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Slowly the light fades in the midst of your troubles.
The sun rises on the brow of sorrows
The moon kisses the tears you cry all night to the stars.
Morning due blinds the eye of  the evil one.
You entered a gate that was strictly forbidden
Wrecked it forever trapping in a game of torrcher.
But I am strong as an ox I will fight on. gain, my strength .
I will find a way to make you pay.
Connor Aug 2018
Pleasing each other in the perfect
black night
(wretched forest)

Hands gripped tight against your waist,
on my knees, the dirt below digs into my skin
which is okay
We can hardly be heard midst the lively pandemonium
surrounding our loveliness

like a Luciferean Prima Donna
in silk /
walk on flowers of both Hemispheres
telling me how much you adore me & you

As equals in our posture-possession
unable to stand straight/shrouded by holy creamy
doves closing-in
muffling our mutual shrieks (as to be private and without gathering too much a crowd)

O Autumn Calypso
keeper of the scales, of the riddle
& the promise simultaneous -
- I am your victim and your master, trafficking our fragility
into a glorious Unknown, shade & essence of leaves wavers in the quieting hour,
seduced - transfixed & ravished in a wondrous spectacle
with Enchanter's nightshade laurel endowed on high

****, close and
hot - unrehearsed arias told by tongues  -
while we seep further in a hallowed guise/harp misplaced -
excommunicated from the Stead we traversed
before on ideal grounds – too late to remember or
repent – dabbling in magic with our double identity - now one insoluble drapery of illuminations
being shepherded into a ferocious
intoxication of its own fluid magnificence – a Narcissus gazing back, decaying with vehemence
Johnny Noiπ Jan 5
[Poem for an evil scumbag; cherry on a black sundae]
Hygiene Benefits: The Mango Grill Finds a Black
White Bird Sky's favorite laugh Ryan is a raw material.
Sleek, 18-year-old skins shine in the dark,
When the baby cried, in her ****, her nose burst her handcuffs,
ask: The English **** girl finds a hard, sore throat and a donkey's
Asian female genital lips and Lily Lane's vegan abilities were lost
in HD's Extreme Education Earns An Extra 5 Minutes of Abusing Her - w/m 355.5k Views - HD Extreme Literacy Latina Minimal Gun'n's 5 Minutes in Public - 365.2K View - Highly HD HD Uploaded Latina - July 5th
Truly Retaining Lower Mental Illness. 8 m Lopes,
***** Consumers & Deep Shade =10 minute use - 203.7kg View -
Maximum weight for sport for 10 minutes,
Sporty Slit - 691.3 Pound view - High-quality titanium infant throwing. throwing and 5 minutes & other types Er Er, B fa - 1.4M Views HD
Kim Christ's hair is is abused for 5 minutes, by Jr. UK - 1MHD
for the first time to go to the Dublin port DP'd
and trained to fill Gagging gets Glory 10 minutes - 1.8 million views - HD Abuse her for the first 5 minutes;
can take training for jaw & neck - 2m views - - -

Hilde Ila's *** is ******* the face of Vega!
5 Minute Use of Bad - 163.6 Kc. Kg. - - HD 4 Ways
and Zara Strong Cautious Sons of Abel Abilene
10 minutes of abuse - 1.9 million views - - HD (new)
19 and April 20 - 486.5k views - -

Russian LGBT Tade Kokos was born
and dried with dry hair 10 - 586.8 views -
Peace of deep deer Chicken 4 minutes of various abuses -
23.8 views - (HDTV) and Mandy about bananas,
Asiana and 10 minutes at 478.4 k - Sleep on, Britney Spears,
Boyd Neon and HD 10 Minutes of Men Abuse - 617.7 views -
Orleans Vani burns HD Cica's necks in their necks
10, abuse - see 1.1M -       |        - HD A beautiful woman in a beautiful room
6 leprechau'n Peril mam vanei - 170.6k views -
Online Lee Bowling On The Onion's Feasting 2 Pedro Torres,
92 - 8M View - Gaggers Highly Bright Green for Summoner Dolls -
View 10 ULLY Watch Small Thin - 444.9k HD
A lazy dagger is wearing a black wedding dress
is very painful |10 Hobbies - Physics - 126.4k Reviews - HD
At the age of 18, the old man is difficult to learn,
and we need an angel to try 10 Signs - 2.7M Hits -
You will have high levels of ****** hearing on the learning of HD,
at 10 minute peaks - 130.2kg view -
Blake goes to collect the body
Low Diagrams 4 - 184.1 KB Reviews - HD
190.2 km - I bought a 5-minute Horeca
Throat Box and school girl I'm playing
and playing in the face with a sharp snake
after the tail 10 minutes in public - - - 1.5 million viewers -
this time in four Asian Depictions - 68.3k Test -
United Kingdom 110 525 Ed and Britain's Kieviri Soldiers;
Soldiers (Chairman, right), Evangelist Green,
Green Easy Soldiers) Zafar Capital, Sinai ( 4 years)
European Shamay Mazda Board • • • 275-300 and 390-420 e.
The succesful success of the Abuna Bunna
was 510 years ago at 110-525 BCE.
The history of Omor is well-founded by the Greeks
and Romans and the Yemeni Yemeni Empire in the 525s. •
Ragni Sabaea Empire, Akubmpiets, 110 BC,
Zafarin Old Town, 4th century leader
and first modern city. [1] Bass defeated Sassan -
in 25 to 200 BCE, and Katpan Chumpow, p. 300)
and the focal point associated with 280 US seats.
[2] Outside ******'s 525 meters. It became the government of Axum.
1 1.1 In Prehistory (300 BC) 1.2 in the presence
of the King of the Jews? 1.3 Religious culture
Water Headphones 2 3 4 Speakers of the Language
and Civilian Courts Further References
5 6 7 8 The Saudi-United Kingdom Library History
525 licensed units in the English Famagusta.
Deep volume of cleaning house
O Denver's spoon gets a greasy white bird
Sky's popular laughter takes Ryan as a raw material;
An 18-year-old blonde screaming in a dark sock,
Baby crying, **** ******, ****** in her neck, in her light: ask
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Asian vaginal lips and weakened Leilani Vega
HD Extreme Education 5 Men Abusing Hard - 355.5k View - HD Extreme Literacy In Latina's Small Guns   ns 15 men Abuse Her
ing - 365.2k View - Latin boobed big HD 18 years, hard to weigh -   July 5th reality amateur ****-**** minimum 33 pain. 8M Lopez,
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10 Minutes Spent Abusing Her - 203.7k view - HD; same girl ***** **** ***** at sports and Layla dumber still get the right price for them up to 100 minutes - 691.3 pound view - HD Hot high Titanium baby neck throw
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At the age of 18, the old man is difficult to learn, we need an angel to **** 10 What are the Symptoms - 2.7M Hits -
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MinAbusing 4 - 184,1k Reviews - HD
I bought a Horace Throat Box and schoolgirl for 5 minutes of abuse - 190.2 km - HD face ******* turtle after playing and hitting
10 Days Abusing - 1.5 million views - this hot hit of four Asian abuses - 68.3k test - United Kingdom 110 525 AD
and BC Cheiriarcheio right emigouriotes soldiers (Italian)
Chimiarite right (green), emigourite (green),
green light leader soldiers (Italian) Zafar Capital,
Sinai (4 years old) European Shammar Yahri'sh Board
                                       • • • • 275 -300
and 390-420 AD. is located in the Abu Karab antigen series
Yushuf Ash'ar Dhu Nu was 110-525 BC 510 (110 BC 520 BC).
I believe that the history of the Omer kingdom ran
from the Greeks and the Romans, and in the 525s
it was founded by the kingdom of ancient Yemen. •
The Ragni Sabaea Empire, Akoumpietis, 110 BC,
Zafarin Old Town, 4th Century Leader and First Modern City.
[1] Basil won the Sabbath about 25 - 200 BC,
and Katampan Charampout, p. 300) and the fate of translation
in relation to the US 280-seats pushing forward. [2] Outside,
******, after 525 meters. It has grown into Axum's kingdom.
1 1.1 Early History (300 BC BC) 1.2                 Before the King of the Jews?
1.3 Religious culture Underwater Headphones
2 3 4 Members of the Language and Government Dynasties
See also References 5 6 7 8
External Links History of the Saudi-UK Library
Under the leadership of UK Famagusta,
there were 525 licensed units sold. - The unbelievable story of multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who for years orchestrated a *** trafficking network of hundreds of underage girls and is accused of regularly molesting children as young as 13 at his Florida mansion. But the serial *** offender received a shockingly lenient sentence for his crimes: 13 months in county jail, with many of his days spent at his Palm Beach office with regular visitors. This was all due to a plea deal approved by Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, who was then U.S. attorney in Miami. The plea deal allowed Epstein to avoid a federal trial and possible life in prison, and effectively ended an FBI probe into the case. The Miami Herald recently published a series of articles exposing Epstein’s crimes and the high-powered people who protected him. We speak with investigative reporter Julie Brown in a web exclusive conversation. Her series exposing multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes is titled “******* of Justice.”
Speak African child, speak. for you poses a  mouth that heals nations. It is in thine voice in the vibrations of thy mouth that remedies are provided to our ailments.

speak African child, speak. speak against the calamities that befall your land. speak against that hand that he dare raises against your bare skin. speak against the blood of your brothers spilled to please others.

Speak for  Africa that is one and united, Africa that does not know of any racial divides. Africa that knows no skin colour. speak African child speak. for you are the voice of liberation. speak  for your voice are the echoes of our ancestors.

child labour, human trafficking, child *******, school violence, femicides, suicides. and you say you see this not.  African child where is your voice in all of this. doesn't that skin, that accent and ***** hair mark you as of African descent.

Speak African child speak for you bare the answers to our questions, you bare the sole of our history.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
The Mother Angels of Einstein's Eve heard
her shaking completely curly tresses,    waiting
for the waves of the mountains' magical
colors, and beginning to undress,      said,
understanding his limitations, and he retreated
to the desert, Marcus trafficking in ashes.                          

               :- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :

Asked for memory devices,
journalists look to the magazine
ISISToo like an angelic angel,
who has a solid table's tablet
that John describes in the water
that John describes as a hungry
Christian mother in the south,
Christian Christian light cuts into
bed and hatred,   and in the shade
of the first wedding,   John writes
Bettie sold out to the enemies of
the people because he planted in
Greece against angels angel Einstein
by a mother one who heard Eve fill
in the upper part of the corner,
waiting for the Hills Hills to get
water into the skin when these
magic-colored shades began to dress,
she answered, as measured by the
limitations until the reading was to
spread themselves into the ground
and report Jack's ashes scattered
throughout the desert. It depends
on the face of the world, and that
it literally means shadow shadow
shadow shadow. I think all the
wordless words are kissing: the
molecular is the girls with the dark
splinters and the calves, beginning
from the dark to light on the loaf of
****, for Satan launches the beans
placed on the socks before the Asian
Secrets that are in the patent to produce
data to meet with Lovers,    and iron that
is important, and women who are soon
weeping,     seat seats like Unfortunately,
for some other reason the costly assaults
over the years, the number of socks,
so long in the winter he was praying
for a streaming stream that closed
the glass glass inside the interior of the
interior, he received a 'meditation' gift,
the dreams, the, the thoughts, the singers;
Johnny Noiπ Jan 17
Starbucks Despair responds to tomorrow in Geneva,
brilliant shiny knife Sunday School Prayer Prayer Greedy;
satellite satellite graveyard
and the product quickly asks Nirrin;
Broadbent mental prayer in the sky.
Forgetting school coffee, changed
the way to change the true life.                 Love is a lover's lesson in water,
but the nature of the vision is to find a leap
for my beloved son. Parents work for their parents.        I think he's happy. They're enemies, I've heard complaints.
Australia;             4 Many trading lawyers respond
to changes in the economy.
Queriet and evil makers want to change the threat of another city in the 3-dialogue.   Mother is dead.
Encourage child-women. Starbucks meets in Geneva
in the morning on weekends
and asks three cyclone animated;
v-turn, aha! Saturday apogee a sleeveless
satellite        primary variation of                       Nirrin
Yinkudate General Brody,
ending with the first sentence after numerical demolish ta,
legal study Nebula.                 An additional exhibition,
which changes nasljaddiki, and there is everywhere in life,
is well-timed and solid morning.      Instructions from Süstradanie Lyubov, edinstvenoto Yamata appointed by Skupo;                       do not get visitation y: it helps older parents to ask their parents.
I will go to the national newspaper struggle,               and hear a sharp voice. Volcanic bricks and drug trafficking,
Australia, triggers 4 red-red triggers,           with Konica kerit compliance, claiming that the three-dimensional bacterial
infringement infringement is called malware and piano line.
Graduate or slŭnchevo Pless goyim
have to change the appearance of our city is not visible.
The basic texts, dictionaries,
letters, strategies, risks, events,
publications and the interpretation
of ******' literature and translation,
especially 1, are permanently
deleted. Literary abstracts: literature,
literary stories, historical books,
***** and board of directors.

Theory of Iniforishinelli: this article
prints publications and forms for
the promotion of prostitution
and the programs used to publish
prohibited drugs. 29 other examples
of publications, cleaning standards,
articles, letters, good road network,
credentials, events, police
officers 1: descriptions
of key functions, especially
the best long-term artistic
values. Great epic literature,
literary texts, history books,
participation in the council,
concepts of medical
information programs.

This ***** edition
and the impact
on ****** purity.

Other samples:
New brochure.

Dictionary of basic definitions,
letters, good methods,
accidents, incidents, police
interpretations. Basic writing,
particularly high and durable
artistic values. The best literature;

Summary of communication
articles, texts, recognition
of articles, letters and integrated
maps. This publication of Women
and Drug Trafficking (narcotics /
29 and observations of other texts,
creative writing of literary texts
and sources) Letters, good tactics,
identities, political definitions
1 Basically, The work is considered
the best for long periods of modern
texts, literature and nicotine.
Books, compositions Tables

Drugs for women's articles,
emphasizing the difference
between the program and
the effectiveness of the use
of medicines 29 ******
and other units to create
the same samples, creative
writing articles for Publications.

New brochures and promotional
material ... literary dictionaries,
letters, tactics, accidents, events
and interpretations of police
publications. 1 Literary work
is particularly high or permanent.
The best summaries of literature:
writing, literary literature,
history books, summary table.

Theory of information:
this article deals
with published publications
****** and the proliferation
of prostitution for
the publication of criminals
of drug abuse programs.

29 Examples of other hygiene
criteria: Publication Prints articles,
letters, good roads, certifications,
events, literary definitions of the police
that have 1 basic writing,
particularly good long-term for the arts.
Great works written poetry,
written texts, historical books,
county councils. Information
theory: this publication reviews
the reviews of drug treatment
programs and the implications
for ****** hygiene.

Other samples of similar samples:
Creative Commons Publishing
New brochures. Translations
of definitions of basic logical
dictionaries, letters,
good methods, disasters,
phenomena, definitions
of police literature. Essentially
1 written work, especially
those considered superior
or of lasting artistic values.
Great literary work.

Summary: written works,
written bibliography, bibliographic
texts, complex boards of directors.
Bibliography examples: this article
is published literature on the *****
scope and efficacy of the substance
abuse treatment program for women.

29 Other examples of compliance
with education. Creative creation
of literary texts Publication
Brochures; New offers
Translations to basic logical
definitions of dictionaries, letters,
good methods, idiosyncrasies,
phenomena, definitions of literary
police. Essentially written work,
especially those considered better
or longer artistic values. Great
literary work. Written works,
written bibliography, bibliographic
texts, complex boards of directors.

Bibliographic examples:
this article evaluates
the published literature
on the ******' scope
and effectiveness
of programs to combat
substance abuse in women.

29 Other samples of equivalent literature;
Creative writing's Creation of literary text
Brochures of New promotional publications.
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
Sunday 40,88 82 82 80 82 Between South Africa, Brazil and Macedonia 600-100-300 300 John Wilson, 300 + 40.82 Congress, eight letters, George Washington. Brazilian art gallery More than 1,300 years later, German, African and Chinese ****** arrive in South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, 60.6006 million 40600300600 (20) ******* divorcees, 8,8,8,8, Brazil, Brazil Brazil, 600 600 600, 600, 82 300, 300, 300 Brazil, 40.82 - another "teacher" in France France is full of ****** from Brazil 600-100 - Six dogs and ****** are full of the fruity aromas of Carmen Campbell, a woman who lives with prostitutes; Prostitutes have existed for 300,700 years (according to Tom Wilson) 300 8 George W. Ashington, USA Euro, Brazil, Brazil, Gabon, Morocco, Ra Ramalin, Harlem, 0.82, Latin America, Africa, Macedonia, South Africa, 40.82, Yobe Africa, Morocco, 40-82 years. MacDonald's, May 2, South Africa, Curse, United Kingdom, Russians, ******' ****** and G'ilimão de Mécoques 2011 6,000,000 days in South Africa, China, South Africa, Go-Go UK / EU. Yuku Uyu and 600, 600, 600, 600, 600 Google ******. Yeh, one Sunday, George Washington attended the coronation of George W. Murray 40.82 600-100-300 300 300 Tom Wilson has Good News for Ephraim in South Africa, ****** from Africa And South Africa bloom in the dust of South Africa. 82300300 has a place of landing for Brooklyn ******, Washington ******, and ****** from East New York in South Africa with 600 600 000 300 (8) 600 doctors, South Africa Google with more than 600 people. 5-300000 600,600,000,600,600 600,000 John Wilson, George Washington, 200,000 in 50000 - 60000600402 in the morning 6006,0066 3006 63 00000 100 600 600 600 600 ****** are here. 600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,6­00,
600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,6­00,600,600,60,6 ******* canned report 600600600 40, 82, Brazil, South African and possibly poisonous, 300B - ******* for Tom Wilson, Rudolf, Morocco 600-100-300300 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 6 600 6 600 6 600 6 600 6 600 6 600 6 600 6 600 6 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 1300 Brazilian Producers Paul Paulson, Wilson 2: 40.82, South Africa, South Africa and Brazil 600 600 600 United States' 'Hamster' Washington 100 6006006 Miami, Florida 300,600 82.3003 million more in Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and Russia; Tom Hamilton 40.82 to Morocco and Brazil, South Africa; Freedom in Ohio as a frontier wife, Macedonia, Brazil; United States, Spain, Brazil 20.8 Aborigines, Moroccan, Brooklyn and Harlem ******, 0.82, Decoration: Often, a professional, in fact, is a pre-recorded decision. Others see teenagers, while others see "magic." Doyle is the most vicious woman, of the bride for $15 per night to support her classmate, the "ex" ******* who is still a "*******". The figures show that prostitutes are from the local community, that they are disgusting ****** and a woman who has been trafficked for less than a month can reduce stress she receives through using a *******. **** *******, your *** is your money! Your ******* donkeys, and donkeys are your money.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018

Most of the violence, and that such as he is in the Senate,
The prince wounding thousands, you have to help the helpers
and leaders; I do not want to go down; I do not know
what you are doing, The first server design uses a classic
program and she shows her sports bra - on the Sky Cam        and gets a pair of free 3D
           x-ray glasses,
Of brandy and white wine from the                        radio station to a wedding
Weddings are,           and not before.
No trading, financial world.                                               Of all the words
The reason why those,
who did not do this,                                 that I may know I can
read the book to know how to administer treatment to
The Wall Street markets, for with thee,    I will purchase other
The application will be podcasts,                      but also superb.
Radio and I shall not find a place for.
to worry about.                      And the best way to work on that.
Glasses, a robot face.
it is. 1, as John Rose after warning
Atọjade was from England,                            |                Paul was
He moves those, it cannot be that there
are no radio waves. radio
Wedding wedding Cheer
An old man, wish to remain in the water
                            of the room. if we keep
I do not think we love each other.
Out of four miles he wants to get her for me;                 I do not know what
First, he planned to meet Temperance
When [ysbryd] appeared,             |    they and all the games in the program.
Cognac-colored glasses and allowed to sit in the box. for;
the radio and the wedding ceremony
One of the adults,      it is said that it is not a piece of wood.
If we take care of the child and the mainstream trafficking
All the words that you know.         As part of the book reads
A new way to Wall Street
Fish poisoning complaints,                    which is also Dutch
Big J Ray
housing;                            Providing a file's variations.
And a stack of channels,          and the best of the best
More, and the other is not.      Other applications
Best to be on the radio, and they are most suited.
Where you can also find your location color
The glass on the left hand strongly
                      that's the best way to a work a gram:
According to John Rose and the beautiful woman
Web England,                                San Pablo flies.
With the radio waves on
The radio side of the water.


— The End —