Babu kandula Aug 24
When the sun is down
I know you are there

When the moon is down
I know you are there

Eternity is my dream
You are eternal in my dream

Am gifted
Gifted to know you

Everything is an illusion
One or other way

It’s a matter of how
We cherish

Our dreams
Our moments

This is life
Babu kandula Aug 10
Am not great

Not even close

But am trying

For what

My peace and

My life
Babu kandula Aug 3
Am a fiddle at heart
Am a riddle at thought

Rumbling past
Bumbling future

It’s all part of a story

Penned by regular


What not?

End of the story
Random one
Babu kandula Aug 1
You strike like a bowling ball

And am one of the pins

Either a strike or a spare

Your victory is inevitable

But, I still challenge you for the next round
Babu kandula Apr 7
you can't push yourself out from inertia

can gain the momentum slightly

like a butterfly in a cocoon

no matter what your state

invisible wings are on the way

just a small trigger

you are all set
Babu kandula Oct 2017
there are times
we are in pain

there are times
we are the pain

pain isn't negative/positive


pain is the result

pain byproducts gain (Victory)

pain byproducts release (Freedom)
Babu kandula Aug 2017
You are desperate for the reasons of failures

Victory comes beyond that
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