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Searle Jul 2014
Abracadabra Kazam!
Went my wand
Bright sparks fizzled
Of magic I'm so fond!

With a flick of my wrist
i swat away all fear
for with a plop
on a mat I appear
Word prompt: Onomatopoeia
Searle Jul 2014
The dark clouds writhe
like serpents in the sky
and belch down brimstone
where unicorns asleep they lie

In the distance Mordor's spear
dominates on high
demanding submission
from whence dragons fly

They search the jagged peaks
For one ring to rule them all
The fiery evil eye it beckons
and Frodo heeds it's call
This was a picture prompt
Searle Jul 2014
I built my life on dreams;
castles in the sky
sat back, reposed
And watched the world drift on by

I wished upon it peace
As I looked at it afar
and from my cotton wool world,
This dream wasn't far!

I dreamed of it free,
smiles on every face
as the whipped cream parted
and it drifted off in space
This was a picture prompt
Searle Jul 2014
On a tight rope above the void
A precarious porcelain sentry
My sanity stands guard
Refusing repressed rage entry

Mold covered memories
Reek from the corners where they hide
Of summers in the sun
Splashing in the tide

Muttering in under tones
Dementia’s pacing the floor.
Beckoning chaos inside,
Paranoia’s fidgeting at the door

With one final ****
The sentry takes a fall
Slitting my wrists with the feather of despair
Give way to darkness, give way to all
Searle Jul 2014
Heavy handed Harold
With quiet Quinton quarrelled
Fighting for fine filly
Slapped he said silent silly

When wooed woman was aware
Bout the beating he did bare
She scorned the scolding suitor
And courted Quinton, the cuter
Searle Jul 2014
Here we come a galloping
Across the emerald plains
Carefree and happy
The wind tugging at our manes

Just on a whim
We chase a passing cloud
Then watch the golden sunset
Nickering out loud

Then along came the white man
A painted horse to claim
He tried to break our nature
He tried to make us tame

But across those emerald plains
our hearts will ever be
Like the wind in our manes
Strong, wild and free
Searle Jul 2014
As i lay asleep last night
my mind wondered through the window and out of sight
catching a ride on a passing crow
it went places i’ll never go

Gliding it passed over palms and rivers
swooping under waterfalls left me with shivers
rising on a warm sea breeze high
it watched the golden sun set and with a sigh

Returned begrudgingly to where bedridden i lay
paralysed, a vegetable as they say
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