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e Mar 13
I often wish I could simultaneously be dead and immortal
death doesn't scare me, but to me, it can not be seen as a portal
still, her hesitance in visiting me strikes me as rude, why isn’t she here yet?
it's probably because to her zero may as well be ten, if not twenty, no sweat
all is relative, but isn’t relativity what the average person fears?
is it right? is it wrong? who knows. not me, I like not having answers: I happily drown in tears
for minutes, hours, days, months, years perhaps
I never stop, I always change, constantly run and rush just to collapse
my mind travels roads my body cannot afford
and I must admit, this is both my delight and my downfall
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Two sets of three

One on top,
lost in hymns

The other sitting
crossed legged on
the floor

Air passes by
words follow

The sets move
they change

Time is neither
friend or foe,
a guide for
the sets

From song to song
topic to topic

Until the lights
grow dark and
the eyes start
to dim

Call it a night

The sets break off,
six to four
four to two
two to one

Lock the door,
dampen the lights

Good night

People at a small house party and the groups they make.
In a yellowing photograph
Smiling back at me
My doppelgänger from the past
Who supposedly is a part of me

But lately, I feel her slowly fading
A piece of her breaking away
And Im sat here desperately clinging
To the piece of her, willing it to stay

I put the yellowing photograph aside
And see my reflection in the mirror
A person I still recognise
Wondering when she will turn, into a distant figure

But these doppelgängers
How do I know when I’ve become better
That I have left the parts of me behind
That will push me towards some peace of mind

Or I have left the parts of me
That made me unique
Have they gone forever?
Because lately I feel incomplete

— The End —