Tonight I get to do what I was meant to do
To be who I was meant to be
And although every eyeball in every line of sight may be fixated on me
For an hour or so
That doesn’t change the fact that I
Was meant to step out this stage and to bend like a bow
As I did in the days of old
Such talent is still stretched within me
That I should perform, and that I should play, most doggedly
Until the finely threaded twine within my mind begins to unwind
And I am straight as an arrow hence
Laying on the table before, how I once had said
That I hope I can return once more for that again
But not for this I said
Not for this

Sometimes you need to stop before you can keep going. *nod nod*

Somewhere between
the hushed voices,
the many body parts
and the pitch black,
his lips found mine
and I thought
that I wouldn't mind
feeling that
for the rest of my life

Taylor Shelton Mar 2016

Listening to other voices
Screeching a beautiful sound
I get jealous
For my voice has never reached that high
It's never has
I know it won't

I always want to sing as loud as others but it ends in a jumbled mess
edwill makamu Jan 2016

As I set my eyes on you,
I felt the report in heart went through my nerves.
Once or twice glance on your face was enough I didn't need the pain
from falling for you.

I tried to pull my head away I was all in vein.
I spot you strut past my view,
And my heart melted with the feeling and desire and I found something true.
But I couldn't pitch it so loud (you are a darling)

Some days after I could still recall the accent of yours,
clearly as if is my favourite song and is on repeat.
You strut, your physique, uniqueness and your face,
is as clear as of zoomed picture or video.

My brain is as camera and it snapped photos and videos,
so I never forget you
I expected myself to bump unto you by the street,
but I couldn't and so I needed your tens.

My apology, I never wanted to;
but I was forced I couldn't stand the pain I'm feeling from falling for you.
My apology, I could have got them from you.
I'm sorry for a thousand times.

I went digging and found the number of a girl I'm falling for without her concern and when I call her she wants nothing but to know where did I get her contact.
Mercury Chap Jun 2015

Some pitches are so high
That when one shouts
No one could listen
Except for the animals.

Noel Apr 2015

I'm struck with a pitch that seems out of tune
dark inside to a minor prelude.
I can't shake this feeling that something is wrong
in the mind there's terror though the surface is calm.

Which parts do we know, which chorus will I sing
do I sing of joy or the hate that it brings?
The bridge will fall and the melody dies
an error to my ear and a fear to my eyes.

A glitch in this matrix with an itch in this pitch
rhythm before love is a quick pick fix.
Truth defies logic deny it or die
a lie in the grass is still just a lie.

Don't think about it.

Jade Apr 2015

the scent of grass
rush of blood
adrenaline running
trembling nerves
the stench of fear stings

the missile soars
poised to kill
life to one
death to the other
tense binary

Eleanor Rigby Mar 2015

I am neither a girl
Nor a boy.
I just dress as I please
And sometimes
I wear make up.
I am neither your girlfriend
Nor your boyfriend.
I am your lover.
I whisper
Some three words
To your ear
With a low voice.
And when you anger me
I tell you to fuck off
In a higher pitch.
I am neither a She
Nor a He.
I am human, only.


My twisted soul can no longer fly
I can't see the sky
I search for a light
In this pitch black darkness
It's too late to hope
It's too late to pray
With a soul like mine
It's too late
I hear the laughing voices
I'm near the edge
I'm at the edge
I can't fly
I can't see the sky
I can no longer hope
In this deep ocean
I try to swim like the fishes
In the mountains
I try to fly like the birds
Why, Dear god?
Why can't I swim
Why can't I fly..
In this pitch black darkness
It's too late to hope
It's too late to pray
I just believe that I'll leave.

It's my first time! Please do not say anything mean, I tried to make it the same in some notes. I do not know how to make a poem, because first of all. My sister told me about this site and she told me she made poems  I told her oh nice but all I do is just Draw actually, I'm a very good artist and that's all I can do, but maybe I can be a Poet and an Artist one day.

— The End —