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Making your bed while the moon is awake, slowly but quickly depriving arguments with you.
I have prolonged self pity, constantly rendering speechless moments with you.
The keypad begs to be touched.

Galloping through Nebraska summer cornfields.
Drinking natural crisp unsweetened tea.
Childhood reeks of off-brand gold antibacterial hand soap.
Mead Canary Legal Pads kept my father stagnant.

They keypad begs
The moon awakens slowly while
You argue and I pity the moments
We washed over cornfields in Nebraska
With sweat glazing our foreheads
And the scent gold Dial soap in the distance.

A canary pad,
A tan leather jacket,
A tray of amber glass,
A bunch of sour grapes
(A split with Sebstian Rodriguez)
Vast unwanted prairies hovering on mediation techniques,
The primary and secondary sources exist,
A well-spoken dialogue isn’t contemporary for you,
To want a Trinity amplifies organization,  
The 5 love languages foreshadow “limited warranty”

Stomping elderberries while consuming champagne,
A 300-watt incandescent light bulb allows me to gaze through the negative of you,
Honeysuckles enthrall lucky moths,
Clones materialize formal breeding,
Standard, Somatic, React, Receive to Receive, and Idiom

Fantasying a gloomy unpredictable picnic for 2021’s lineup,
Freeloading basic cable complicates structure,
How would I consistently reboot without revolving doors?
How would the emergency signs operate without Pantone's?
Oozing tension, the adrenal cortex working overtime, and I lack a spine
******* homemade French onion dip. Sipping back cost efficient beer. Wood table tops praising they are holographic. Looking beyond the crowds for a way in. A pair creates odds. Pepsi prefers Coca-Cola. Ring fingers stress money on books. The black waters benefit from trust. The gases are locked in the middle. Heavy cream mellows the hot surface. Utensils support each other.
Distorted flower burning by a touchstone
Flat benches extend, extend, and extend
Trappings collect cool and dark
Hound vs hound for a meal
The being with thumbs holds to the left
Reprising fruits of our labor
Rotten vegetables decomposing, warming me
Beanies not covering sound
Don’t block the tunnel
Pull and slide wherever
Don’t copy paste me.
Water is a treat for humanity.
An introduction inspires fulfillment.
The loss of love intercepted Eros sleeping.
Excessive honesty paves structure.
A source abandons wisdom witnessing circulation.

Pause. Pause. Pause.

From grasping your delegate clammy hand to gazing beyond your existence, fewer have not.
Worshiping has discovered failure.
Destroying Spanish Flies to correct malicious actions.
The binding of profitably has anxiety.
Tabbing tab to tab permits demands.
wabi-sabi is flawless and unconfined
Discomfort falsifies imagination.

Proceed. Proceed. Proceed.
Belly full of water
Brush, spit, and repeat…

Temporary painted cobweb of ******
Crust, synthetic yellow, and discomfort

Constantly sightseeing shirts I don’t own
Slim, disproportionate, and underweight

My senior-prom photos exist, still
2009, RIP: Caniglia's Venice Inn, and tie-dye.
Drifting thoughts –
A car drive
Now swimming in a river

Corals belittle dandelions
Crows eavesdrop on swans
Conversation sparking something

Daylight Savings protects humanity.
A westward expansion
An absolute truth

The clouds pester the prehistoric,
Awaking graves.
A spoken prayer,
for all life

And it’s all just
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