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Marina Jun 27
There is something about this place that keeps me up late at night.
Still here, still evolving
Edith Leal Apr 24
I am a prisoner within my own mind

Consciousness is what I try to find.

I feel confined within my own dreams

I see you, but I don’t know what this means!

We said all that we had to in June

I remember being comforted that night by the moon.

Though now and then

I fall apart time and time again

I don’t know if this will ever end

Because I still wish I hadn’t lost a friend.
Jen Dec 2017
I have half assed memories
of mostly slurred words,
tempting me
with the curious thought:
how strange is it that our biggest fears
are centered largely
around others.
How ironic.
The sober neglect this,
In whisky kissed souls
these truths
cling deep.
Talis Ren Mar 6
hey you
you who makes me
want to steal the lights
off lampposts
and swing on
silver lining

why don’t we
share a pint and
smoke stardust
for old times’ sake?

we can call it a
leap of faith

and even if
i leave alone
at least i can
touch a dream
JC Feb 17
I don’t believe in the term I love you more.

It’s either you do [love] or you don’t.

We will not be able to quantify or qualify this feeling.

All things are possible when love lives in our hearts.

Impossible dissipates into the ether.

[I think] that’s just me.
tatiana Jan 23
so intense
the feelings are so intense for someone who doesn't even slightly
feel the same way

what makes me so drawn to you?
what makes you so different?
why can't i shake you?

a connection.
i don't know i just feel a connection
do you feel one too?

you make me feel like i
can get through
like i can do anything

you are more about your actions than your words
your actions show that you care
and it just makes my heart so full

my heart gets so full for you

n every night when you fall asleep,
i think to myself if this is real.

if i actually am falling for you

but i don't want to fall for you.

cause the love,
that type of love,
won't be reciprocated

there's no room for me in that
heart of yours
i don't meet the criteria

so i don't want to fall for you
as i'll only be hurting myself in the process,
causing my heart to ache as much as my forearm.
to be completely torn apart

i don't know how to get rid of you
and i don't want to get rid of you

i don't want to let you go

but how do i dispose of this love from here?
arielle Nov 2018
one minuscule action
spoke to her
one thousand words
you’ll tear her in two that way..
Mary Shanti Sep 2018
Swilled soda at 11pm at night
Wondering why I lie there at 3
Tossing turning
Decisions made far to late
In the trash can
Calories on the waist
Wondering why I ate that last bag of Pretzel M & M;s
Credit card limits reached
Then wondering why I didn’t spend the money on something more constructive
Lyft rides instead of the bus
Sizzling, slices
Each and every morning
Delicious squealing goodness
Whining and wishing
Hours of daydream
Hawkeye, Radar and hot lips on my tv
Because books would take to much time
And probably make me think
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