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Sep 28 · 771
I looked up at the ceiling
and imagined the stars

as if I was lying on the ground
with the universe around me

As if the wounds
and words
never existed at all
Aug 22 · 55
A slice
A little slice of happiness
Was all I got
A moment where he loved me
In the shape he thought I existed in
Where I hadn't ruined it
Where he wasn't scared
Where we were
Dreams incarnate
Then came reality
Aug 7 · 164
I found someone
I found someone
who didn't remind me of him
Someone much better
If only he wanted me
Jul 25 · 101
No replacements
He did nothing
But make me
Miss you more
Jul 5 · 52
Ashes from a ghost
Your ghost hangs around
As his skin touches mine

He doesn't need a cigarette
After ***

But there are still ashes on the ground
Left over from when we burned down
Jul 1 · 161
A kiss
By another
Pair of lips
But not forgotten
Jun 15 · 58
I feel guilty
For loving you
More than
You gave me permission to
Even though you were the one breaking hearts
Jun 14 · 53
Find me
I just want love
From someone
Who isn't intent
On destroying
Jun 14 · 165
Self destruction
I am making bad decisions
Because they distract me
From missing you
Jun 11 · 56
You were the ocean
I was the canoe
And somehow I thought I was the one steering
I'm mad at myself for giving you so much power over me
For not being able to break free
But I've been yours since the day we met
And I did fight it
I did
But I stood no chance
Against the force that was you
Jun 9 · 69
I was still
standing in rubble
When you came
into my life
When the walls came down they came down too quickly. And there was no one there to clean up
Jun 9 · 53
Some days
There are some days
That are harder than others
Days that I miss you more

Today is one of those days
And I want to tell you about it
I want to hear what you think
To tell you how I feel

There are some days that I really hope for a someday
Even if it breaks me

I really want a someday with you
Jun 9 · 124
Ocean blue
I fell in love with you as if you were the ocean
And then I drowned
Jun 9 · 63
I'm sorry you meant too much to me
I'm sorry for falling in love with you
For giving you the power to break me

You didn't ask for that
And you didn't want it
I hope I was wrong about loving you, but it is still true
Jun 9 · 40
I miss you today
Your body on mine
Your smile
How you would breathe me in
How you looked at me before it was ruined
I miss you today
Jun 6 · 69
You told me I wasn't broken
But then you acted like I was
Making it irrelevant if I was in the first place
Sure as hell am now
"only you"
You said
And I fell like a fool
Were you too drunk to remember?
Jun 6 · 53
Invisible ink
I want to kiss somebody else tonight
So that your lips aren't the last ones I've tasted
I bet every memory of me has already been replaced
That you have already been touched in the places that for a short period of time were mine
I know that your memory will linger like a tattoo under my skin
But I am dying for a cover up
You hurt me deeply
And sometimes I think I shouldn't have given you that power in the first place
But I will never apologise for loving too hard or trying my best

But I don't know if I can forgive myself for ever believing you were doing the same
I loved you too much to see clearly
I fed my heart to you
Dipped in chocolate and with a silver spoon
And when you threw it back up
I was ready to leave
To take the pieces and just go

But you pulled me back in
Secured me with a rope
And somehow I got the blame
for staying and holding on

I still have the rope marks across my bones
Even thought they are fading just a little every day
You should have just let me leave
But I guess you just couldn't be broken again
So you had to break me
Jun 6 · 47
I have more people
Better friends
Than ever before
But not having you
Or even a part of you
Makes me feel so ******* alone
Tu me manques
Jun 6 · 57
Silly me
We were made up of them
And not much more
But I didn't realise it
Until my heart stained the floor
Jun 5 · 40
Ruined touch
You have ruined my sense of touch
I've never felt as safe as I did in your arms
There is nobody who makes my skin spark with electricity the way you did
Nobody whose warmth I don't shy away from now because it isn't yours

Human touch just doesn't feel the same since I met you
My body rejects any skin that isn't yours

It takes seven years to replace every cell in your body
In seven years none of your cells will have touched mine
So maybe I'll get my sense of touch back then

But oh how tragic it is that my cells will never have been touched you
Jun 4 · 51
Flood waves
I have to thank you
for being my muse
For flooding my once dried up stream
with an entire ocean

It was disastrous and wonderful
I almost drowned
before I remembered how to swim

but now here I am
floating on the surface
Words that wouldn't stop
I should have brought you a life vest
Jun 4 · 104
Not a cloud in sight
We were a firework
and it fizzled out
leaving a smoking sky

but now when I look up
all I see is blue
I love you, but I'm free now.
Thank you
Jun 4 · 53
Today I feel free
as if the words weighing me down
have all been expelled from my body

You don't have power over me anymore
Even if I wouldn't say no
to having your skin pressed against mine
one more time

we were not made for romance
we were not made for love

We were two puzzle pieces that fit together
but from two different boxes
we didn't make sense
we didn't come from the same picture
But it was fun when it lasted
You know,
I really thought
I could fix you
but you didn't ask for that
You broke me
just so that I would have something else to do
Jun 3 · 55
You never got me
I have wasted a library on you
Too bad you're illiterate
Jun 3 · 54
I was never special to you
I was replaceable
You needed someone to be what I was for you
You didn't need me

And I guess you filled some kind of function for me too
but that was different
my desire was stronger than my need
I was good before I met you

You broke me and I remembered that I bleed

But the heart is a muscle
break it
and it will become even stronger
So thank you for breaking me little by little
Jun 3 · 40
A letter to my lover
You never really liked me
If you had
You wouldn't have been scared
when I gave you my everything

I saw you
and I liked
even the things I normally wouldn't

And I hope you find someone else who can love you that way
because it is hard
and it is rare

You were never that for me
I kept searching for it in you
but in your eyes were only lust
and I almost got lost along the way
But I'll find someone else to call my home
Jun 2 · 40
Crazy for you
It's funny how
you thought
I was crazy
when the only one
who ever made me that way
was you
When someone thinks you're crazy everything you do confirms their belief, no matter what you do
They say I'll find someone better
Someone made for me
But if you weren't made for me ...
why does my bones ache without you?

Why does the air taste recycled
if it hasn't touched your skin?

I am drowning in the absence of your breath

I keep trying to find someone to lend me oxygen
But the taste isn't the same

I have stopped hearing your voice in the words I say
soon I won't remember
what it sounds like
when you say my name
May 31 · 48
There is no antidote
My words are poisonous
I can't say
I'm sorry
Without hurting you
But the poison
It is killing me too
I wrote to you again
I don't know if you wanted me to
You never replied
I hope you text me when you're drunk
That a part of you still wants me
That you haven't forgotten
Because you are woven into the fabric of my being
And I really can't stand being not even a memory to you
May 24 · 43
Blue water
The water was so blue it hurt my eyes
but I
stop staring
I miss you
May 23 · 43
Nasty scars
I fell for you
But you weren't there to catch me
So I scraped my knees
And I can't stop picking at the scabs
Will I ever heal?
May 23 · 42
My heart used to be whole
But then I met you

You brought a shovel
And buried yourself deep down

You made yourself a home
Decorated it with your favourite pictures

And then you left
Leaving the door open
Letting in a storm

And now there are weeds growing from the floor
He was a crash course
a lesson in love

he bought me a one-way ticket  
to an express train around the sun
May 21 · 39
My first love
I told him I loved him
for the first time
as I stepped off the ride
and waved goodbye
you needed to know
May 15 · 40
You were intoxicating
I got high on your perfume

I melted into your touch
Tangled my body and my heart into yours

Sometimes I think I catch a whiff of your scent
as if it is still clinging onto the walls

Somehow you managed to untangle yourself
while still leaving me tangled
I kissed him because he smelled like you
and that is just a little bit ****** up
May 15 · 120
I am the forgotten
I forget to eat
I forget to sleep
I forget to take care of myself

But I can't forget you
How long till you forget me?
May 15 · 36
I got too intense
I felt too much

I tried to push it down
I really tried

I knew how scared you would get
how insecure

But I couldn't hold it down
and I drove you away

You were my drug
and I have an addictive personality

Now I can't have you
The abstinence is killing me
May 15 · 807
I lost my breath
kissing you
and now I'm losing it again
missing you
May 15 · 38
Time capsule
All I ever wanted was
for you to
savour me
Indulge in being
near me

Show me
how much you
adored me
my dreams for us could be

All the ways our
days could be
alive and
Retrogression is not the
soon I will
thrive without you

I will survive you
May 15 · 40
I will never forget the way you looked at me
before everything changed
You looked at me like I shone like gold
You saw my imperfections and you praised them

Then you took it way
And I will never be the same
Mar 22 · 229
The half life of Sex
And I don't know how it is possible
but I still smell like your sweat mixed in with mine

It clings onto my hair like plastic wrap
firm, but soft and colorless.

It has sunk into my skin
swallowed up by my pores
and now it is gently seeping out

A temporary alteration of my chemistry
Mar 21 · 45
All I want
is to be whoever it is you see
when you look at me

But that is a person who will die in process
Because if I use you to become the me I want to be
I won't

I will become someone shallow and twisted
I will need a new name
Whoever I become I won't ever be the same
Mar 21 · 47
Perfect synchrony
A part of me is hoping that you are using me too
So we can build each other and tear each other down
in some kind of ****** up synchrony
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