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galio Mar 26
he passed
and stroked
the leaves

and the whole tree shivered
like they were waiting for him
galio Mar 26
god how i crave your touch
galio Mar 26
the petals are wilting

with no water

no sunlight

no one to brush the dust from the stems
and ask them how they're doing
galio Mar 18
dear jade,

i think i’m going mad again.
it was raining the other night, a frightful storm. in my rush to get home, i thought i saw a shape on the floor and fell. it was only the street light reflecting off a puddle.

do you remember how hard i cried when we were last in school together? i was so much younger and i truly thought that was the deepest pool of my sadness. but i know now it isn’t.

love forever,

galio Mar 3
we were so beautiful
we burned so bright
until we burnt out

or at least that’s what i’m telling myself
  Mar 3 galio
Allison Wolf
I politely fold my
into tiny pieces
sharp sentences sliced
for your comfort
until it is only a soft
‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…’
I am small enough to slide
into your pocket or your pants
but never out
of your grasp
March 2, 2019
11:31:56 PM
galio Feb 21
i beg him to block out their songs
to shut his eyes
and ignore the blue sirens

but it’s obvious
he is stealing glances
when my back is turned
sharing the air
when my eyes are closed
closing the space
when i know
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