
Dreams incarnate
Then came reality
Ironatmosphere Feb 2014
I hate to describe myself with just one word or tell someone my favorite anything
I am more than one word
I am more than one thing
I am a thousand different pieces
With just one you can’t ever see the full picture

I am more than one piece
If you want to know me you have to lay the puzzle
I will never be one word
I am a thousand different pieces
Ironatmosphere Jun 2014
I would like
to have the ability to produce beauty
of a caliber so high
a drug test of it would come back positive

I would like
to produce beauty with the pain of realizing
you’ve been living in a box your entire life
and what you thought were stars are just glow-in-the-dark stickers

I would like
to write something so intelligent
you’d question your whole existence
and then some

I would like to have the ability to paint the world
as accurately as a laboratory analysis

I would like to produce beauty
But everything I produce is as painfully average as I am
Ironatmosphere Jun 2014
The sun is shining
Filling me up
I am a vial
I take it in
I let it make me beautiful
I let it light my eyes up
And transform them into shining moons
I let the sunshine make me beautiful
I let it make me into a beaming vial of light
In hope that it will
The world
I would be nothing if it weren't for the sun
Ironatmosphere Oct 2014
With your smile
you tear down my walls
my foundations,
Leaving me naked
Standing on an ledge smaller than my feet

and I will fall,
Harder than ever before
Ironatmosphere Jun 2015
The atmosphere is a cage
Keeping us all in
A confiding sphere
Trapping us on this orb
Floating through an echo-less space
A breathtakingly beautiful cosmos we will never reach
As we keep traveling infinitely
Ironatmosphere Jun 2014
We buy bags and shoes for money that could feed us for weeks
We use Botox and scalpels to fix our imperfections
We never leave the house or the room without checking our reflection
or taking a selfie
We make sure there’s never a hair out of place or a flaw to be seen
We are the lost generation
Our appearances are nothing but shells
But that’s fine
No one ever sees the empty insides
We are the lost generation
We are empty inside
But we don’t care
All we have ever wanted
All we have ever craved
is to be beautiful corpses
and that's all we'll ever be
Ironatmosphere Nov 2015
I’m scared of what they do
When they are alone together
I am scared of the secrets that they keep
Of things that are not my business
Even though I’d like them to be
I am scared that he loves her
And that she loves him too
I am scared because I love them both
Although it’s something I shouldn’t do
I am scared of being lonely
Of love being out of reach
I scared that I’m not enough
And that she will always be better than me
Ironatmosphere Feb 2014
I turned around
and suddenly
the sky
was effortlessly
Ironatmosphere May 2020
The water was so blue it hurt my eyes
but I
stop staring
I miss you
Ironatmosphere May 2020
I lost my breath
kissing you
and now I'm losing it again
missing you
Ironatmosphere Feb 2014
Maybe I liked you because I thought you were broken
Just like I am
But as it turns out you never were
It was just my imagination
Ironatmosphere Feb 2014
On the inside I am breaking into a thousand pieces
But my face is like one of a statue
Unmoving, sharp
Totally emotionless
At least for now
Soon a crack will appear on my marble body
At the place my heart once lived
Then it will spread
Creating a web of tiny cracks
Just one poke
One tiny little touch
And I will become
Marble dust
Ironatmosphere May 2014
The grass is soft and green
But never green enough
Sitting by the fence
I am telling you
It is just
An optical
Ironatmosphere Feb 2013
I'm caged.
The present doesn't belong to me.
But the future does.
In the future I’ll be free
If I ***** it up
I’m *******
And I’ll hate myself forever.
Ironatmosphere Sep 2013
I’m not able to capture the true beauty of the universe
I can’t capture the ever changing clouds’ fluffiness
Or the way a bird soars across the sky in the easiest of ways
I can’t capture the warmth of the sunshine
Or the coolness of a breeze
I can’t capture the music playing from an old car stereo
Or the harmonies combined of the world
I can’t capture the smell of the rain
Or the pressure of the drops as they unite with my outstretched hands
I cannot capture the true beauty of the universe
I can, however, lie in the grass
Counting stars
Ironatmosphere Jun 2020
I'm mad at myself for giving you so much power over me
For not being able to break free
But I've been yours since the day we met
And I did fight it
I did
But I stood no chance
Against the force that was you
Ironatmosphere Apr 2014
Wherever I go
I am always chasing the sun
Always chasing happiness

No matter how far I stretch my hands

It’s always
a little bit
Out of reach
Ironatmosphere Jul 2014
I lie on my back
Watching the darkness swallow the sky
Slowly suffocating the luminous white
Till I start to hallucinate
Glittery specks of light dancing before me
Unmoved by the quiet rain
Ironatmosphere Nov 2014
If I would have cried
It wouldn’t have shown

I sat on the floor
of the bathroom
trying to warm myself
from the cold

Believing as always
that when you are warm
you feel less alone

I comforted myself
with the fact that
noodles and chocolate
tastes better on the way up
than down

As I thought about that
long look you gave me
when you took your hammer to my heart

If I would have cried
It wouldn’t have shown

I only cry on the inside
There is no use getting your face wet if you are all alone
i don't know why i am posting this
Ironatmosphere Jul 2013
The clouds
Look like they are
Pure paradise
I want to run and skip
Over and through them
With you
Ironatmosphere Jan 2014
You look at me with a hint of recognition in your eyes
You think maybe we’ve had a class together or played the same sport
Or maybe I am the girl who lived in that house down the road
You know I look familiar
You have seen me before
I look slightly different from everybody else
That’s why you recognize me
But you don’t remember me
I am like the painting you have walked past a thousand times
Without stopping
Never really having looked at it
I am like the carbon dioxide in the air around you
I am there
But I am INVISIBLE to you
I mean NOTHING to you
Even though you once meant EVERYTHING to me
Ironatmosphere Mar 2013
Cold dark night
Spread your mighty fright
Envelope me with thoughts of despair
In the morning I’ll pretend you were never here
Ironatmosphere Jan 2014
This year
My goal isn’t to find love
This year
Love will have to find me
Ironatmosphere Jun 2020
It's funny how
you thought
I was crazy
when the only one
who ever made me that way
was you
When someone thinks you're crazy everything you do confirms their belief, no matter what you do
Ironatmosphere Dec 2017
I picture daisies on my grave
Yellow daisies swaying in the tall grass
Above the wooden casket holding my bones
Frozen in a state of perpetual summer
it is calling me
Ironatmosphere Feb 2013
Dancing in the rain
Blinded by reflected sunlight
For one moment feeling absolutely free
Ironatmosphere Jan 2014
I feel happy for you two, I do.
But not happy enough to want to stare at you for two hours straight
While you hug and play with each other’s hair.
I don’t need to be reminded that I am alone,
That nobody wants me,
In the most painful way possible.
I see what you have
And I want it.
The next time you ask me to go for a walk
Please, just wait till you can bear to leave each other’s arms,
So I don’t have to stand there
Waiting and watching,
While my life gets shorter and shorter,
Constantly reminded that
Nobody wants me.
31 december 2013
Ironatmosphere Sep 2014
I am driving for the first time in weeks
You are in the car
And I am speeding
My mind is somewhere else
For a second I wonder if I could just drive off the road
Just so I won’t have to leave you again
If maybe I could find sweet solace in not breathing
But I keep driving
Just once losing control of the car
Swiveling on to the wrong lane
Thinking for one moment that I’m lucky
Happy I didn’t hit that other car
Only to remember my destination
And the goal of our journey
Wishing I had
Ironatmosphere Feb 2018
I stopped taking them
The pills
I didn’t want to rely on them
To be happy, but not too happy
Or to sleep, but not too much
And to eat the right amount.
I wanted to be able to do it by myself
Without the manipulation of my neurotransmitters
And surprisingly enough
I could
I can
I’m fine
In a way I haven’t been in years
But I’m cautious
I lied to my psychiatrist
She doesn’t need to know
My mood could flip in an instance
I could spiral again
Loose control
And fall down the same hole I just climbed out of
So, she doesn’t need to know
I need the pills to still be there if I need them
If not for a change in my biology
But for the hope
That makes the fall bearable
Ironatmosphere Feb 2013
crows struggling to escape
crushing the atmosphere
trying to find happiness and cheer

dropping rocks into the blaring ocean
breaking the silence
being swallowed by the waves motion
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