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Funny how Someone can
Asunder a heart of thine
And thou still dost adore them
With all thy riven smithereens

My love, please come to me,
In my life thou dost linger
A love from my sweet past
That beamed than many a star

My love, long have I endured
A heart sundered by love
Though wherever  I wander
Thy sweet love I still dost crave.

Oh my love, come back to me
So we may pick these riven pieces
That like sea waters scattered be
And I'll smoother thee with kisses

Together we'll never sunder
For my love will be thy love
Beaming so bright forevermore
As thy  love will be my love

Blissfully we'll dwell ever after
Like twinkling stars in galaxies
With our enchanted passion
Effulgently lingering in perpetuity.
#Love #Stars #galaxies #infinite love
Sylvia Fénix Dec 2018
there's a line down the middle of my soul
sometimes i travel to its meeting point
i'm not sure why
but i do it anyway

i walk past the white leaves and pristine grasses of my side
and take a seat under the grey cherry blossom
and upon the grey circle which formed
when my spirit split in two

i see her moving from the black side
she comes here too, from her sullied home
i'm not sure why
but she does it anyway

she steps through the dark sludge
also bringing herself to this middle patch
the ooze stains it's grass before immediately clearing
blossoms falling to cover it's terrible corruption

sitting there with our backs to the tree
staring out into our own separate worlds
she speaks to me
"Do you still think you're the good person here?"

i growl under my breath
who does this disgusting creature think she is?
of course i am, of course i do
and my wordless response is certainly understood

"Can't say I expected much else. You really wanna stay like this forever?"
my anger simply melts into boredom with this
"of course i don't. why would i?"
she laughs at me

"Because you seem to be the one keeping this mess going."
suddenly, without even myself expecting it
i snap, turning around to see her lounging against the bark
"why? because i won't willingly let you and your sick ways back into my mind?!"

she pauses for a moment
almost looking sad, a frown barely visible on her misshapen face
she turns her head to the side and opens those broken eyes
and cracks a cocky, stomach churning grin

"You really don't get it, do you?
We did that stuff, not me. We're equally guilty, missy.
Sooner you accept that, sooner this mess gets cleaned up.
Cause all banishing me does is keep you from feeling whole again."

i say nothing
she turns around and loses the smile once more
before standing up and walking away
taking her disgusting form and her wrong words back into her hellscape

hopefully she doesn't come back again
I'll come back
Because I want things to be different this time
2017 was a mess
2018 was messier
All because of my mistakes
I'll make sure 2019 is different
That's a promise to myself
Because I'm the not the same person that I used to be
I promise, whatever that's worth anymore
Prabhu Iyer Sep 2018
A father who has conquered all
that is in space,
here and among the stars
and the higher worlds,
begot Her as his child,

She of an essence beyond time:
aeons of vaster joys,
sundered now from the world
so sorely imperfect,
must yet come down here
to lead us back to the wonder
beauty of the blank spirit
the basis of all;

We can bottle up fragrance
in choicest the vials of our whim:
but released, it must fill all space, no less.

So was She the freedom
shining in the stars
flowing in the rivers that raft through the hills
in the winds that beat down the vales;

Protected, She grew in his home
among others lustred lesser
shining forth as his darling
who would keep aflame
the glory of his name;
This is the first now of the Sati cycle....let's see how this grows!
Clinton Arneson Dec 2015
If an orchid wished and wondered,
as a merchant slipped and blundered,
and from his pack was sundered
a genie's magic lamp...

and if this flower's dream,
was to know what it would mean,
to live life as human being,
as her petals brushed this lamp...

and our genie had desired,
to render wishes sired,
for now, no longer mired,
her having freed him of the lamp...

and if our genie was required,

to match to whom inquired,
by her beauty, so inspired,
he would make this flower

...and she totally shot me down lol
pitch black god8 May 2018
are you generally happy?

a semi-innocuous query
now actualized as a two sided bladed poker,
hot stabbing me smack dab in
the chests hollow crown bullseye,
continuously,  as in all life long, and eternal longing for a

it fits inside a pubescent aged wound that
refreshes with every breath;
a life long struggle for an accurate definition,
be a general of genuine happy,
that alone would deliver, bringing on bright day satisfaction

as a human, one operates on parallel continuums;
slide slipping on well oiled poles that over the years,
their lengths, increasing with add-on extender poles
formed by
twisty turny slips and falls of sundered hearts and sad loves,
marriages nicknamed Titanic, children found and lost,
complications responsibilities that are denied meeting the words  
  “The End”

a life that many would envy, questioning what’s wrong
with you dude, are you blinded to the riches yours,
reality is
shoulders permanently bent, a spine that’s held together by
spit and solder and curved by wearying wearing longing for
a straightness that is also called crooked unobtainable
and a piece of a peace that comes and goes
like a highway billboard that you pass too fast to be fully read

the body is corroding and worser yet to come and that’s a hand
you selected - luck of the self-selecting-drawing -

the opioids of the mind offers are rejected

the clarity of painful self exploration valued overall -
the place where the poems come from,
and go to die,
a landscape of a scene repeatedly visualized
but never been and never left,
the crazy contradictions come in two flavors;
vanilla smiles and chocolate weeping of tears that have
etched pathways cheek-chiseled

the city is a struggling strife for most,
the next red line on the side
of the measuring cup  and
everyone has a cell, a credit card,
and a measuring cup
here I stop can’t finish  
someone missing alerts me
to their real worlds troubles
making my complaints super superficial but
the silent running of the stilleto
cuts shallow
repeated hourly
the cut color,

pitch black
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
"My dear, I am a vandal,"
I am an eclipse of your brightest days
I am merely hollow, and in great despair
A turquoise sunset in a sunrise maze
I am an event horizon
Better left to its own devices
We are fragile as a sundered vase
Reaching for stars when clouds suffice

"My dear, I am a bane of goodwill,"
I am marshes in your gardens green
I am ravenous and armed with tongues
A veil over your dreams unseen
I am corruption in the incorruptible
I am a syndicate of deceit
We strive to thrive in a heartless abyss
Weaving webs and yarns of the bittersweet

"My dear, I am an arrowhead,"
I am doused in poison with no remedy
I am a covetous despot and a saboteur
Forever an omen of our catastrophe
I am the first feet in a field of mischief
A master seamster of discord
We hoard the rain in this eternal drought
Just to corrode, and rust, our lethargic swords

Pointing a finger at yourself and your own misdeeds is often more than a human can bear.
Mine soul’s the detonator.

Mine heart’s the coil.

The vessel & arteries, my fuse.

My bones, skin & muscle the shell.

Hopes & desires the composition.

Fear, insecurity & thinking

the safety pin.

My courage & action is the flick.

Will I die or will I live?

When vitality’s stripped, and memory amiss.

Will I go forgotten or praised.

When I sleep, below the suns rays.

Will I go at peace & at ease, or
left sundered, wrought to rest with tears?

How will I know, if I don’t flick the switch, and do indeed live
Funny how someone can
Sunder a heart of thine
And thou still dost adore them
With all thy riven smithereens!

My love, please come to me,
In my life thou dost linger;
Like as salt of a briny sea
Or like as the star's luster.

So long have I endured
A heart sundered by love
Though wherever  I wander
Thy sweet love I dost crave.

Oh! My love, come back to me
So we may pick these riven pieces
That like sea waters scattered be
And I'll shower thee with kisses.

Nevermore shall we ever sunder
For my love will be thy love
Sparking like heaven's thunder,
As thy  love will be my love.

Blissfully we'll dwell ever after
Like twinkling stars of the galaxy
With our enchanted passion
Effulgently lingering in perpetuity.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California.
Unto she who will never read it.

#Infinite Love

A modified version of one of my older poem penned in the wee hours of a dead July of 2015.
Grief is something that just happens
Your dark eyes, the ghost of a smile
The air is stolen of my lungs
The memories are singed at the edges
The pictures play hazily like a silent film
Oh gods, how does grief come
And never linger?
It comes to call and leaves no trace
Other than tear tracks upon sheets
And when the morning comes mourning
Active grieving, a black veil over everything
And nothing
And anything you touched
Darling, the sky is overcast
The sun doesn't shine in your absence
There is a silence, the song
Has stopped
But the time, and space goes on
It goes on and the clock goes tik and tok
And I remember your laughter ringing
My life is sundered
Before you and after you, in
The world that arrives after
I hold it in my palms and
The tears sting once more
You are gone, have gone
I am not done mourning yet
michael Feb 24
plentiful fish in the ocean, i exist
so brutal in your existence-
congregating and swimming to survive
to be alone is to die,
a stranger is a threatening hook in sunken eyes,
but your reflection glows beautifully and right
you respect the sharks that rip on instinct-
then cackle at the coral torn and sundered,
while mating like no other
pumping out sister and brother,
mirrors and doppelgangers-
swimming, congregating, *******,
until the great God hook takes you-
squirming, you suffocate and cry
the coral watching you suffer and dry.
fishy business
Prabhu Iyer May 2
For her sundered from space and time
at the dawn of phenomenon,

not the little pettinesses of our world:

a portal to the unknown beyond -

the sky flaming red at dusk,
still in the lake the late summer hill
little a bloom in the bush hidden,
even shy a smile devoid of guile,

little every joy here;

Thought they,
faint of heart she was:
but every swoon carried her across
the world of the river of lights

In Her presence dawned on this
forlorn our earth -

Beauty since the beginning of time
exuberant in the hills
in the plumes and vales
and in the cruel hearts of men;

And grandeur, of the kind
unbeknown before, as the king
her father sewed up an empire vast;

And perfection in works
unknown before -
in every weave and hew;

All that men ascribed to her
father the great.
ZWS Jun 14
Faux Play

Webs of remorse cover my bed as I stumble back into brambles
A place that acts as a sanctuary but looks like a crumpled napkin
A recluse ******* that concerns no cordials
But those that comfort a king who bellows in his castle
Built high out of stone and assured to one day be ruins
A faux ploy to thou I’ve surrendered built on all of those who I’ve sundered
A war within my own; where ballast meets ballast
And blunder meets blunder
betterdays Apr 23
stay sane
within the insanity
draw a line in the sand
make it straight, yet flexible
enough to withstand
the  rough winds of argument

watch the sand blow away
still the line remains,
a furrow on the brow.
a burning bridge
beacon to  the too dark night
burning fever, feverbright

stay strong as belief does
becomes ash and ash does
becomes sky, flying forth
as squiggles written on ephemera

stay sane, within the insanity
this brief, brief, briefest time
for once the line is
broken and sundered
and the reality cold, enters in

then the sad, sad, sadness shatters
the snowglobe world within

water on the floorboards
may be tears or not.

glass shards scattered everywhere
and ****** bread house lost

once the ball is broken,
it cannot be retrieved

gliitter once unfrozen
will not be tamed again.

you will find that stuff for decades
and remember the insanity again...

— The End —