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Osiria Melody Nov 17
will you ever Make a change in your life?
say you want Everything to be all right
will you ever Learn to fly from a fight?
say you want Another chance to climb high
will you ever Notice that you're out-of-line?
say you want Imperfections to see the light
will you ever Eradicate your mental plight?

This ain't a quirky letter to myself.
Nylee Nov 9
The drapes are old
The blankets are cold
The lies are told
In the darkest hour

The secrets revealed
documents are sealed
The glass is filled
With the money power

An evening in and out
with screams and shout
millions of doubts
No one is sure

Finally the truth comes in
And more people lying
Words are out, start hiding
Everyone sees the true colour
Seanathon Oct 21
Torn is not unmendable
Youth is not invincible
Just as age is not infoulable
Too old too fast
Too wise too late
But aware at least until the very last
Age Revealed
Seanathon Jun 13
What is man without action?
Resulting choice?
What is a man without action indeed?
Just a voice.
He said I will not dwell on what you said. But rather what you do.
I am sorry
For letting you find out
That I love you
I never wanted it to
Get revealed in front of you
I wanted buried it
Inside my heart
Like a treasure forever.
I failed to lock it inside me.
Sorry for letting you know.
Nathalie Aug 2018
I choose my life over and over

as I fall in love with every detail.

I embrace the flow of each moment

with the awareness that everything

has a purpose, even that which might

be for the moment obscure.

Everything is revealed when the time

is right. I embrace the void

in which sometimes I find myself

navigating without always having

clear answers to wavering questions. I rejoice in

the joyous brilliance which

reveals this awe striking tapestry; weaved

from each situation, encounter, person,

opportunity and life turning points.

I am divinely rich in blessings and love.
Jessica Jarvis Jul 2018
My heart’s on my sleeve.
Unfortunately for me,
I forgot my coat.

Another haiku for you! I think haikus just make me feel justified enough for maintaining posting email regularly, even if it’s not overly long content, but also proud enough that I came up with something relatively clever for using so few words.
DeAnn Nov 2017
My breath is shallow
My heart beats quicker
I saw your face
I heard your voice

But it was your phantom that follows me
The one that follows me into my dreams
And paints pictures far better than reality ever was
So when I wake up I don't want to be living in reality
But in you

But it's your phantom I am chasing, not you
Because I know who you are now
You hid your true self from me for so long but I found it

Your true self was the You that didn't return my texts
And ignored my calls
Ignored my cries for help as I drowned
Into an empty chasm of death

Yet you looked into it
And laughed

Somehow I climbed out
Despite my dirtiness and brokenness
I found a way to climb out of that endless chasm

And though I may be tainted
I am alive
I breath the air of a survivor
I am in the eye of the storm, safe from all evils because I have prevailed

Until your phantom returns
Dharker Jul 2017
In these few days
Nothing feels right
Emptiness you had felt
revealed itself that night
Our unanswered questions
Starting with no good byes
Was unclear for us to realize
That we didn't see the signs
Slowly, the truth unfolds
to the pain you had felt
It trickles into our hearts
What more could we had done

If only you had said...
yet you did...
It was so settle...
Maybe you found the answers you needed
I just wish you would of shared it
Cause here we all are now
With no answers
In this time of healing

Please know,
that we Love You
Please know,
that we all would of helped
If only you had asked
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