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Jay M Apr 2019
Out of nowhere
Outbursts of rage
Fists flying
Immediate action

All is silent
Fear to even move
The two gone
Yet the shock remains

Minutes on end
But still
The fear endures
Despite all being over

Voice barely shared
I work
Writing for seemingly nothing
In the midst of the recovering people

- Jay M
April 19th, 2019
There was a fight in my science class. Well, sorta.
- Nov 2019
i dig my own path
no disturbance
if i want you here
ill tell you
Nigdaw Jun 2019
We go about ordered lives
No waves, ripples, just surging
Tide, not noticing undercurrents
Disturbing depths, interfering
With our status quo, dragging
Under, the unwary who are tugged,
To where disturbance manifests.

They swim, fools, against
All odds, knowing they'll drown
If they once show weakness
But something drives them,
Until they surface for breath
showing themselves, rebellious
Causing foaming surf.

Mexican waves follow, courage
In numbers, crowd not individual,
Becoming the storm that has always
Been Brewing, flooding into the comfort
zone, telling the truth becomes a
Revolutionary act, that we know in the
End brings still waters again.
Pep Sep 2018
There has been a disturbance in my mind,
And I don't know how to fix it.
Matter of fact, there is a disturbance in my mind
Right now.
It won't go away.
Voices speak to me in yes or no kind of questions.
School starts and then they go away,
Only to come back when I'm alone again.
With no friends around, because the mind is...
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Stella Dec 2017
I don't know if I want it to linger
Or to fog up as this subtle reminder
But all I can believe in now
Is my fear of no more

By chance my body had to be turned
So I could watch this horrific demonstration
So I could be a useless witness
Thrown away by my helpless position,
and with no way of knowing their condition

Today, I have a fresh scar
Today, I'm afraid to start
Real life experience
Nylee Dec 2017
he went away as fast as he came
but caused so much disturbance
that nothing remained quite the same. 

An old silent pond
A stone is thrown by a kid
Waves. Disturbances
Dedicated to queen of haikus, Elizabeth Squires
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
How sweet can a disturbance be?
It lingers in your mind & heart,
Crawls back to you with a puppy face for a while..
hugs you for quite a nice time
laughs with you until its over-brim!
Eat with you, walks with you
does all the stupid things with you
making no sense at all
yet, adding memories of sweetness out of all!
But after a while chokes you
as you start missing everything all over again!
Change, changes us in every other way
leaving behind sweet/sour memories with us!
aniket nikhade Mar 2017
As of now everything that comes to mind is apart from what was thought prior
Definitely even after a brief disturbance everything seems to be certain in life with the only exception of future, which remains uncertain.

As of now plans which were been made since long time are laid to rest
Planning takes a back seat as more and more facts get revealed with time that keeps on moving.

Initially what was thought as a possibility now needs to be explored in depth and in detail
Everything is kept on hold, since everything seems uncertain with regards to present and future.
Thoughts of what was planned earlier are kept on hold, since the need of hour is to take the right line of action
By doing so the the next step that needs to be taken can be thought upon and decided correctly and clearly.

Time now to decide upon the right line of action, since need of hour demands the same.
Extreme situations need extreme measures to be taken as facts cannot be ignored and truth will remain firm as it is in it’s place,
as it was prior.
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