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The Dybbuk Jun 2018
If I could turn over the clock,
And warp to my mistake,
Prevent the ripple's from the rock,
I dropped into the lake,
I would go back to a day,
That we met in time and space,
And send you far away,
Though I'd want to kiss your face.
I hurt the people close to me,
Because I'm made of slime.
To fix the past, I'll need a key,
To take me back through time.
That  s h o t g u n
For some day
It turned out to be today

I pulled the  t r i g g e r

Not only for myself
For every woman wronged
Every future woman that'd cross paths

Those  v i c i o u s  eyes
Filled with cigarette smoke
Not a clear thought in mind

He'd  w a r p  you
S q u e e z e  you tight
Lock you in a forever  f o g
Prabhu Iyer Mar 2015
It's long since, so I thought I will fly my home to you:
winged friend, you don't stop by anymore here on lissome nights?

Oh what air-traffic,
these jumbo cars with crane legs
that even hopping seem to crawl;

Two towers have crashed ahead and a vortex is rising in the desert:
Did you not receive my messages? I typed them in into the aether.

And space, oh this messy jumble
that is enmeshed with time,
will not warp now,

No easy looping through. No beaming past. And no word from you,
but Heavenly Times hasn't reported you missing, yet.

I have time on my hands. Let me check
for all those timelines where
I won't see you again.

I need a quill and papyrus.  Soot I have, plenty to ink. Quill and
papyrus: Winged friend, a feather and some spring will do.
Inspired from a neo-surrealist painting by Muharrem Acar;=gm.547496795392735&type;=1&theater;

The poem admits as usual of multiple perspectives, with the simplest one being of longing. There's also the theme of peace that eludes our world.
C Davis May 2014
Oh, What a View!
      from this hazy morning hue,

Familiar faces        interlacing
    back-trip Flashes
Heart is Racing

In my brain &
  through my veins
i still feel the
                       ACID STAIN

Recollections of
Reckless Havoc,
Wreaked when I was
Trapped in Magic

  last night
                                           who was i ?

  right now i'm fading from my sight

I am here while i am There
and I have yet to    Find my Mind .
(disregard the circumstances under which I wrote this poem.)

— The End —