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Imran Islam Nov 2017
Look, I like your poetry
but would prefer if you
didn't promote it so blatantly.

If you would like to tell me
about your inspirations for a poem
or want me to interpret one
I can do that,
but likes are not an indication of a poem
or poets worth.
Please understand!

It is fine.
What inspired you to write such a heartfelt poem?

Sure, it's my Thoughts
      and Friends
All of my friend's Poems
                          ­  Feelings
             And Conversations
                      Oh, some words also…

I'm melted into love of Nature
Like I'm an artist
I just try to create something to watch
               and Beauty
of nature of around
and I try to pen some spin too…

Finally I am young
   so everything
and everyone is my beloved
They inspire me to write such a heartfelt poem.
Thanks my friend XA
and friends
aniket nikhade Apr 2017
The wind that blows
Clouds grow
Trees sway
The sound that they make,
the sound that's peculiar,
the sound is also an indication,
rains are here to stay.

It's a lull before the storm
The storm arrives,
followed by rain
Rains are here to stay.

As of now it's raining since a long time now
Just before a few minutes reached home sound and safe
In nick of time everything changed
Rains are here to stay.
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
" Hear ye, hea..

but, wait a second!

What is this hear say
that there is no forever

Don't they really know
it does really exist
how about you? Yes you!

you who's reading this one moment in time,
what is your stand?
or maybe can we just sit
and talk awhile  this precious one

let me put it this way
for instance, you are the smart sender
and i am the silent receiver
do you think that whatever you say
i am about to ignore or pick it up as an essay

If there is a *lie
in the
middle of the word believe.
Just like lovers often do, they've gone
to broke-up because there is an over
at the rear of the word lover.
even those friends with best of reminiscence...

became unwanted all of sudden
where is now their companion?
Sadly, they had been finished
because the word friend has its end!
Now i will tell you something
it was started with one thing
not just anything but everything...

can't really last forever, yes there is nothing!
Yet in every rule there is an exemption
just like the natural law, 24 hours a day
night  changes into a morning glory
full moon into a quarter moon
from a star unto falling star
the spark having a kindling
from translucent to transparent

from sunrise to sunset
for what comes up must come down
being temporary to permanent
from permanent to change
and when the cold and darkness are absent
then the said "light and heat"
are the sanctuary and the existence of forever
So the word FOREVER it self do change
No hint just like our life span!

Never can tell by anyone and couldn't be scan
those unpredictable infinities and beyond.
that was the existence of forever would be!
And so i shouldn't be *over.

but i must end the lie that there is no forever
in fact, i would like to be apart of you!
You that i consider like my wind blows
Wind blows changing hues
Hues delighting our feelings
Feelings saying that we have the same bloods
Bloods overflowing into the root word of so called families
Family that no matter what happens it has... i, l, y,
i, l, y, which means i love you, yes i do!
Yes i do! but if you don't,, let me continue my disjointed introduction
**" Hear ye, Hear ye! viva forever!!, viva forever!!! "
forever (10w)
Changes are the living proofs of the existence of forever!

— The End —