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cozyjune Sep 17
the bathtubs full with cold water - you place your hands on the inside of my ribs - the petals drop like last nights shooting stars - and you told me that was your first kiss - bang bang on my windows baby until i wake up - because no one can know that your in here baby no i don't want no fuss - nails scratching down your velvet skin - do you know how to make me spin? can you make me spin? baby i need you to make me spin - was it really your first kiss? - why do we always lie like this - cry like this - staying awake late in the night to feel your lips - on my hips - make me forget
Sad Boy Jul 19
I hope I don’t see anyone I know
I need to be high to enjoy the show
It’s wearing off can we please go?
Come back to my place we’ll snort some blow
Inspired by EP
Ana Jan 2017
I Remember how the party was clear as day
Sneaking out and looking to fade away
Lighting a cigarette with red wine
(Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice)
Sweet sixteen and she had arrive
Fixing her dress as she whispered hi, hi
Never knew how she made it so far
Teachers said she'd never make it out alive
There she was my new best friend
casual smoke filled the festive air
While she starts to laugh, holding her shaded lipstick in her other hand
Oh Ana, how I love those guys
Henk Holveck Feb 2016
i went to sleep with him in my bed
to meet the one who wore the flower crown
slightly opening my eyes
my greatest fear you disappeared into the dark paradise.

i didn't know what to do
so i began to pinch myself
you were too good to be true
whenever i saw your face i felt alive.

i wandered into the dark paradise,
in hopes of finding you.
when you decide to leave that place,
promise me you won't forget me this time.
Bejoux Soleil Feb 2016
"Darling, darling, doesn't have a problem
Lying to herself 'cause her liquor's top shelf
It's alarming honestly how charming she can be"-Lana Del Rey [Carmen]

Her hand on the Jack Daniels to escape the memories.

Undecipherable is her emotions

She looks you in the eyes, showing that she's not afraid

Not afraid, of the thoughts that haunt

the life she has to live

the expectations she has to fulfill

the beauty she has to uphold

but her melanin's juxtapose

They talk and talk

Her slurs on a thousand

She's charming and cute

you're in for a hoot

the Jack Daniels takes her into an abyss and brings her back like the touch of her spouse and ****** of their  encounters: on the island, couch, in the bedroom.

Fading .. Relapsing in time. —Bejoux Soleil
Caroline Lee Dec 2015
You sit softly back into the faded couch
rain spills in dark blue slate against my forearms
Pale ivory lines of my skin align tenderly with your tangled teeth
You tell me that this is how we'll end
Dim and quiet icons of our generation wrapped in grey
But we laugh it off anyway
And I sing gods and monsters into your warm neck
Humble moments of my velvet intent
I lean into you
And the rain conceals the rest
Imagery from a later night
Akemi Jul 2013
You’re full of form
And ache.
You’ve covered yourself in knots, you can barely make
Out your own doubt,
And where it’s coming from

Darling blue,
You speak in rhymes, you soar through acres
To the same old room.
You’re a head full of ideas, and a heart that craves and craves
To be real,
And to feel more than you can keep
In one place.

But you can’t hold such hope, without a helping hand;
And you can’t trace the clouds, without losing yourself in them.
No, you won’t know the rush, without the halt and the loneliness;
And you won’t ever love, without hurting time and time again;
But you will anyway.

I hope you wait for the one,
I hope you find happiness,
I hope you love more than life can give.
I hope you live without hurting,
As much as I know that you will.

Maybe we’ll get through this.
Maybe we’ll get through this.
Maybe we won’t.

Maybe we’ll get through this.
Maybe we’ll get through this.
Maybe we won’t.

Just don’t lose hope.
Just don’t let go.
8:16pm, July 20th 2013

To the greatest person I know.
Andrew Ove Jul 2014
Another 3:43 AM ****** poem I suppose I shall write 

Oh how moon strikes the land on this quite strange night

Like she's as low as me, but I keep getting lower 

Or when I get high with the sun, my mind just gets slower 

Lana sings in the background of my hometown 

As I watch angels get sent to souls here, we're safe and sound 

***'s got a special one for me, since I'm still here rhyming 

Alive for centuries more, so I may fill the world with more smiling. 

R Daniel Jun 2014
Those angel eyes, they tell it well.
They speak of how we met in ****.
Your luscious lips, and those **** eyes.
A glimpse of heaven shining through the skies.
My favorite laugh is yours and mine.
After red wine, your cheeks are lovely and divine.
The summer breeze, the pale blue sky.
The day you told me that you loved me,
I almost died.
The golden day, my dearest memory.
When you held my hand and we floated through that field.
We said I do. Our hearts combined.
As the moon shined...
On your angel eyes,
I see them well.
I promise to love you until...
The end.
Inspired by Lana del Rey's new album Ultraviolence
Omeshan Naidoo Jun 2014
Her voice on that line,
cascading shivers down my spine.
Delicate words about her red dress,
I'm intrigued.
I confess.

— The End —