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May 2014
What a simple hug
could mean to a child
as young as I minute year old..
Perhaps could never be described..

crying out loud for the first time
going through the horror at labor..
scared and cold... almost freezing
unfamiliar sounds of the outside world
could be so terrifying
could be so threatening...
mommy's hug could mean so much
for this tiny bundle of joy...
the sense of security...
the power of love in those hugs..

and a hug could erase the fear
from a child going to school for the first time...
mommy's warm hug, daddy's sweet kiss
and the teacher's welcome hug..
the feeling of being safe and secure...
lies in the warmest honest hug...

for a lover far apart...
a hug could simply mean...
I hope you live in my arms forever..
perhaps it could also define
your world is here...

the feeling of emptiness, loneliness
fear, stress, worry, doubts...
can simply be vanished
simply by hugging one another
the strong love ties
translated by those sweet hugs...
Sharina Saad
Written by
Sharina Saad  Malaysia
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