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Lora H A Jun 2018
I realize
time is a gift.

Love is a need.
Forgive a key.

We are just bridges,
needing to be crossed.


What´s next?
Lora H A Apr 2018
I had a dream,
you and I,
sharing the rest of our lives.

I had a dream,
where you could not hear me

I wake up,
looking for you all over.

I wanna wake up
when you come back.
Too late for being dreaming about it.

We fell down into fighting.
You were always the first giving up.
I get used to close the doors,

you leave open in me.

I don't dream about us anymore,
happening in the way I wanted to.
Lora H A Apr 2018
Your voice filtered into my veins,
I feel your soul
screaming making no sense at me.

I draw hard reality
I´m fated to make noise.
In this hypocrisy
covered in silence.

We use to be heroes,
and now it´s us
who are need to be saved.

Interesting irony,
understand life´s game.
Realize that we are just players.

-Losing games.
Lora H A Apr 2018
It´s cold.
Rain pouring.
Me overthinking.
Barely talking.
Why would we care?
At this point,
Everything is ripping us apart.
We need to feel,
I pour down into tears.
Wishing you can hear.
I gave you my best years.
Now, that we say things clear.
Let´s go somewhere peacefully.
And clarify once for all,
That we need to feel something,
And we don´t.
Lora H A Apr 2018
In the silence of the night
translating is a skill.
That keeps you
aware of stranger´s rudeness.

When I ask,
Did I lost my home?
I mean,
Did I lost myself?

People´s looks,
feels like an island of winter sun.
That makes me dream
about the freedom of wander.

There is no place more lonely
than paradise.
I walked carefully
to avoid myself.

Roaming the world
has been my escape.
Lora H A Apr 2018
They scream.
All yelling at me.
Go, Go, Go,
They repeat.

Run, run, run,
I tell my feet.
I speed,
Nonstop until I get in.

My heart beat,
Too fast.
Too deep,
I breath.

I look around,
I feel confuse,
I refuse
To give up.

Not until
I achieve
My last goal,
Until I breathe my last word.
Lora H A Apr 2018
I cannot stop myself
Of believing what
Your lips said.

You cannot stop
Your lips
Of saying lies to me.
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