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 Aug 2019 cozyjune
take a trip with me
take a hit
come touch the stars
in a blimp
fly through space with me
chase bright blue cats
hit stars with baseball bats
let's shoot wisps of rainbows
from our fingertips
let's make out in the shade of blue
and dark purple
and green too
let's sit on the couch
and get lost in the haze
soar to the moon
color all the grays
one more trip
and then i'm through
So bye for now
Little moon
 May 2019 cozyjune
D Awanis
Her soul is tired now
and all she ever wanted to do was
calming her crowded mind
and resting her heavy heart

Her soul is tired now
and the only path she’d go through
was no longer runaway full of eyes
but an empty and quiet hallways

Her soul is tired now
and the dreams are no longer dreams,
they became possessions and hunger
that consumes her alive

Her soul is tired now
as the passion slowly fades away
and the flame in her eyes began to vanish
can’t you feel the absence of her warmth?
 May 2019 cozyjune
my life is a puzzle
and the missing piece is

i want to run
as far as my legs will take me
away from people
away from places
I'll keep spinning circles
into infinity
i'll spread my wings and fly
as i draw cloud with the wind
to a world far away
to a place so peaceful
to a paradise so cherry
that it becomes unreal

a state of mine
a perfect philosophy
to which i'll never arrive.
6 September, 2018
Seek out the skeletons on every surface
Your no fun if you go to bed first
Those days were dark & merciless
You recited lies to my pretty face
I forgave you;
Lord knows we both sin
My fortune predicts I won't win
Cause you're already tasting that drip;
And you crave the bitterness

You can't cure him with charisma
And your love won't liberate him
So say your prayers till your voice is strained
100 Hail Marys won't alter this game

-Kellie A. Scranton
May 2017 - Lippincott days in moorestown
 May 2019 cozyjune
 May 2019 cozyjune
her lips tasted like narcotics
and yet i felt the revolution
kissed her fingertips
and smelled marijuana

the dark eyes

and the reckless abandon
 May 2019 cozyjune
I sold my soul
for those bony hands
and you stomped on it
for a couple grams
 May 2019 cozyjune
Sad Boy
I hope I don’t see anyone I know
I need to be high to enjoy the show
It’s wearing off can we please go?
Come back to my place we’ll snort some blow
Inspired by EP
 May 2019 cozyjune
Alice Wilde
She was a wilting flower,
Delicately fading
Into the depth of her sorrow.

Her eyes-pooled gossamer stars
Falling from constellation webs.
Bouncing on the tile before losing shape
In the atmosphere.

My soul was swallowed into
Her sorrow,
And stayed there.

And when I held her,
It was like trying to hold on to refracting light.
 May 2019 cozyjune
Third Legacy
Painful Fascination
As I'm mesmerized by your beauty
The wonder of your countenance
Slowly falls upon me

Knowing you're not mine
But know that I'm yours
Till the sky will start falling
And rains of fire pour

Knowing that you can't
Feel the way that I feel
This heart of mine keeps breaking
A wound that can't be healed

So now I look up to the sky
Because soon it will be falling
Like my heart when I first saw you
The Embrace of Summer's Morning
With You
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