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Poemasabi Aug 2017
I worry I may be a troll
Some kind of smart assy funny web bot
For when social "friends" get on a roll
I fire back when I probably should not
See, though I'm a fighter
and will pull an all nighter
I'm sure my points will never be got
Poemasabi Aug 2017
Not unlike that famed giant of ancient Greek fame
but fatter and orange and blowing hot air
is a stupid and hateful fat elf with faked hair
So the beckoning torch woman snuffs out her flame
As the elf king through policy blots out her name
one pudgy small hand throws her crown to the surf
while the other one brutishly grabs through her skirt
While forgetting from whence his own ancestors came

"Pushed from my pedestal" in anguish cries she
Then sobs , "Keep safe the tired and poor
the non-white masses yearning safe to be
the suff'ring children washed up on the shore
save them as then the whole wide world will see
My light is gone thus slams the golden door."
The Guardian has posted a poetry piece on Lazarus' poem The New Colossus part of which is on a plaque at the base of The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

This is my 2017 re-do of that poem based on our current state of affairs.
Poemasabi Jul 2017
After two long days
of water skiers
and screaming kids on floaty things
skipping across the surface at high speed
behind motor boats
both big and small
loud and not so
of plump sun reddened revelers
sprawled on pontoon boats
playing loud music
48 hours of fishing lines
and hooks hanging at various depths
in anticipation of fish that may never come
of jetskis
that streak across the water
like water skeeters on *******

After all of that
a five day weekend
to rest in the sun
to let things settle

A long weekend for the lake.
Poemasabi Jul 2017
I am 20 1st Avenue
Just as I am also St. Albans Drive
Old Stamford Road
Whitney Avenue
and a little Albermarle

But 20 1st Avenue is where I learned
How to make snow forts, big ones
and pillow forts that filled a living room

It's where I saw that if you plant a little tree
and hang around long enough
that you will have a great big tree
that drops black walnuts
So that you can caution your kids kids
that the walnuts can turn your skin black if you're not careful

It's where I learned what a Woolworths was
and that they sold plastic army men
with mortars, radios and M16s
by the bag for a dollar
nobody wanted the mortar or radio guy

Its where I learned what a honest to God toy store was
and because of that,
who Mr. Potato Head was.

It's where I learned about nuts
still in shells
and how to open them
with a crank nutcracker
or a little hammer
and how to get the meat out
with a lobster pick.

But most of all I learned
what a grandma was
that old people could be great fun
that they knew cool stuff
that they might allow you to do things your parents wouldn't
and that they could keep secrets
then finally
that they weren't forever
but their shadows in your life
Poemasabi Jul 2017
There are few things more satisfying
than watching a lone mosquito
furiously trying to drill
baby, drill
circling the drill site
pushing and pushing
Do mosquitos sweat?
on the roof
of your car.
Poemasabi Jul 2017
Oh you can try.
You can be conversational
matter of fact
about the subject

But I do know the why
the reason
the motivation
behind your attempt at marginalization
of what was accomplished
by those who worked together
to create something magical
and succeeded beyond all expectations
surpassing your project
but in your mind only

Those who worked so hard together
don't hang in anticipation of your praise
So they'll be fine
and proud of what they achieved

So, want to know a secret?
The others in the room
listening to you
know what you're doing too
in the end
you don't come off learned
to anyone at all

But appear as just a sad little jealous man.
Poemasabi Jul 2017
Mommy's in a meeting
The meeting is outside
My sister is here also
She loved to run and hide
We're at a friend of mommy's house
It big and really clean
The yard looks like a golf course
Her friend looks like the queen
While mommy's talking grownup stuff
I'll run around and play
Watch me stomp in puddles and flower beds
I'd be happy here all day
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