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Feb 2015 · 569
an inner monologue
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
1. I don't like sleeping because you're always in my dreams
2. Every time I walk down South Street, I hope I see you
3. I've been heart broken over you longer than the time we actually dated
4. I feel stupid for still loving you.
Feb 2015 · 786
6:05 am in February
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
Jesus Christ
I'm in the same spot I was a year ago
Not by means of location
In terms of proximity, last year I was closer to you
We've both moved farther apart
I still remember the footpath I took when entering your house
the one with all the boys and the one with your beautiful family
Your mother is a goddess, and your father is the sweetest thing
Your brother is a little jokester, and your sister is an angel
I was not worthy
Speaking your name these days
It frightens me
Sometimes I don't even believe that we were ever 'us'
I've been in pain over the loss of you longer than we were together
I thought I laid you down and let you go
but you've stuck to me like a leech
the weight of your corpse is making my shoulders slump
stealing my joy like stolen scotch
just ******* out everything
You had no idea and it's not your fault
I should not have hurt someone as precious as you
glorious man
let the record play a little longer
I'm doing everything in my power not to write your name
that order of letters together makes me feel so powerless
It horrifies my soul and makes my heart ache like a purple bruise
Imagine what life would be like if we still talked
Would it be better? Would it worse? It would probably be the same
But at least I'd have your hand on my legs
Train wanderers
I never thought you would be the one to hop off first
I'm so ******* sorry.

"Seen 9:15 am"
no response
Feb 2015 · 704
an ode to my dad
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
my light in the darkness
sweet courage and humble strength
generosity always makes your roots smile like the sun in March
carnations and archived success
padre, papa
you make other men look like ants
how did I get so lucky?
Feb 2015 · 377
Jesus was my boyfriend
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
I tell myself that you're not my Jesus Christ as I binge drink
In reality
You were my Messiah and I crucified you
No wonder you can't forgive my sins the way you were supposed to
I get it
Feb 2015 · 285
the bag and the tree
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
I am a grocery bag floating through the winter wind that's been caught in your branches

I hope nobody ever pulls away me from you

Floating is becoming boring

Let me pierced, tattered, crumpled

As long as it's with you
Feb 2015 · 672
reset button
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
treble toned voice
inching closer as black-and-white men delve into mysterious plots
a paint-stained flannel rests easy on the cold floor
there's only time now for cheap beer and jutting eye contact
hair shampooed so freshly and genuine laughter
so familiar and so brand new
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
I feel like the only person alive during winter at 7 am
- Everything is a little more beautiful at night
- Oak cologne
- Skin is the sexiest part of the human body
- The moment his pheromones began to make me ill
- I'm floating too close to the sun
- Heels: A transformation
- A list of people I couldn't say no to
- We should've waited longer
- Modern romance and the death of sincerity
Feb 2015 · 532
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
frigid air whips across my face as I strut down a familiar path
i've never been here without my protector
half-way to the back, i spot you
freshly assembled like a dapper gentleman from the 1930s
winking like the man in the moon

i melt into the bar table
sticky and smooth
covering my crooked teeth in an attempt to stay grounded
I once heard it wasn't "cool" to smile but I can't resist
images of the past and present dance on your forearms as you speak
almond eyes

when did your hand end up on my knee?
illustrated hands wrapped around me like a coloring book that's been filled in so carefully with brand new prismacolor markers
who could I say no in those blurry moments of limbs tangling?
an angel on my right shoulder
the devil on my left

the unforgiving sun won't let me rest easy
silver and glass reflecting through a beautiful space
too shy to speak

this morning I was a lion when I should've been a lamb

maybe there's still some mystery left for you to keep hunting me
Feb 2015 · 682
Chloë Fuller Feb 2015
one black stripe and one white stripe sit so solemnly on a small sliver on my skin

somehow it stayed on through friction and dishes

mirror light all around my footless legs

and flannel sheets beneath the dregs  

knees shake and the earth quakes, the aroma of maple syrup wafts through my open mind, oxytocin erupting and cradling it back to Point A

the patterns in the wooden floor shift every season and there never will be a reason

like breathing or blinking or loving or feeling

it just is
Jan 2015 · 769
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
how we exist
so harmoniously in dream world

only to wake up
and disappoint reality
Jan 2015 · 461
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
i need an outlet
congested breath is starting to give me insomnia
resting limbs on private parts
somehow the night turned to day so quickly
from black to muted mauve
to sunshine
three cigarette packs, two bars of chocolate, and a key
when did the air stop being cold?
fingers grazing curves
curves growing
turquoise ink stationary on soft skin
and your greying hair
sugar teeth
my solitude is much better with your company
Jan 2015 · 329
pale girl
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
I have no need for rainbows
I wish the world was forever night
warm and dark
like my disposition
so i could hide and not be seen when i wanted to be alone
and simply blame it on the lack of light
Jan 2015 · 473
black ice
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
i often fantasize about the things i wish i could've done differently
looking back
it was only a handful of moments that really
i purposefully watch recorded memoirs of us making love
eyes locked like a heavily armed diamond safe
we couldn't break the code of our iris' and souls merging
i purposefully read notes and messages that were written in total bliss
somethings i scoffed off as nothings that ended up being the most something somethings that were ever somethings and they were special
never asking myself why
why did you walk away with fists when they should've been full of flowers
why did you terrorize the medicine man
why did you find solace in an eggless bird when you had the comfort of a lion leading a pride of loyal and loving knights and healers
the more i remind myself how much
i can't even put to words the agony i caused to your open heart
it makes me so much less bitter and hateful towards you
because your only crime against me was loving my touch and eyes
when I didn't deserve it.
but at least i can set you free
and hope you get the love that i should've blessed you with
the way you blessed me
only now it's starting to feel like a curse
because i'm starting to feel
like i can't feel
that feeling
that love feels like
what does it feel like?
it's been too long and my heart is beginning to turn to black ice
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
13th and pine
15th and pine
12th and federal
broad and morris
13th and spruce
juniper and lombard
juniper and locust
13th and walnut
18th and ellsworth
12th and kater
23rd and christian
15th and rodman
9th and filbert
17th and carpenter
10th and spruce
17th and cecil b. moore
23rd and annin
17th and ellsworth
somewhere desolate in Germantown
broad and catherine
12th and spruce
4th and catherine
10th and christian
16th and reed
Jan 2015 · 3.8k
cellphone romance
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
I'd rather be alone
for the rest of eternity
than spend one more minute
waiting for you
to call me back.
Jan 2015 · 630
a familiar dance
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
how do i always manage to end up with my gloves up?

imagine this:
unbroken eye contact leads to an exchange of numbers that are now part of the modern identity
you think i can't tell how fearful and intrigued you are of my sharp tongue
intrigue leads to lust
rolling around flannel sheets at 2 am after hours of ****** bliss
then we sleep for hours and hours
swimming through each other's dreams like mermaids in the sea
your laugh begins to annoy me
my unwavering adoration is beginning to make you feel trapped
egos bruised and words that can't be taken back are thrown against the wall
i've been pushed over the edge
sleep alone
want you back

it's over.

start from the top again.
Jan 2015 · 370
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
i feel like an egg that was born without a yolk
smooth white skin that is beginning to crack
there's nothing to spill out

i feel like an abandoned home in the middle of winter
condensation clouds floating through empty rooms that echo the sound of creaking wood and ghosts that used to be so comfortable
Jan 2015 · 361
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
a bead of sweat slowly runs down my anatomy
from my red hair it begins slowly inching its way to my cheek
it feels like a tear
it is wet and now sits beneath my eyelash
yet it doesn't sting my blue iris

i've lost all control of my legs
the ones i use to twirl around Philly with
with you
they twitch and shake as the words dripping off your tongue roll into my open ears, as if i'd never heard such provocative language spat inside my cranium

have you made me more innocent?
discovering shapes, curves, rivets, and freckles in myself
transfiguring all my flaws into beauty

sitting in delicious silence
that's filled with sugar eyes and resting limbs on one another
candy falling from our jovial lips that are rarely not kissing

we could just sit here for hours
watching the smoke leave our lungs and enter each other
seeing each other without looking
hands clasped
sun sets
a smile
a kiss
black out
Jan 2015 · 281
a desperate plea
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
no amount of whiskey or **** can numb my undying desire for you
i still remember the texture of your skin against mine
where did you go?
i don't really want to know
to be honest
if i saw you again i'd probably freeze and die
like a sapling in winter
can we erase all the animosity?
i miss watching tv with you and ******* until we couldn't move
your mom's name has slipped my memory and it destroys me
the bark of your dog and the way she'd snuggle me haunts me
emily was your sister and we had nothing in common
yet we still were close because she knew how much you loved me
i'm so sorry for ruining everything
i would do anything
to have you back in my life
your endless understanding of my battered soul
and the way you'd look at me before i would leave for the night
come back
you've become a ghost
and it's killing me.
I met someone two years ago who was perfect for me and I ruined it and it's destroying my life.
Jan 2015 · 658
Chloë Fuller Jan 2015
keep down your walls and blocks
you make me whir and purr like a little kitty cat
the scratch of your mustache on my peach lips
brown eyes that penetrate my pear skin
my blueberry eyes feasting on your apricot knuckles
and tasting your apple knees
Dec 2014 · 573
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
you recognize what an absolute abomination you are to the word 'love'
in your deceptively warm gaze, you explain to me your "paradigm"
a selfish jumble of words of which you don't know the definition
just so you can appear to be greater
than just a confused and self-obsessed little boy.
how could i not see through you the way you saw through me
winking at everyone behind me
holding my hand but casting spells to bring you more and more 'love'
you burn everything to create room for more
you are a bottomless urn in a bottomless pit of self-indulgence
lying makes your heart and lips shrink, and baby, they're almost gone.
you sanctioned yourself as a god, but you're just a person
a person who can't look in the mirror and say 'I lied to you."
and you know what?
you're a disgusting ******* liar.
you are no Messiah. you are no saint. you are no prince of the sun.
you're not Jesus Christ. And you never will be.
walking away from manipulation is true freedom
Dec 2014 · 445
east coast
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
up in the east coast we have this saying
drink a beer, take a shot, gimme a kiss
or get the **** out

our lips curl
we are the girls your mama warned you about
not because we are bad
well, we are bad, but bad meaning naughty
your mama didn't want you to have desire in between your knees
hot, rough, soft, wet, cold, treat, candy, precious, cotton, gems, pure
the smaller the floor space, the closer we get
the ink in your skin spreads

devour me
Dec 2014 · 1.7k
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
what time is it again?
we've been tangled up from sun up and to sun down and i fear i might be getting too wrapped around your body and soul
oh ah my my my
Dec 2014 · 499
tower of the hand
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
do you even know much an extra inch of height can do?
you make me feel like the goddess of trees
smoke billowing out of our parted lips and crooked teeth
eyes slowly fading in and out of mundane reality
floating through dilapidated streets filled with solemn expressions
the corners of my lips just won't turn down
eleven years stand between us, but it feels like we were born together
maybe in a past life i was your queen that you decorated delicately
with soft kisses on my stomach and shoulders
freckles quivering and sparkling like stars in the night sky
that tiny room is our kingdom of indulgent lust
you let me rule so justly
falling asleep to the whispering wind and the soft sensation of peace
Dec 2014 · 608
two hands
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
you found me right before i got lost again
distrust and ******* make my shell more spacious and comfortable
the lion wasn't as docile as he seemed, so I ran inwards

right before my eyes lost sight of the light
two hands pulled me out
from the inside
and made me sparkle again
Dec 2014 · 344
12/16/14 2:19 pm
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
i love you
i sink into the bath tub with a non-existent hymn coursing through my brain as I try to be focused and humble
whistles of a familiar song bring me solace
as does whiskey that tastes like peace and the spring

bring me all your green crystals
i want to make you feel better
Dec 2014 · 238
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
oh, i say, we've found the truth
conjoined love binds us in love.
What could I even call 'me'?
I know I'm human but...
There is this calling
It guides my heart to an open pasture
acres of wheat and wild flowers murdered by an electric fascist.
I stand idly. Much of this "work" is just self-reflection.
Circumstances could always be worse.
Knowledge is power. Knowledge is strength. Knowledge is honor.
Dec 2014 · 449
12/16/14 2:28 am
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
sitting cramped in like sardines on a double decker bus is beginning to feel normal and comfortable
vanilla and wild flowers lay on my tongue as I drift away
all my old lovers faces are beginning to blur together
all pieces of the puzzle that creates what I ultimately want in a human
one thing here
one spot there

my shirt is so sheer that you can see the pink of my skin
chapped lips and blood-shot eyes don't bring romance

the smell of pine wraps its gentle arms around me and cradles me to sleep
this is winter
good winter
Dec 2014 · 672
the sculptor
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
he always longed for a pair of arms and legs to caress with his young face
his hands were delicate, though bruised and burned from creation
he stared into his gallery full of art
his lovers
he invests himself and gives everything to his current piece
when he's done, he's done
on to the next

he grew tiresome of psychedelic colors and infinite prisms.
he always grew tiresome though
fickle as freckles, indecisive as the ocean, easily bored as a child

he spotted the white gleam of the marble almost instantly
and he wanted it.
the giant, luminescent block wasn't as heavy as it looked
he carried it home on his hip and held it like a mother bird
he already saw the beauty inside

it took very little effort to mold what he saw
or wanted to see
the marble was softer than it looked
each piece that was chiseled off began to reveal a woman
she had curves like an old country road
big eyes that were filled with magic and adoration
he created her in a goddess' image
the time he spent on shaping her hips, *******, thighs, and waist were endless

the last piece of her he caressed with his chisel was her lips
the cupids bow, fullness, shape, and color

when he kissed her, she came alive
the color of an overcast sky filled her eyes
and she smiled
his hands pulled her close and he enveloped her
he brought her to life
they made love on the floor of the gallery
in front of all the other art
and he was so unapologetic about it
bringing her ecstasy over and over that she had never felt

inspiration struck him again
or maybe he was just bored of marveling over the same sculpture
he assured her that he needed time away from his art
all of it

he put in her the corner
and began sculpting something new
right before her eyes
but again, he assured her that he wasn't sculpting anything
even though she could see the work in front of her

the sculptor just wanted a full gallery.
Dec 2014 · 208
the important thing(s)
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
the most important thing you ever taught me
to be in the moment and
to be thankful and
to be open and
and to be beautiful.
my soul longs to be amongst the trees
Dec 2014 · 274
quicksand man
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
the moment i met you i fell into you
Dec 2014 · 156
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
I can't sleep because I miss the way your room and body felt wrapped around me better than any blanket could.
Dec 2014 · 795
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
lift your chin and smile please
you have no idea how gorgeous you are when you smile.
Dec 2014 · 235
daddy #2
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
My father taught me a hundred yoga poses
He told me to stretch myself into the trees until my arms become branches
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
I'm not as skinny, and I love my curves.
2. I have less money in my bank account, but it's okay.
3. My tea is better than your's now.
4. I forget what your shoulder smells like.
5. I've had better ***.
6. Our naughty videos make me sad, not turned on.
7. I'm forgetting your family members' names.
8. My hair is darker and my lips are fuller.
9. I don't seek anyone's approval. I am who I am.
10. I've moved twice.
11. I've loved someone other than you.
12. I graduated from college.
13. I'm not afraid of going to your old neighborhood in North Philly.
14. I'm not ashamed of my music aesthetic
15. I love myself..
Dec 2014 · 322
12/7/14 7:36 am
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
i didn't sleep last night
my eyes are beginning to cross and then re-focus
you are running my mind like a treadmill
a marathon
tongues sticking out
ears buzz
it's very early
we might be the only people alive right now
Dec 2014 · 371
saturday night
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
beats droning so loud i can't hear my own laughter
i shake my head to myself
"how can it be this good?"
i just want to play all night
our skeletons will dance together
Dec 2014 · 208
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
saucer eyes
desperate tries
under eyelash spies
the melody flies
my skin fries
Dec 2014 · 656
la la
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
air caresses me so gently unlike no lover has ever
the marijuana grabs me by the waist and rests her weary head on my *******
i'm here
never cry again
the earth and I dream together
pressing his solar spine into my solar plexus
i always preferred being the little spoon

i cradle you because i love you
i expect nothing in return because i love you
the universe created a masterpiece birthing you
(always write while listening to alt-j)
Dec 2014 · 704
fire girl
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
long strands of raven black hair brush against my lips
my thumbs create crescent moons on a porcelain cheek
blushing brow and lips
tiny, painted fingers curling forward and back
heat traveling down an hour glass waist
we're on fire, girl
girls are soft and pretty
Dec 2014 · 771
kava kava :) :)
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
today you held my hand when i walked you to your train
your crooked teeth were concealed by cherry lips
the tea we drank and the nonverbal prose we spoke in
it was indescribable
we made love as I sat on your lap
with legs crossed
skin to skin
torso to torso
we swung in circles until we got dizzy
and then we laughed again
catching your blue eyes surveying my apple-white skin
smiling like a little boy
wearing my clothes as if they were your own
i don't want this feeling to end
because you make me feel wanted
Dec 2014 · 315
i'm not a rabbit
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
i'm broken
you took the batteries out of my back
and i'm run down
and tired
i just need my batteries back

blaze blazed
something about the blades
they have cut me so deep
you have cut me so deep
but i can't feel the blade
or the blood
because of the blaze

you'll never see me hop for you again
written October 2012
Dec 2014 · 272
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
kiss and tell
i can see her looking back
at you
you really don't care
hiding from the uppers
sharing our high
i don't want you anymore
but the nostalgia
feels like
we were good people
i wonder if you think this one is about you.
it was written in 2012.
Dec 2014 · 4.2k
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
amsterdam. tension. relief. release. accent. bowl. swig. bowl. bowl. reverend. mole. alley. fifth beer. bowl. sixth beer. blur. catching up. *** standing up. normalcy. hiding. secrets. bowl. friends. family. couch. spinning. smiling. exit. diner. bathroom floor. steam. bowl. her legs. beautiful. her teeth. beautiful. it hurts. keep going. sleep. sweat. 8 am. warm wind. splitting headache. packing. bowl. relief. amsterdam.
written during my freshman year of college in 2011
Dec 2014 · 222
empty home
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
pale face
empty space
your ghost is gone from this tiny place
the weight begs
between my legs
your smell remains
across the plains
of the table where you left your pain
now i'm on my own
all alone
written october 24th, 2012
Dec 2014 · 353
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
I'm not one who pours myself out and then disappears when I get bored after a few months and moves on so quickly to the next.

You were.

That was our major difference.
that's the reality of it.
Dec 2014 · 936
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
we beat on and travel
you can't keep something that hates your presence
actions exalt billions of times louder than empty words with zero eye contact

joining haunts and skeletons you assured me were nonexistent
i saw them following you from the moment we met
they are holding you down and you can't expect me to cherish them
rubbing the dirt of your past, present, and future into my eyes
but again, promising there's nothing attached to you below
dancing to thought of your new idol-ship
when there's no one around to bow down and twinkle for you

what are you so ******* afraid of?
i smirk to myself, finally seeing through the foggy glass from body heat
you've misinterpreted every lilt of my voice
mistaking me for a lamb
But I'm a lion
strong, proud, and independent
my lust has been mistaken for desperate love
your ego is beginning to make your shoulders slump
attributing every word i put down as a proclamation for you

i'm sure you, and you, think this, along with all the others, are about "how much I need you."
They're about everyone.
I don't need you. I want you. Wanted?
I don't need anyone.
No one can have me like I got me.
enough with the self-pitying *******
Dec 2014 · 286
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
not everything I write is about you.
this one is though.
Dec 2014 · 3.2k
Desire #10
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
I want go back to that rock with you and hold hands silently as we marvel at the zodiac signs that match our tattoos, Cancer and Scorpio
oh man :)
Dec 2014 · 2.2k
Chloë Fuller Dec 2014
thank you for peeling away my skin
my juices are flowing and i feel wet and sticky
lick me
get down on your knees
hands behind your back
close your eyes
morning *** is the best ***
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