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Will Justus Dec 2016
It is a windy day today,
But I hoped that you might stay
And not blow my heart away.

I fear a fearsome storm doth brew,
That they shall cleave me from you
Oh jealous clouds cease to stew!

Sun, don't permit this darkness fall
Hail winds, and command them stall
Buy me time, however small
Will Justus Dec 2016
Midst misty mountains moans
A poor soul doomed to roam
The life he lived was more like death
So after life he was given breath 
His task to guide the wayward son
Back to the love where he'd begun
Until this lesson had been learned
That the angry God whom he had spurned
Had loved him through every fall
And wanted him to heed the call
Of a father whose hope was great
That his son might choose a different fate
Will Justus Dec 2016
Whence comes the dark of night
Whence comes the day's first light
Whence comes the storms of snow
Whence comes the winds that blow

There is one who knows
To and fro in the deep he goes
But seek ye not lest ye may find
Who possesses the lesser mind
For knowledge is fire that burns the fool
It will only be a wise man's tool
Will Justus Dec 2016
I have lived a full life,
Brimming with beauty,
Overflowing with adventure. 
I have seen the Arno, 
Draped in fire and light. 
I have sailed into the burning sea 
And felt it's heat from mountaintops. 
I have seen heavenly waters, 
So distant and close. 
I have watched Apollo fly arrows
Back at his huntress twin. 
Yet none of these can compare 
To the glint in my true loves eyes. 
In it I see my past all at once
And our future sprawled ahead.
Will Justus Dec 2016
In my heart I am a knight
A man born to strive for right
The world likes to worship might
But I have seen a brighter light
I have been blessed with clearer sight
The world has been filled with blight
That makes the day as black as night
Which head of the hydra do I fight?
Thank God He is on a higher height
I need only serve and be contrite
For he will redeem all his broken wights
Will Justus Dec 2016
The sea has claimed all
Our pride has sunk below
Where once flags flapped bright
No sign or ruin gives note
Tall spires were felled low
White walls crashed down like foam
The waves have rolled through
Our hearths are dead and cold
Fair gems have waned dark
Their light shines no longer
All songs have ceased now
The joyful live no more
A cloud has risen here
It's shadow leads the van
The Tuatha Dé Danann abandoned Murias, Falias, Gorias and Findias in the northern islands of the world and colonized Ireland. In my interpretation, the cities sank beneath the ocean.
Will Justus Jul 2015
Sit here my sweet and listen to
The tale of love 'tween me and you

When I was young and small of frame
I felt no want for worldly fame
Nor did I care for heaps of gold
I had one love if truth be told
I cared for good most of all
And feared not pain nor funeral pall
I wished to see where good was done
I searched beyond the setting sun
I wandered until at last I found
The woods to be my hallowed ground
Beneath those boughs was my home
And there I lay no more to roam

I was content, it's true to say
Until I met a girl one day
She moved among the hills like light
For flowers bloomed at her delight
All the animals gathered 'round
To hear her voice's lovely sound
At night the stars would come from miles
To try and earn her radiant smiles
I was in love, it was clear to see
But could she ever be in love with me?

Then one night both long and sweet
I stayed awake my love to meet
She smiled at me when at her I'd peek
So I lay a kiss upon her cheek
Her stormy eyes tossed my soul
And so I played a bolder role
I leaned in for her lips so red
But her soft kiss met mine instead

That's the story of how I found
The best girl there is around
And when our young love did fledge
We gave each other a wedding pledge
To live each day in free bliss
And of course to often kiss
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