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Kyle Duran Feb 2020

Both of us said

We had to
leave the house


I looked at him
and he at me

I smiled
he nodded

"She is not my Karen,"
he said,
"I lost her last May."

I pressed the gas
and the car moved

So are we
What do you think?
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
It’s been raining all day

To spaced to care about
my whereabouts

Been floating on this mattress,
drifting between yellow lines

The time on the clock glows brightly
At 9:17

Dark, but I can see them

Wet, walking, they're on the sidewalk

While I drift on a sea of gray and yellow

She is wearing a frown and it makes me sad

What is her life like, walking in the rain?

It's coming down hard


Maybe they’ll vanish out of my view,
but not out of my mind

I am sorry

Late night drive in fall. I remember seeing this couple walking in the rain. Thus, the poem. Enjoy.
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
She walked alone

Wearing a winter
jacket in fall

Poorly dyed red hair
and old makeup

All she wanted
was to be loved
Saw this girl as I was walking to work and this poem is for her.
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
We were young,
walking around
5th avenue

Two strung out
kids from the burbs

Sun glistening
off our glazed eyes

Driving around
in a *******
with one door
smashed in

I remember your t-shirt
It said "Send me forget-me-nots"

I always gave
you **** for it


What do you think?
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
It hit hard
Warm water streams
through your hair

It’s salty, or so you think

Eyes open up, fireworks
Sitting on a blanket with friends

More water, though not as noticable
as the first wave

A tree, glowing with lights
and family all around

Hair wet and your shirt
changing colors

A field, full of trees
of silver

Walking in peace

The surf’s up

The poem has many meanings, I'd love to hear yours.
Mikayla Dec 2018
I hear you breathing in.
The days are fading in.
My eyes are wide open.
Days speed past me.
If you need me, run to me.

The nights are fusing together.
The mornings aren't there.

My eyes are wide open.

All around me are memories
GGA May 2016
I understood I would never marry,
buy a house, have kids,
mow the lawn on Saturday,
wash cars, clean the pool.

I had an atypical plan,
thinking back, for my life:
a wanderer, adventurer or pilgrim
without want of firm roots.

Each destination a chance happening,
an introduction to the unexamined.
Sidewalks, cafes, alleyways, and life
being lived, journaled for remembrance.

The North Country, New York;
Watertown, Carthage, Clayton and Ogdensburg,
strolling their streets dripping
history and memoirs never told.

Lassoing thoughts from wild conversation
with caffeinated coffee shop poets,
struggling with Calvinistic thought streams
and priests in moments of doubt.

My theories in marble.
Gently chiseled with each interaction,
chipped, thoughts evolve
leaving inference among spilt beans.

All memories and dreams mingle.
l hold them gently.
As midnight creeps I’m untethered,
drifting from the shoal once more.

Suddenly I sense wonder:
The Appalachian Trail at Katahdin,
Continental divide at Loveland Pass,
Mount Hood from Pacific Crest.

Have you ever witnessed
views of Mojave’s Kelso Dunes?
Felt the Great Basin’s rainshadow chill,
or contemplated Joshua Trees in prayer?

Often the life of could have been
is more lucid than I am,
kneeling gnarled,
pulling obstinate weeds.

Shallow breath’d and gazing… scanning
my cut grass, clear pool,
a loving wife, adoring children,
my home…

This man,
mind wandering,
to clarity of thought.

I would have… could have
been that man, that other life,
a Walter Mitty dreaming
a life; mine.
Thinking back on if I'd, wish I'd and wondering
Amelia Apr 2014
I am in a disoriented dream.
too young to know,
twenty years have passed
almost two years
and you were there or almost near.

its because i'm confused
or i don't understand--
my being in yours

why the moon shines so bright
and I exist this certain way.
but you took me to a place

inside four small walls,
one small space, a tub, a mirror
one bed, near the hills
of San Gabriel and the concrete

We sat in a tree and jumped a fence
but emotions ran too high
and I never added up quite right
in your mind--

My words spoiled the truth
and they stained the trust
they weaved together anger
and spilled tears

We wanted and tried
so hard for love,
I relied on you
you relied on me

yin and yang
we sat, interconnected
yet opposing each other
our energies combining
and combating

We sipped a bottle of sky
in the friendly El Monte
I left your side, I've left your side
too many times..

but you came back
pounding on the door of the Scenic
, your there and
I never want to let go again

and your body feels perfect next to mine
never wanting to leave
that bed
wanting to drift back to sleep
in your arms

but we leave this place,
The Scenic becomes
a memory
and now thats all thats left.
hoping you might still remember me.

— The End —