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Moe May 19
if it seems unclear
know that it is
no faces worn
an empty bottle
an uncertain smile
is all that needs to be bought
and sold
the bigger thoughts just
ambush your mind
it feels like I have been
stealing dawn's early demise
cover your face
with plastic bags...has it began to feel
like the audience had left
all those eyes
ears and mouths
I could not help
the darkest shadows and
the faltering lullabies
of your facade
the soft falling rain
didst lull sleepers to slumber
with their restful drops
neth jones Nov 2019
most nights
you decant into my head wounds
you suggest my makeup
orchestrate my being
and sometimes
for fun
prank me with ridiculous ideas
that inspire some absurd social pratfall


you make me warm and sure of myself
struck and sense numbed
floss in the memory


i am a Diving Suit
but in misuse
i am a suit
the pressure
the deep ocean
filled from the inside
and nutrients  
i am filled from the inside

you tap drops
into special valves
along the sides of the aquarium helmet
you decorate my inner-scape
with harvesting monsters
and phosphorescence
you deteriorate the textile of my sadness
a thorough jettison


via your Vegas
your adolescence
i follow your string of lights
deep sea
skiving mortality
embracing your malady
with no ill effects ?
sink deeper still
i am leadened
to your charge
and plumb to your will
Diána Bósa Apr 2019
whispering city
blaring-chattering fountains
weeping train-tunnels
in prayer, I am taking
the one - thy name: my silence
before the storm did ensue
a calming lull was present
thence whisking winds picked up
as the lightning struck
ryn Jul 2018
Seek the voice of the wind
that blows so silent,

between the song
of the soaring gull.

Seek the quiet
between your breaths,

and you shall find me
unseen but skimming the lull.
jcl Apr 2018
Thoughts— my head as their axis
I lie on bed sleepless and stiff
My mom always says
"Count down to lull yourself"

One hundred
I remember holding you
And how our skin drifted
As what I feared but never anticipated

With you, every stars align
Our hands gracefully entwined
But how could they keep me confined?

Puzzled minds collate
The same minds that rotate
Turning around, finding their fate

This is how you bet and always win
How you bet and leave me thinkin'
How do I win to make us even?

I find myself falling into your tricks
The sweetest ones but never the realest
They made me sane then made me sick

I'm the bee protecting my hive
From you, the bear,
trying to steal what keeps me alive

I've got a lot to explore
More on your unspoken gestures
You shut your eyes, when you mean the door

I dive into you when you're a vast sea
While your tide is tossing me
Slowly setting me free

If you are one shade of hue
You are neither red nor blue
Your are the color that symbolizes adieu

With my flowing shirt and messy hair bun
You utter words that left me stunned
You end it all when it's undone

Mom, this is not letting me sleep but is killing me
If I reach one, I'd greet the sun dreadfully
Is counting down to sleep really an agony?
K Balachandran Nov 2017
a lull in the rain,
from distance that hum again;
a narrow passage!
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