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Lieke Sep 17
Cherry kiss
Come inside
Catch my breath
Windy bliss

Sticky fingers
Tongue is shaking
Slashed skin
Yet it lingers

Fired gun
Dead flowers
Flood of remorse
Buried on the day it had begun
Lieke Aug 23
The wave of hungry winter has arrived
My palms are still stained warm
Although the air remains sweet
No breath left to taste it with

I search sky and ground
All there’s left are shriveled dead crumbs
I fall into stage ****** drowning in desperation
Craving just one small juicy bite

I want to escape this void
Enhance time to blow everything away
My last remaining flame is choking in absence
Dear love, please set me free
19 August, 2019
Lieke Jul 31
I try to fill the hole you dug in my heart
by drawing your body with a stranger's pen
but no one's lips can match the love your gave mine

You are dangled in front of my weary eyes
tempting me to take a bite

My heart often spins me back into a kaleidoscope of memories
as my vision haunts me with the taste of you

I was drugged the second I saw you
inhaling you deep
wishing you'll never flow away

Now I contain more holes than flesh
begging for the moment when I'll stop bleeding dry.
28 July, 2019
Lieke Jun 7
i bury you here
where we first fell in love
when i felt your sharp blue eyes up close
i could drown in you forever

i bury you here
on our 3 am sneak-outs
as the delicate rain
poured onto your slippery lips

i bury you here
in the bed where we went all the way
how we'd cuddle for hours
saying only i love you

kiss me
embrace me
tease me
one last time, i'm begging you

from dusk to dawn
i still sing our melody
but when the sun starts to rise
i bury you deep
just to dig you back up again.
7 June, 2019
Lieke Mar 31
i stand here
screaming for your attention
i could climb mount everest
and still it won't be enough

how come they are?
they get kissed and hugged and praised
all i get is a bowl of disappointment
at which i stare with my dumb eyes

i tell myself i don't care
but i'm racing on the inside
looking for a way to break through
notice me, i'm begging you

all i need is a nod of approval
your absence drives me mad
i'll even settle for half a smile
after all, you are my dad.
31 March, 2019
Lieke Mar 20
It was around midnight
I was alone with you
You filled my blood with alcohol
Little did I know what you knew

You wouldn’t keep your hands off me
As if I didn’t have a choice
Forcing yourself onto me
I couldn’t seem to find my voice

I tried to push you away
As you pulled me closer to you
I told you to leave
But you stuck to me like glue

The next morning
I tried to ***** up all of my tears
But your hands were tattoos on my body
And the look in your eyes became my biggest fears

You see, I was a steady moving girl
And you broke me in two
Now I’m chained to my fear
And I can’t seem to break through

You stole my freedom
And left me with paranoia and deep cuts
I want to tell the whole wide world
But you know I'll never have the guts

You've no idea how much damage you did
Just the scent of that night haunts me
I have nowhere to turn
There’s no place to where I can flee

I can't seem to escape you
If only I could count to three
I have just one question for you
Why me?
20 March, 2019
Lieke Mar 5
i want you to leave

                                                                      hold me tight

don't enter my life again

                                                                     and never let me go

run away from me

                                                                      pull me into you

don't you dare look back

                                                                      and kiss me forever

find someone new

                                                                      be mine forever

and start a new life

                                                                      never leave me alone

be happy

                                                                      be happy

without me.

                                                                      with me.
me wondering if this guy would want to be with me if he knew the real me.
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