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Feb 2020 · 398
Bar Hopping
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
We bonded over
being broken

Watching other missing
puzzle pieces drink
their weekend away

We belonged perfectly,
sitting at the bar

Words became pictures,
the commotion our score

Glasses drained


We were out
the door
Dedicated to Thomas H.
Feb 2020 · 211
Reality Check
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Rely on yourself
and the world
will follow

Own your words
by choosing

Command yourself,
stand up straight

Control your own

Do not drown on
your neglected

Enjoy your lone

Without it
you're hardly
What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 115
Outside In
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
I watched a person
fall and roll down
a snowbank

I could not stay
home any longer

The paint is peeling
The roof is leaking

I drove myself
to the beach

Parked the car
and sat

Slowly realizing,
that the person
who fell was
What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 104
Next Stage
Kyle Duran Feb 2020

Both of us said

We had to
leave the house


I looked at him
and he at me

I smiled
he nodded

"She is not my Karen,"
he said,
"I lost her last May."

I pressed the gas
and the car moved

So are we
What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 115
Small Lemonade
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
He walked in
frozen on the battle
field of addiction
and escapism

All he wanted
was the nostalgia
of his youth

“Have lemonade?”

Feb 2020 · 171
Self By Self Action
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Accept yourself

You may not like it,
but you will set
your mind free

Once accepted
nothing can set you back,
as understanding is
freedom of doubt
What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 69
Social Undertow
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
All I heard was the ocean

No signs of rain

Footsteps to a forgotten memory

All parks are closed

A lonesome walker passes by

What seem like hours
were only two footsteps
from point A to B

What happened?

The undertow must have
taken its hold

Moving me about
like a
washing machine

What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 143
Remembering Us
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Every moment is a moment

Capture it

Love it

Learn it

Remember it

Before it ceases to exist
What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 226
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
It’s been raining all day

To spaced to care about
my whereabouts

Been floating on this mattress,
drifting between yellow lines

The time on the clock glows brightly
At 9:17

Dark, but I can see them

Wet, walking, they're on the sidewalk

While I drift on a sea of gray and yellow

She is wearing a frown and it makes me sad

What is her life like, walking in the rain?

It's coming down hard


Maybe they’ll vanish out of my view,
but not out of my mind

I am sorry

Late night drive in fall. I remember seeing this couple walking in the rain. Thus, the poem. Enjoy.
Feb 2020 · 212
For Future Self
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Neither money nor job title
defines you

It is the impression
and overall experience
that others receive
that fosters your
What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 120
Hold Me, Hold Me
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
She walked alone

Wearing a winter
jacket in fall

Poorly dyed red hair
and old makeup

All she wanted
was to be loved
Saw this girl as I was walking to work and this poem is for her.
Feb 2020 · 90
The Queen In You
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Look at yourself,
be proud

You may not believe me,
but you should

Your the ******* queen
on the chessboard

All the moves are ours

Own them

Feb 2020 · 94
Lost Sound
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Walking in the street,
moving in and out of traffic

Our conversation dances
with no fire, but passion

Night voyages
with lost soundtracks
depict the
passing of night into

It ends with unlocking the door
to an empty house,
dead plants,
and yesterday's coffee

The slow demise of
falling back into the cracks

Moments loop as if days
and months are hours

Pacing breakfast,

Only to eat nothing

The hope towards a new relationship and the sad reality of when you part ways and go back to your empty house.
Feb 2020 · 119
Winter of 08'
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
We were young,
walking around
5th avenue

Two strung out
kids from the burbs

Sun glistening
off our glazed eyes

Driving around
in a *******
with one door
smashed in

I remember your t-shirt
It said "Send me forget-me-nots"

I always gave
you **** for it


What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 128
The Surf’s Up
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
It hit hard
Warm water streams
through your hair

It’s salty, or so you think

Eyes open up, fireworks
Sitting on a blanket with friends

More water, though not as noticable
as the first wave

A tree, glowing with lights
and family all around

Hair wet and your shirt
changing colors

A field, full of trees
of silver

Walking in peace

The surf’s up

The poem has many meanings, I'd love to hear yours.
Feb 2020 · 140
Raining, Mourning Drive
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
The rain dances across
the windows

Hair in face,
unknowing what will

As you look out,
the window
fogs up

Hold your breath

I remember where
you sat

When I awoke
I was walking in a field
holding only a piece of

On it, it said,
“Will you miss me?”

The aftermath of a horrible road trip with people I didn't know.
Feb 2020 · 122
Find Your Craft
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
From the doorway
to the table and chairs

Things are starting
to happen

At ease never
felt so lasting

Welcome being

Shine when
credit is due

Our minds harbor
true forms

It just takes
time to foster

When found
wear it proudly

What do you think?
Feb 2020 · 375
Heat Wave
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
We all have something
to hide

Accept it

Feel it out

Learn how to break
the disguise  

Laugh at it
make it feel warm

Sit and watch how others deal
with their problems


Do they lie?
and if bad at hiding it
make them laugh

Try to make them feel warm

It’s so easy to get
cold and locked up

We don’t need anymore soulless meat
walking around on this cold
and frigid world

Warm up

Break out of the disguise

Hold on to something
that matters and run with it

Try and find
your heat wave
to happiness

I remember writing this after realizing I had to do something with my depression and friend group
Feb 2020 · 110
Life Equals Time
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Time is the metaphor of life

It can't be paused
or rewound

Time must always
go forward

This came to me in a dream recently.
Feb 2020 · 112
Three Makes A Perfect Pair
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Two sets of three

One on top,
lost in hymns

The other sitting
crossed legged on
the floor

Air passes by
words follow

The sets move
they change

Time is neither
friend or foe,
a guide for
the sets

From song to song
topic to topic

Until the lights
grow dark and
the eyes start
to dim

Call it a night

The sets break off,
six to four
four to two
two to one

Lock the door,
dampen the lights

Good night

People at a small house party and the groups they make.
Feb 2020 · 173
Skyward Soul
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
They kept up their banter

Pouring words on my screen

Losing yourself
in the living room
lost its cool months ago

I decided
to join them

Bundled up

The lights grow brighter
when you're walking alone

Made it there,

Something started,
hot tea possibly candles?

They talked, but I felt more isolated
with them than in my living room

I would leave their alienating conversations
and walk around their house

You notice things when living alone

Like a woman's touch on their decor,
something I cannot represent

Leaving them, I left more hollow than
when I arrived

Walking in the wrong
direction home

The lights always seem to get brighter

In the dark spots
I looked up and saw them
in the sky

My long lost
brothers and sisters

All shining at me

With them I am not drifting
or empty
Depression and friend's failed attempt to help.
Feb 2020 · 181
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
“I am taking you out of your house.” She said,
“you haven’t left it since Monday!”

Looking at her I knew what she was doing
Pulling that classic look of, "stop being a little *****”

I gave in and let her take charge
As it is my nature

“Look around you, how can you not be happy?” She said
:driving to a diner:

Inside with coffee, cream in hers
She continued, "You want to die, yet I have cancer.”

She stared with such disdain

“You’re too old to be acting like this, look at yourself!”
We both drank our coffees

I smiled
As she said, ”You’re ungrateful.”

Soup, more coffee, and a BTL no mayo

She drops me off and parts ways with a hug

She’ll out live me, I know it

This is dedicated to my mother. She saved my life that day. Love you mom.

— The End —