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Ironatmosphere Oct 2014
With your smile
you tear down my walls
my foundations,
Leaving me naked
Standing on an ledge smaller than my feet

and I will fall,
Harder than ever before
Ironatmosphere Sep 2014
I rearrange the furniture in my head
So that I can fit the boxes in.
It’s an enormous amount.
I am building towers,
But they are spilling over.
Your laughter is everywhere.
Everything you’ve ever said,
Spilled out on the floor.
Every time I’ve looked at you,
Cramped into too tight boxes
In a too full head.
I can't let anything go.
Ironatmosphere Sep 2014
I adore the lightness of your eyelashes
How they are the moment before takeoff
I adore your laugh
How it bounces like a cluster of balloons flying away
I adore your hands
How they electrocute me with warmth
I adore your arms
How they are strong enough to never let go
I adore your eyes
How they aren’t just a window to your soul, but to the entire universe
I adore you
Like the moon loves the sun
I adore you
Of a consuming caliber
I adore you
Like the summer needs just a hint of rain
*I adore you
every single fiber
of my being.
Ironatmosphere Sep 2014
Pretend my
Isn’t beating
Inside a
Part of me I can’t
Bear admit
Radiating a
Spark of
Love and

— The End —