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Clinton Arneson May 2017
And so, the quiet knows
In time, the distance grows

I call her name, at last
The dice are therein cast

I see her; through her shield
Through the shell, unsealed

A light that dances there
A fire, clear and rare

I reach to it, and find
My hand and arm

I pull it back, declined
The contrast sharp;

I’ll never know her light
I’ll never earn the right

I’m dark; I don’t deserve
This knowledge, I’ll preserve

She goes her wayward way
Respectfully, I’ll stay.
Clinton Arneson Mar 2017
The giant bird

his feathers black

runs along

his favored track

I crouch down low

amid the reeds

the spear I hold

toward, he speeds

the time has come

my family starves

through frozen air

my spear tip carves

Flying true

Or maybe wide

with wind and

gravity it vied

and will it hit?

and bring him down?

will I return

to great renown?

The darkness comes

the sun has set

the snow alights

the valley wet

I see the fire

on the ridge

my arms are sore

but just a smidge

for I return

a huntress true

with meat enough

for all of you
Clinton Arneson Mar 2017
Sammy’s poem

The badguys’ plan at last revealed –
She calmly dons her plastic shield –

With sword a-forged in mighty nerf –
She aims to prove her steely worth –

Freshly cleaned by mop and broom –
Our battleground; the living room –

The couch becomes a fort for dad –
The ottoman, her launching pad –

Lofty on the mezzanine –
Sagely mom surveys the scene –

As Sammy shouts her battle cry –
And Aussie leaps as if to fly –

I raise my arms and give a roar –
And lumber wildly from the door –

She never falters, shakes, or quakes –
Within her heart, a hero wakes.
Clinton Arneson Jan 2017
Astute young face, aglow
Her hair from gold to snow

Eyes betwixt walnut and coal
What sly, coy secrets they know

Her powerful glance doth sow
an end to every last foe

and the barest of smiles to show
how strong she will one day grow
Clinton Arneson Nov 2016
How the Maiden’s Veil doth shimmer!
Tis a sun itself,
this spread of stars;
a sundered-sun!
so once like ours!
But cracked and poured
Great egg,
many jars,
One sun became
Septillion shards!
A character of mine describes the galaxy he sees at night.

Milky Way = The Maiden's Veil
Clinton Arneson Oct 2016

We shall strive to acknowledge that we are wholly responsible for creating, and maintaining, the destructively false interpretations of the physical differences between ourselves.

We shall strive to acknowledge that we are, in fact, all representatives of the same, fragile creature… one which is prone to ignorance and fear... but also capable earning one another’s respect and support through the wonders of accountability.

We shall strive to hold one another to the rigorous standards of truth, and through this unifying obligation, we shall be equipped to recognize that we do not, in fact, have enemies, but simply acquiesce to fears.

When we have done these things, we will know, at last, our true obstacle.

Unified forever, as a singular humanity aligned against this obstacle, we would reach the stars.

Humanity’s true obstacle: the thoughtlessness which arises from the comfort provided by absolute certainty.
Not exactly a poem, but still. I wanted to put it somewhere.
Clinton Arneson Oct 2016
Her rhythm broke.

She cantered, missed a breath… and down her carefree castle fell.

No longer held aloft within the wings of her runner’s trance, she despaired of her return to the Realm; to be mired amid its dirt and difficulty once more.
Prose from my third book ~ I rather like it.
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