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Babu kandula Sep 26
There is a thin line


Being Lovable and

Being a slave

When you are a slave

Over a period of time

You don't get to think of leaving

But, stay there till eternity
Babu kandula Sep 22
Given a situation

Let's forget about trust

People find it very hard to

Understand they are taking
Things granted

Results are part of hard work

Failure is a different thing

But, just delay in success

They expect your head on a spike

This is a modern crucifixion

And victims are mostly innocents
Babu kandula Sep 18
If I can't tell my view
But, just to shut up

And fake my smile

Well, yes am modern human

There is a chance

I can die of lava eruptions inside

I can die of bleeding neurons

But, my body is just

A modern zombie

A benevolent and with a smiley

Loser face
Babu kandula Sep 3
Lot of me is a lie

I can't live along

If I fail to make up

Those beautiful lies of me

Hard truths may force me to brash me up

But a lie to myself

Boost up confidence

Hell, I can't stop eating

If the judgement day comes the very next day
Babu kandula Sep 2
There is a smile I can't afford
There is a heart I can't lose

World warns me like
You have to be unnatural

**** my nature
Be like a clown

They can't bear me
Cause am too good on my own

This is what a society
Which always want more and more

Unnatural hearty smiles

Which I can't afford

Everyday as they wish

No rules for life
But, a perfect and an unnatural smile.
Babu kandula Aug 30
It always feels
You are right

Deep inside you know
You are the master of your chaos

You already have a degree in destruction

That mind is one giant think tank

Fires the cannon and crushes your dream

Never have enough time to think you are wrong

Yes "I" is pretty strong emotion

With a mix of E (Ego)
Babu kandula Aug 29
It's a crazy wind
No shelter can save

Sounds like a crazy whisper
Strikes like a bully neighbor

You stuck like an easy target
You will be turned to a sheep

You will be sheared
You will be milked

Neither can fight back
Nor can be happy

The end of a crazy story part 1
To be continued
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