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spacewalker May 8
Red sky at night
Brings great fright
To those that profit from the storm
The spinning winds, blackened skies
Oh wind, Oh ocean, how classic

Lifeboats without Raging waters and
whitecaps are just overpriced orange floats  
The loss of life is tragic yes
But who would want a lifeboat if it never rained?
It truly only happens sporadically
though you wish it not happen at all
But alas, it must
for the profit from the storm
spacewalker Jan 24
After the red sky charred and the moon lit the sky. I felt a wave of  exhaustion push close my eyes. I felt the waves drag me into The dream weavers caverns. As my body twisted and turned they wove a tapestry of my scattered thoughts around me. All my wishes and all my wish-nots strung together into a silky magical cloth. They hung it over my shoulders. It was weightless. If I tossed it would surely fly. They tugged on my gift, drifting me me from star to star till the moon dropped and faded away. They all kissed me goodbye and floated to space with the rise of skys first morning rays
spacewalker Dec 2018
Tie weights on my feet,
let the water take me home.
Watch the air escape my lips,
And the shadows engulf my toes,
the water drags me into blackness,
Let The light in my eyes twinkle out
Watch my lifeless body spin a tale of
A struggle that never was, with a final
glance down see that I am no more
Then turn around and walk back
As I rest on the devils moor
spacewalker Nov 2018
A Thousand different colored skys Stitched together around you and I.
But we're to caught up in the dust, looking ***** instead of looking up.
And when we do look up to the sun we put our hands up to block the out glare. Darkness once filled our unknowing eyes till we stared up into the light, now I know what I knew all along; just because we don't see it mean its not there.
spacewalker Oct 2018
I see the sympathy pour from your lips,
A waterfall of meaningful words I'm sure

but I'm fixated on the twinkle in your eye,
it reminds me of the midnight sky
The midnight sky my lover was taken under
The stars stood witness yet they took no pause in their dance above the clouds
Now the stars are hidden well behind the sun
blue skies don't make you smile
at your lovers funeral

The stars in you eyes make me sad,
Obsession with revenge takes hold
so I mutilate them.
   a slurpy cosmic soup
sits behind your tired eyelids

A small victory in the war with the sky
Fighting an unwinnable fight can turn a man into a monster
spacewalker Oct 2018
Feelings don't drip from my lips like honey
Its hard for me to talk
Id rather be stung a hundred times
Then tell you my deepest thoughts
I'm a hive of negative mindsets
pain trapped in a hundred unbreakable locks
When I try to take them off even I can get lost
So I keep them hidden
I'm just not in the mood
Feelings don't drip like honey but stay in my throat like glue
spacewalker Sep 2018
deep blue sea of stars dancing in the waves of time
the lone rays of light swim into my sparkling eyes
ghosts suns I'm seeing, have lived and surely died
what I see is an older time
when the earth still stood silent
and all the stars aligned
it would still be quite
but you keep talking
about politics
or some ****
I really don't care
I'm high as ****
so shut the hell up
 And look up and stare
I'm back
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