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Jeroen Janssen Apr 2020
Born as one, will die alone, but what may come in time?
A loner for eternity, perhaps a clever mind
Might turn into a brilliant thinker or a thoughtful soul
We watch the journey of lonely men until they fade and go

At best a man is on his own, where he can touch the sky
For what he wants to be in life, he’ll find the wings to fly
To wisdom and awareness
To love and even happiness

But what if the herd closes in, guided by one mind
It shares a common cause not slightly challenged or refined
Just follow the leader
Reckless, the screamer

Common sense is greater good but only if a sense
Is powered by a single mind and not by all his friends
Cleverness is quickly lost in expanding crowd
Sadly, most common senses are those that are most loud

The power of the masses should never be denied
Shouting in a crowd is bliss, but please don’t lose your mind
You’re still an individual
Please, be the individual
Any comments on the English grammar or flaws in using this language, please submit it.
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
Two sets of three

One on top,
lost in hymns

The other sitting
crossed legged on
the floor

Air passes by
words follow

The sets move
they change

Time is neither
friend or foe,
a guide for
the sets

From song to song
topic to topic

Until the lights
grow dark and
the eyes start
to dim

Call it a night

The sets break off,
six to four
four to two
two to one

Lock the door,
dampen the lights

Good night

People at a small house party and the groups they make.
- Sep 2019
people mold their masks out of fear,
fear of rejection in certain groups of friends

be yourself or be someone else
The first time I walked through the door of  a group of people.
I sat there  feeling. Alone not included.
Not one came over to ask me if they could help me.
Or just took a moment to say hello not seen you here before
. can I get you something
Pehaps a cuppa
Would make you feel  welcomed into strange  environment.
Only you know theses desperate times of  being alone at home.
Different  type of aloneness amongst strangers.
Josie C Jan 2019
When the sky sheds tear
and the up-creek of the city water
ripples beneath your shoes
this and the green man
flings you forth
onto pattering stone.

you bob with the other umbrellas
I wonder what its like for them
to see a sea of beautiful rainfall
and the creatures, hiding beneath -
too weak to take it.

They move like a sea as if one,
despite each having their own trajectory
marching as if they chose it.
The metropolitan man thinks of himself as a freethinking individual, rational and autonomous. Unaware of the patterns and streams he follows like a flock of birds.
It’s too noisy these days
I’m at the point where I don’t want to listen
Seems everybody’s got something to say
Leave me alone please
I don’t want to hear your chatter anymore
I wish I had a remote so I could mute you all

Ameerah Holliday Dec 2018
You are our new favorite swear word.
Noun: A tool.

They have stopped existing in shades of Lavender - hearts don’t get sent anymore.

And no one wants to read a love poem.

Or see a Colored Girl’s Rainbow bowed broken
beneath the weight of the egotistic.
The simplistic.

Residing in kingdoms of accusation
heartbreaks - a spectrum of Mauve. But they don't send hearts - anymore.

It's a hashtag - an anniversary. Let
them right it - your tombstone: Hear lies

a label maker - Heartless
promise breaker - Liar who lay in wait
bruise colored suicide, bombing hope - wrapped up in hate. Rumor has it, we don't send hearts anymore.

Or scream. Or speak. Blocked

your throat – and ceased to exist.

and no matter how much we beg, do not feed the lion.
You only accept amethyst stained hearts anyway.
ACAC Dec 2018
hold on, wait, what, what similarities?

I sit in the group looking around, the grey plastic chair crushes my ******* spine as I cling to it for dear life.
the tutor comes to me last, two weeks in a row I don't get time to talk.
great, I'm already an outsider, now I don't get time to talk.

I listen as the group in the nicer, cosier and brighter room next door laugh and joke.
they are all young and pretty, a feeling of longing pulls me down like a giant magnet, why am I not in that group. have I not got the skills to be young and pretty anymore?

for almost one month now I despair.
how can I ever find my voice in this group there are all so strong, strong women.
this week she comes to me first, I speak, it doesn't help. can they even see me, understand my accent, it seems I'm more different than similar.

the next week I don't go, avoidance wins 1st place gold trophy as I sit alone in bed.
with other groups I'm so strong and proud, can I fake it next week, or maybe just conform and comply.

and so it goes on, am my question remains, what ****** similarities?
Marley Gold Nov 2018
Feeling like a stenographer in a cult room
Pulling an all-nighter, maybe
What are we down for now?
Lungs are getting painful and keep blowing out smoke
Even with nothing taken
Just because of the cold

Flick Flick

The camera flash goes off
Lower, Hum, Delete, Raise, Flash, Repeat
What couldn’t they find in the picture?
What are they trying to see through the flash?
My hands are pruning from the cold

Flick Flick

Awkward ***** on a Thursday
Everyone eyes a couple
Grinding and kissing
She’s coughing in his face
He keeps pushing her off of him
I’m wondering if it’s actually all just me
Shivering and arching

Flick Flick

Conspiracy theories
“The only way to win tetris is not to play”
“My sister’s drunk as ****; she’s drunk as hell”
Was I right?
We all thought that was the same girl
We all felt sad about the assumptions
But me; it’s me
My hands are cold

Flick Flick

“How long are you going to let him hurt you?”
I would do it too
Led away by a pitched tent
Mistaken guessed identities trying to place him
Is it really who I think?
I’m in crystalized vision

Flick Flick

“I just have love in my heart and I want to give it to someone”
You’re what comes to me
The bright star outside of Orion’s belt
Lower moans

I would look good in a cigarette wouldn’t I?
I’m not gonna smoke a cigarette tonight
This is just my experience with addiction of all sorts.
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