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clmathew Nov 2020
Lily magnolia
written November 29th, 2020

I walked by you this summer
dressed in all your green finery.
If I thought anything
it was, "what a nice little tree."
I am sorry to say
I did not look close enough
to form much of an impression.

Now fall has come
you have shivered most of your leaves off
a few hold on tenaciously
trying in vain to cover your virtues.

I look at you and am I ever surprised!
Your branches are craggy and twisted
displaying the lovely complexity of advanced age
result of many exposures to the storms of life.

The tips of your branches
hold fuzzy little nubs
that remind me of ***** willows.
I stand near and marvel
at the aching tenderness of your womanhood
kept hidden until now
under your leafy raiment.

I look but I do not touch
I have not asked permission
and I will not.
I hope the world
continues to pass you by
leaving you unmolested.
It is not easy to be so revealed.

I look forward
to seeing you next summer
all dressed up again.
I will smile and nod
as I pass by
knowing what your verdant covering
hides beneath it.
This poem is more of a conversation, or reflection, on a tree that I walk by each day. I worry about the varying length of the lines, the differences in the stanzas, and punctuation. But it is what it is and I have to let it go at some point. Many of my poems are filled with angst and pain. This one makes me smile. I finally figured out. She is a Lily Magnolia tree!
George Krokos Mar 2020
All sacred scriptures were divinely revealed and given by God to man
as a record of our relationship to help remember Him as best we can.
They also can be used as a reference for advice in our times of need
as they contain eternal truths for all concerned to abide by and heed.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Nylee Nov 2019
The drapes are old
The blankets are cold
The lies are told
In the darkest hour

The secrets revealed
documents are sealed
The glass is filled
With the money power

An evening in and out
with screams and shout
millions of doubts
No one is sure

Finally the truth comes in
And more people lying
Words are out, start hiding
Everyone sees the true colour
Colm Oct 2019
Torn is not unmendable
Youth is not invincible
Just as age is not infoulable
Too old too fast
Too wise too late
But aware at least until the very last
Age Revealed
Colm Jun 2019
What is man without action?
Resulting choice?
What is a man without action indeed?
Just a voice.
He said I will not dwell on what you said. But rather what you do.
Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
I am sorry
For letting you find out
That I love you
I never wanted it to
Get revealed in front of you
I wanted buried it
Inside my heart
Like a treasure forever.
I failed to lock it inside me.
Sorry for letting you know.
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