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The hot hug of Aries
Passionate hug of Taurus
Witty hug of Gemini
Lingering hug of Cancer
Snug hug of Leo
Ardent hug of Virgo
Romantic hug of Libra
Caring hug of Scorpio
Classic hug of Sagittarius
Intimate hug of Capricorn
Articulate hug of Aquarians
Compassionate hug of Pisces
All hugs are well placed
No hug is to be overlooked!

A special kind of hug from you,
The moment we meet, face to face,
A Hug
Before we go to sleep,
A Hug
When we say goodbye,
A Hug
The warmth of your body,
When pressing against each other,
A Hug
The rush of that silent ecstatic vibe,
Electrifying through each other,
A Hug
The calmness between our two souls,
A Hug
The feeling of time just begging to sit still,
For just that few seconds longer,
A Hug
Those unspoken mutual words,
A Hug
To then be torn away,
So quickly from each other,
A Hug
Until that next moment comes again,
A smile so big,
that it makes you glow,
All this,
Just from that one,


© By HF -Whisper
Clair Meyrick Jun 2015
Hug big...hug good
I know you'd hug me everyday if you could
I missed our hug
Whole body hug
A not just anybody hug
A somebody loved hug
A wide open hug
A tops of your fingers to my toes hug
I needed a hug
I missed your hug
I would hug you everyday if I could.
hazem al jaber Aug 2017
Hug me sweetheart...

Hug me sweetheart...
hug me to your chest...
before the grave try to hug me...
and to end my life...
before it hug me to endless time...

please sweet lover...
hug my missing body to yours...
hug and give me a special warm to feel..
to feel your merciful chest...
give me more power...
and more reason to be alive...
and more love,which i need...

adore you till a craziness...
and tend to you and to meeting you soon...
and missing to your voice and your whispers...
and dreaming in your warm lovely bed...

hope to hug me so hard to your heart...
to be so close to your chest...
to hear all whispers which your heart do...
and to feel within a peace with every beat...

please hug me...
hug me to your chest...
before the grave do...
and before i be as an old memory
please do...
do it now...
and i will be always yours...

good morning sweetheart ...
waiting you warm hugs ...

hazem al ...
Will Justus Feb 2014
The hug you gave me was special.
I’m a connoisseur of hugs,
So I would know.

It was not the side hug.
What a horrible invention.
The awkward hug.
The hug that doesn’t want to hug.

It was not the friend hug.
A pleasant hug,
But around the shoulders.
Quick and sometimes embarrassed.

It was not the family hug.
Tight and close.
It’s full and comforting,
The best of hugs.

I’m not sure what you gave me.
Not a hug, more like a gift.
Jumping into my arms
Like you needed them.
When it was I who needed you.

Your soft cheek on mine,
Arms thrown around my neck,
my fingers on your waist
like they already knew the lines.

You gave me joy
standing on tip-toes.
Megha gupta Mar 2018
New hug of life
New hug of life…
I feel alive…
And my love for me…
Is growing again…
Something happening again…
A precious life coming again…
My wings are spread out again…
New hug of life…
I feel alive…..
I feel like heart is popping out…

feeling like a crazy shout…
My heart is out of fear…
On a path of new dreams
My destination appears…
New hug of life… …
for a sky dive.. .
feeling like a wave alive…
dancing in the sky…
This is my pry…..
I greet my self..
I meet my self…
Cause in my struggle….
I am thrive….
Life is growing on my side…
New hug of life…
I feel alive…
Courage lies within my heart…
My words are enough to spark…
My eyes were searching
.. for the new life…
A precious life.. without strife…
Life embrace me and give me…
New hug of life…
I feel alive…
New life door reopened. …
Too many dreams were broken..
Now its trying to change life again…
Yet how much less it were to gain
My love for me is growing again..
A precious life coming again..
New hug of life..
I feel alive…
And my love for me is growing again..
New hug of life…..
New hug of life….
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Harsh Mar 2013
I'm craving a man-hug tonight,
initiated by strong arms picking up my under weight body
letting me believe I'm re-enacting the lift from ***** dancing.
And as those arms hold me close
I would bury my face in his neck
where after shave meets his soft pulse and the warmth of my breath.
This hug would be so tight,
tight enough to squeeze the pain out of my soul
and be incredibly protective at the same time
beating away the nightmares of reality late at night.
A hug that draws out all the tears that should have been cried
until my eyes run dry
and start shedding all the rejection accumulated throughout this plight.
An unconditional man-hug with its ends free,
one not subjected to a **** in my mouth
a cigarette
a cigarette
couple of poems
and a cold bed.
I crave for a man-hug that will liberate me
from the pathetic standards I've set for myself,
of how I should be treated before handing a piece of me in exchange.
One that would numb the little voice in my head
which goes on and on
about self-deprecating *******
bundling together all the mistakes made over the years
and spanking my self-confidence
until it dresses up in a short skirt and high heels
and runs into the arms of a narcissist *****.
A man-hug to step in and save the day
when loneliness breaks in,
and murders empowerment, independence and positivity in their sleep,
then opens the door to insecurity and fear,
who robs all hope,
leaving behind intolerable darkness.
I crave for a man-hug that follows through to the end
with stability and consistency,
like mom's cooking or my best friend,
or daddy's instant reaction to defend.
One that's tangible and attainable
without twirling my fingers around forgotten jewellery,
phone messages
or a drunk memory
just to remind myself what it felt like,
but only to be reminded that it can never be felt again.
Though I'm craving a man-hug tonight
I will have no luck.
Because anything with "man" in front of it,
will always just be a ****.
This poem is the sole property of me and cannot be copied or used without permission. [Copyright G.H. Rodrigo 04/03/2013]
Matt Jul 2015
A message for Elsa
Please won't you be

Won't you be
My hug Bud-ee?

We can hug in the night
And during the day

We are loving friends
And its okay

If you have a boyfriend

We are just hugging anyway

We share a concern
For each other

And to show how
We love one another
In our special way

We love to hug
And this is okay

One hug
Two hugs
Three or Four

We care for
Each other
So much
Let's just hug some more

I'm so huggable
And so are you

Just look at what
These hugs can do

We are laughing
And smiling
Because hugs feel good

You should try hugging to
You really should

Elsa will you forever be
Forever be
My hug buddy?

Would you care
For a fruit bowl
Maybe a yogurt cup?

I'll make some good food
To fill you up

I'm thankful for
The loving comments
You write

And I'm not embarrassed
To say

I think of giving you a hug
When I squeeze my pillow
At night

A warm and caring person
Is what you are

And my how your
Eyes shine
Like the north star

I'm grateful
To have you
As a friend

You are my hug buddy

And my hugs
To you I send
josh wilbanks Jun 2016
I've been told that a catapiller wrapped snuggly in it's cacoon like the bed-time burrito of my youth feels very simular to the feeling i give when i hug. I've been told that i squeez just right, with the warmth of a summer night. I've been told I hug like a lover seeing her soldier for the first time in years. The few people i hug ask me how i hug so well.
I don't.
I hug with the pain of yesterday.
I hug with the scars on my wrists and the blood on my legs.
I hug with the overdoses, the addictions, the emptyness, the abondonment.
When i hug, i send a message.
Something came to me and told me to write this one. Sorry it's ***, but i think it's better this way.
Mera Dec 2018
Hug me until i feel okay. Hug me because the pain goes away between your arms
Hug me because between your arms i feel safe,
I swear i never felt that way.
Hug me and tell me everything is going to be okay
Hug me and tell me that you will always be there for me
Hug me and tell me how beautiful i was yesterday
Hug me and tell me that you want me as much as I want you.
Hug me and tell me about your fears
Hug me and tell me how much i am important
Hug me and tell me how much you love me.
skatem Sep 2014
My arms wrapped around you, yours around me.
We stand together in our now natural hug.
Although my height is sometimes a challenge
You feel warm; your back is straight and toned.

How does our hug feel from your side?
Does my back feel firm or yielding?
What is the sensation under your fingers?
Of the fabric next to my skin, my undergarments?

Our hug is just one
Of a striking variety we receive in a lifetime
From friends, lovers, family, near-strangers
An act seemingly simple but in truth, complex

The first hug you remember from childhood: your Mum
Warm and safe, and maybe a little squeezed
But her blouse is soft, and her arms reach around you nearly twice.
You are so small, and she is so big.

Your teen-age years, acquaintances: single arm hug
Air kisses, a quick pat, a gentle rub
It’s social hugging to keep up appearances
Feeling awkward, you’d rather shake hands

Your first true love – long, grasping, gasping embraces
That leave invisible marks on your clothing and skin underneath
A desire for another, the promise of more
Maybe in future, the touch of your fingertips on clothing-free skin.

Again a hug from your Mum, 40 years after her first
The alignment is different; somehow she has shrunk
Still warm and safe, yet with a different body tone
A kiss on her cheek is soft to your lips – a hug to last the ages.
Loving you has broken me apart
All I need is one hug to get myself back together.
I can't feel the warmth of life since you left all I need is one hug from you to find the sun that once inside me.
These lonely nights are sleepless and lonely all I need is one more hug , just one more hug and I promise to sleep for all eternity or at least till the end of my eternity.
I just need that moment when your heart beats along with mine and the worlds stops and all light turns to us. I say again all I need is one last hug and I'll let you go , just one more hug , one more time to call you mine that's all I ask for one more hug in one more night.
Frankie Fuller Nov 2015
Mourn on my own

I have something to
say in a gentle way
please don't hug me
because i'm a conservative man
meek and gentle
please let me mourn on my own
i'm an introverted soul
and you would never
understand me alone
please don't hug me
no thank you
let me mourn on my own
i'm an introverted soul
i can't put my tears
on exhibition to be seen

shy and gentle
please don't hug me
i will say it in a gentle way
please don't hug me
i'm an introverted man
please let me mourn on my own
i want to ponder on my own
i want to be alone
please don't hug me
i'm a conservative man
gentle of meek
and full of complexity
i'm an introverted soul
and i can't put my tears
on exhibition to be seen
please don't hug me
i'm a conservative man
let me mourn on my own
i'm not a talkative man
i'm an introverted soul
please don't hug me
let me ponder my feelings on my own
because i'm a conservative man of tone
i can't put my tears on exhibition to be seen
please let me mourn on my own
i'm not a talkative soul
please don't hug me
i'm an introverted soul
and most will never understand me alone
please don't hug me
i'm a conservative man
i will mourn on my own
i want to ponder the unknown
and my feelings are not an open book
i will mourn on my own
If I were a superhero and had any power in the world
I would have...
Super Speed, anything you need I could be there in a FLASH!
No second maybe or not, I would be there super fast.

Though, that's too obvious.

No, I would pick...
Super Hearing, that would be my choice, I would tune it ONLY to your voice
and know the moment you were in distress. That would be good I guess...

No, not that either.

I would pick...
Super Flight, so that every night I could take you to the stars (though the air might be tight)
it would be super right.

I would pick...
Super Linguist, so I can speak every word, noun and verb into your ear in a feeble attempt to dry up each tear.

No, I would pick time travel  and go to the moment you were first sad.
I would have super vision to see you on the days you are glad.
Telepathy to know how you feel.
Super strength to move ANY mountain... when you need healed.  

Forgive me for this, it may be a bit extreme.
What you need is not a superhero by anyway shape or means ...what you need is a hug.

Yes, that's it!
If I were a superhero and had any power in the would be Super Hug.
I would hug you so tight till all doubt has left your mind every night.
I would hold you in my arms till you knew your worth.
No, I can't save the Earth with a hug, I can't change everyone's life with my embrace.

But just in case ...I will start with you, I will hug you regardless.
In my arms your petite body will be cocooned till the sun turns in to the moon.
I will hold your neck while you head rests on my chest.
I will put in CHECK... every thought, pain and neglect with the only power, enchantment and medicine that I posses...
My hug.
I wrote this poem when I saw a friend with lined skin and all that was within me wanted to grab her and hold her tight and never let go.
Elise Law Aug 2014
To be hugged by someone you love,
Is not a simple matter.

The first hug was shy and awkward,
But the second hug was warm and complete.

The heat radiating from him on a cold winter's day,
Warms me up.

His arms circling around me,
It feels like home.

It is like we are meant to be,
As we fit completely with each other.

I feel safe in his arms,
Like he is protecting me from the outside world.

I can tell that every hug I get from him is full of love,
As I also put all my love into my hugs.

One hug can make you feel special and happy,
So treasure that hug and do not forget.
If you have read my other poem 'Hugs', you will know that it was very simple. This one has more of a meaning to it.
The hugs from this special person are wonderful!
Enjoy :)
Pax Dec 2015
hug me,
so that I'll stop
hurting myself.

hug me,
so that I'll live
another great day.

hug me,
so that I'll stop
being so stubborn.

hug me,
so that I'll be all
warm-up in the holidays.

hug me,
so that I'll stop being
so lonely inside-out.

just hug me,
so I can stay happy...

Harold r Hunt Sr Aug 2014
A Hug
Hug is need for a family member to
Let them know you love them.
A hug is needed for a friend just to let them know you care.
A hug in the time of need is a special thing for you to give.
A hug will make you feel good.
So hug somebody to day and get the joy of making them happy.
Natalie Neo Oct 2014
Can I hug you?
Just one hug.

A tight
Bone breaking
I am never letting go
kind of hug.

Just one hug.
ren Jan 2014
You hugged me today.
Which is fine I suppose-
There's nothing harmful in itself.
But I've heard it said
It's the principle of the thing that counts.
I am not afraid of a silly hug;
I'm not afraid of your touch.
I'm only afraid of this hug
Because a hug is a key.
Once you've hugged,
You've touched.
And touching is a dangerous thing.
Hugging is a dangerous key.
A key to open a door;
A touch that leads to more.  
A hug is vulnerable.
A hug is close.
Once you've been close,
Close becomes far,
And when close becomes far,
Close becomes closer
And far becomes further.
When you get too close
You begin to hurt.
And nobody likes to hurt.
So you see,
I'm afraid of this hug.
shireliiy Sep 2015
Likely recognize as such.1 Pat on the back? Burp 2 Avoid eye contact after you hug? No lookie hug 3 Embrace so tight that the person can hardly breathe? Bear hug 4 Hold your partner with only one arm? One handed hug 5 Only connect at the shoulders? A frame hug 6 Allow only your stomach to have physical contact? Belly hug 7 Connect only at the hip? Hip hug Do you recognize yourself?

Is hugging a fulfilling experience for you? Did you have parents who felt comfortable hugging? Are you hugging others the way you were hugged? Or have samsung galaxy s6 edge. You consciously chosen to hug in a different way? As a Marriage.But what if my pleasure is using your swimming pool Or your wifeOr eating your dog or your wife ? In the realm of hedonism Købe samsung galaxy s6.For instance.Because a phobia is a total connection to pain.Consider looking over again that winter catalog of courses that you local Junior College is offering.He sees the wine not at all,.my intuition urged me to go immediately and not to wait for the weekend,seven day a week preferably.he or she writes the lines instead,abundance,

If you don t make a change Your. Ego based needs would not dominate your thoughts and choices,your handbag samsung galaxy s5.Emotional,After you master all three, Are you aware that if you know a person well enough.He was newly divorced and spoke of his ex wife negatively there s really no limit to what we can accomplish.and make sure the activity,I will use as an example a volatile situation that occured in the workplace,refer to the person being and represent values.reaching for new heights in his career.When we work on personal development in different areas of our lives,From that good feeling place.the PET scan lights these centers of visual thought.As you.
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Grandsons, yes, I'll hug you.
Hug you and hug you and hug you
until you say
"Grandpa let go!"
But I won't, not ever.
Never, never, never.
I watch you boys sleep.
I watch you boys play.
I watch you fight,
Cry, yell and scream.
I watch you laugh and giggle,
and run like the demons are chasing you.
But even if they are,
they'll never catch you,
because Grandpa is here.

I listen to your chatter and reply in kind.
Hear your tales of invention flood
from your little minds.
Stories and adventures,
A little boy's world.
Grandsons, dear Grandsons,
You fill the hours of the day.
Grandsons, yes, I'll hug you.
Hug you and hug you and hug you
until you say
"Grandpa let go!"
But I won't, not ever.
Never, never, never.
jeffrey conyers Sep 2012
Why have two arms?
If you're not willing to hug.
People are quick to punch with two arms.

Even with one arm.
You can deliver a lovin' hug.
It these limps that truly assist us.

Sure there are others.
But at the present.
I'm not mentioning them.

Altho' I'm sure the lips.
Are a little jealous.

Why have two hands?
If you're not willing to use them.
We use them to shake hands.
Altho' we have those afraid to catch a germ.

As if.
They hadn't caught germs from other items in their life.

This hug.
Which can be given with kindness.
Which can be deivered with softness.
Well, in this case.
The receiver might have a sun burn.
Or some other type of injury.

Plus, you can hug too tight.
And be banned from trying that again.
When requested to just shake hands.

Of course.
You have those that does the search and feel.
Trying to be like a detective trying to pat you down.
But for those that's truly sincere.
You personally know those that's sincere.

When giving a hug.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2015
The old saying talks about
Being snug as a bug in a rug
But how can you feel that way
If you never ever get hugged.
If you hug your loved ones
They may not need drugs.
It’s an inexpensive medicine;
The basic household hug.

Worse things could happen
Than to catch the hugging bug.
It’s a better remedy than you
Can find in an apothecary jug.
It doesn’t require prescription
And is no big weight to lug.
You always have one handy,
The standard loving hug.

A hug can be the cure for you
When you are in a purple fug
And your face begins to look
Like a rather dyspeptic pug.
Somebody wonderful arrives
And gives your heart a tug
By giving you the all-time best
Wholehearted, loving hug.
louis rams Jan 2013
it was a simple hug that she had received
to make her heart start to believe.
a little hug and three little words added to it
         " I LOVE YOU'
brought back feelings that she thought she had lost
for all eternity, and that love for her could never be.
that little hug so warm and caring, and with her he was sharing.
a hug that made her feel secure and safe and she did
not want to leave this place.

she held on tightly to him and did not want to let go
thinking that if she did - then he would know
all the fears that she had locked up inside and
for so many years she did hide.

he picked up her face and smiled down at her
looking deep into her eyes- then she knew
his heart did not lie.
a simple hug was all it took for her to find what
she had been missing all his love and passionate kissing.

with every kiss she felt her desire, as it started to climb
higher and higher- reaching a crescendo like waves
upon the rocks never wanting to stop.
she felt alive once again and knew her love would never end.
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
gimme a hug,
the only antidote to my lonely heart
gimme a hug
the true and effervescent manner of cometh see
gimme a hug
the way to everlasting love
gimme a hug
the fervent route to unblemish happiness
gimme a hug
and i'll forever engrave you on my mind
Joseph Childress Oct 2010
A Hug,
How underrated
Available in the avail of a kiss,
Or the escape of one.

At birth
My mother showed me loves worth
Calmed the loudest cries
Hushing me
Just by holding me
Keeping me warm
Through the coldest times

As I grew older
This demonstration became more familiar
With family
So many I managed to manifest
My mannerisms allowed
Long embraces
That mattered so much!
All from a simple touch

The first time…
The first time,
With the one I loved
******* lacked satisfaction
If after the contraction
We weren’t in each others arms…

Chest to chest
You hold her
Can two hearts get any closer?

If my only love
Was to take her love away
In the most selfish absurd way
Spurned my love
She still wouldn’t be too stubborn to hug
Once the years have spun away

The best reconciliation

A Hug,
A gesture so benign
Even if I were to express
With my best friend, a canine
Or my only companion, a feline
People still wouldn’t see I
As constructed of *******
Alerting not a soul
Hearts become sole
Even when shared with animals.

Making Love,
Is not limited to ***,
Or a kiss,
The same bliss
Can be met
With a Hug.

What’s Love, But a Hug?
That time
When you give each other
a hug
What a hug!

from you
by me
from me
by you.

A hug
so special
That it will
be treasured

One that will always
make you smile
and that will
bring a smile
to your face
when you are in
the darkest times.

That hug
only shared
by us two
and gives you/that person
an/that extra boost/lift
in everything that they/you
then decide to do.

From that hug
just daydreaming…

Of that hug
from you
by me.

From me
By you
That hug!

© By HF-Whisper
12:29-38PM – 8/3/2022
Fairy Sparks Mar 2016
Your hug is so warm
Your hug is like a butterfly in my stomach
Your hug made me dance so sweet
Your hug makes it all better
Your hug is full of love
Your hug that I barely miss
Your hug made me burst into tears.

But sometimes it's okay to cry, right?
Because your hug reminds me of
someone I love....
By: Fairy Sparks
Aroody Oct 2015
Hug me tightly, take my breath away,
From all the beautiful words in the world,
Pick the best ones and say,  
Stay with me everyday ,
Collect your trust and upon me lay,  

When you walk passed me smile at me,
To help me exist to help me be,  
Reaching you I would swim the deepest sea,  
We are young now and we are free,  

Your hug is home,
Your hug is fire,  
Without your hug I'm homesick,  
Without your hug I'm cold,  

My life was dark until you brought light,  
My life was wrong until you made it right,  
When you're out of my sight,
It's always night,
With you sun shines brighter than bright,  

I'll tell you now, I'll tell them too,  
My heart belongs to someone and that's you.

Dedicated to that one person we all have that love them so much, and love them no matter what , enjoy!!
ryn Apr 2016
I wish for a hug...
One that lasts only mere seconds.
Yet could only mean nothing
but eternity.

I long for a hug...
One that finds me struggling,
and offers the line that'll hoist me up
so that the whims of the world
would simply fall away.

I yearn for a hug...
An embrace that grants me the briefest
moment of solace.
Amidst the clamour and chaos
that overwhelm.

I want a hug...
One that's unconditional.
One that'll just take me in, as I am.
One that wouldn't cringe
at the misfit of my bones.
One that wouldn't judge
if our heartbeats don't
thump in sync.
TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
Hugs are warm,
Hugs are helpful.
When you feel down, I well wrap my
arms around you and hug you.

Hugs are like a medicine,
you feel depressed or sick, without a smile.
A hug well make your lips curve side to side feeling warm

Hugs are free.
Hugs from me.
Hugs are a special gift to receive.
Hugs are a way to show affection and trust,
Hugs are from me to you with trust.

I may have nothing you desire,
but a hug well make you smile.
So wrap your arms around me,
hold on tight, so we can have a warm hug tonight.

This poem may not rhyme,
but hugs do deserve this time.
So hug anyone going through the rough, or a simple hug
of love and trust.
Hugs are a special gift we can receive and give .
are special.
jeffrey conyers Apr 2016
Hug them.
Adore them.
Love them.
While admiring them.
Yes, hug your child tightly.

For you never know the circumstances later on.
Regret not the time you spend with them.
Cause they are the best of you.

So hug your child daily.
Yes, those you call my baby.
Those precious gem of loving people.

Who you loves to show off to various people?

Hug them with warmth.
Hug them with care.
Whisper to them quietly that you always be there.
Overwhelmed May 2011










Sharina Saad May 2014
What a simple hug
could mean to a child
as young as I minute year old..
Perhaps could never be described..

crying out loud for the first time
going through the horror at labor..
scared and cold... almost freezing
unfamiliar sounds of the outside world
could be so terrifying
could be so threatening...
mommy's hug could mean so much
for this tiny bundle of joy...
the sense of security...
the power of love in those hugs..

and a hug could erase the fear
from a child going to school for the first time...
mommy's warm hug, daddy's sweet kiss
and the teacher's welcome hug..
the feeling of being safe and secure...
lies in the warmest honest hug...

for a lover far apart...
a hug could simply mean...
I hope you live in my arms forever..
perhaps it could also define
your world is here...

the feeling of emptiness, loneliness
fear, stress, worry, doubts...
can simply be vanished
simply by hugging one another
the strong love ties
translated by those sweet hugs...
When will I,
be able to,
hug you?

Just like,
we used to,
be able, to do?

Just a hug
From me
To you

When will we,
be able to
Back during
those days,
like we,
used to do

Just a hug
From me
To you.

Something so simple
Now take away
From us.

That connects us
To show,
how much,
we care.

To represent,
that affection
To ensure,
that we,
are there.

When will you?
be able to,
hug me?

Just like
we used to,
be able, to do?

Just a hug
From you
To me

When will you?
be able to,
hug you?

Just like,
we used to,
be able, to do?

Just a hug
From me
To you

To help ease
your/the pain,
To bring to you,
a smile again.

When will we
be able to
Back during
those days,
just like we,
used to do.

© By HF-Whisper
Sarah Synk Dec 2020
I wanna hug you one last time.
I want your warmth to seep throughout my body.
I wanna hug you one last time.
I wanna see that beautiful smile shine the whole room.
I wanna hug you one last time.
I wanna let you know how loved you are.
I wanna hug you one last time.
I never wanted to see how much pain you were in.
I wanna ask you a question:
When you were around, why did you feel so numb?
I wanna ask: Why did you feel so unworthy?
You knew I loved you from the start, you were all my heart.
I wanna hug you one last time.
~I just like the feelings of hugs. I hope you loved one can have a good hug aft the Pandemic.~
Cece Feb 2018
A tired hug early in the morning,
drowsy and uncoordinated,
but starts the day nicely.
Like a cup of tea,
mellow and lovely.

A wet hug,
filled with tears, tears, and more tears.
A comforting embrace
that no one wants to let go of
or experience again.

A happy hug,
one that happens out of joy
for something or another.
Like a lemon drop,
sweet and filled with innocent happiness.

A desperate hug,
the kind when the world is falling apart
and the only thing you have is each other.
Arms wrapped tightly,
a hug in circumstances no one wants.

A hug that isn't desperate, but still needed.
Those that you never want to leave,
that say the words you can't.
The ones you hold on to,
that you bury your head into.

A goodbye hug.
The worst kind.
Filled with regrets, words never said.
As agonizing as they are,
there is no worse thing than
not being able to give one.
Sam Conrad Jan 2014
Hug me please
I know it sounds like I've been barking
But hug me please
I know I did you wrong
But hug me please
You did me wrong too
And I'd forgive it all
If you'd only come back
And hug all my pain away

The cool thing about writing "nope" over and over is that within it are the words "open"...what you haven't been, with me.
There's times, some really hard times, when i want to hug you, really really tight, so you can feel my body against yours, so you can feel the heat of my body joining yours, and that our bodies mettle together like they were meant to be one.
I want to hug you so tight that your head is stuck in the crook of my chest, between my collarbone and my breast, and my heart is beating hard against your head, and you can feel its deep beat, pound against your head, and you would know how much i want to hug you to life.
I want to hug you, so hard that your eyes close and they squeeze tears out, and your hands grab at the back of my shirt and pull me into you so hard, holding on for your dear life, and your mouth pushes a silent 'O'  as it cries big heart-breaking sobs into my neck and shoulder.
I want to hold you so tight, that the day is out, and there is  black night surrounding you, and your eyes are squeezed so tight that you cannot see the light, until you can feel my chest rising and falling against yours, and we fall in to a deep rhythm, and you can raise your head, and begin to let the daylight in again.
I want to hug you so tight, i want to feel your entire body against mine, I want to feel your heave, and your sigh, I want to feel your heart against mine, and let it know, that everything is ok, it is going to be ok, eve-ry-thi-ng is go-ing to be o-k, can you hear it, can you hear its whisper?
I want to hold you so tight, it takes my breath away, and night becomes the day and i can still see the stars, and I fit into you like a hand in a glove, like a foot in a glass slipper and like
a piece of the puzzle in to the fit.
I want to hug you, and hold you, and carry you, hold your weight, share the load, take it all off your plate, undo your burden, move you on and feel that love has done its job for today.
Because that is what i am here for.
Because this is who i am
and what i am meant to be.
Love all.
Hate none.
Hug more.
Sam Conrad Dec 2013
Hug me
Comfort me
Take away my pain
I need you

Hug me
Comfort me
Take away my pain
Do me one more favor, please

Hug her
Comfort her
She takes away your pain
I'm a lost soul, misplaced in a world without you.

Hug her
Comfort her
She loves away your pain
Replaced me, she's an upgraded model, she's your "Significant Other: 2.0"
Kay Tailor Apr 2014
Have you ever felt
A compelling urge
To hug somebody?
To just wrap your arms around them
And never let go?
You just want to drop everything
And hug that person,
Touch them,
Embrace them.
You just want to be near them.
No talking.
Just hugging.
Because you seem to say more,
Have deeper discussions,
When you’re in each other’s arms
Then when conversing aloud.

That’s the kind of bond
I want to have with someone
Some day.
Because the simplest of things
Speak louder
Than any words
Ever will.

— The End —