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Babu kandula Feb 2020
"Best is the most
Seductive word"

I ever want to hear

Well without knowing what's the worst
You can't be any better

Without repairing your worst behavior

You are nothing but a known worse

In the disguise of a best makeup
Babu kandula Dec 2019
When you are haunted
By the thoughts

They are everywhere
Either you sleep
Or you are awake

They hack your system

It's not hindrance per say

But a progress on the way

Your dream can solve your problem

Dream has a spiritual solution

Caress your dream
It helps you win
Babu kandula Dec 2019
You can't be limitless

But, this world wants you

To be one

Break chains this is what we hear

One way you escape for a period of time

And then you are bound to another chain

Every action triggers a chain of events

You will be hit either way

There is no escape

There is no hide out

One or other way you are dragged

Just be on the safe hill
Babu kandula Dec 2019
You shine
When it's
Your time

But, it's your
Will that can
Grab the opportunity

Sharpen your tools
With the power of mind
Taking help of friends
Peace and calm

Glory is in you
Glory around you
Keep it close
Babu kandula Sep 2019
There is a thin line


Being Lovable and

Being a slave

When you are a slave

Over a period of time

You don't get to think of leaving

But, stay there till eternity
Babu kandula Sep 2019
Given a situation

Let's forget about trust

People find it very hard to

Understand they are taking
Things granted

Results are part of hard work

Failure is a different thing

But, just delay in success

They expect your head on a spike

This is a modern crucifixion

And victims are mostly innocents
Babu kandula Sep 2019
If I can't tell my view
But, just to shut up

And fake my smile

Well, yes am modern human

There is a chance

I can die of lava eruptions inside

I can die of bleeding neurons

But, my body is just

A modern zombie

A benevolent and with a smiley

Loser face
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