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TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
The year is
Everything has changed.
Every human living underground.
From the radiation and war above.

Others weep and shiver in
fear. As others prepare for fight.
One of them is I.
I show no fear, or backing out.

The earth is in battle,
with creatures of robots and war

Radiation and darkness,
humans are under awaiting for the end.
As if well there be in end to
this war?

As powerful and advance soldiers
go above the ground to fight off the
in heavy built silver suits with
machine guns and swords of steel,
we await till it is clear.

The year 2020 is
dark and a life
to risk.

For the sake of humanity.
just a story I made
while making a story I am
TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
Ever had that feeling of,
The power that swirls inside you,
at a time in your life.

Where you know when you can use it.
The power inside you,
that leaks and makes you...

The power that grows,grows until.
You are human no more.
But a immortal, with ultimate

You become, the one.
The one with no one to stop you.
But yourself.
TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
I am disgusted.
Disgusted of the world,
the pain, and evil
That surrounds us.
The pain we don't deserve.

All is lost, as we sit here.
In pain.
In agony.
In despair.

I am disgusted to many,
of what they've become.
The destroyers,
the saints of the world.
Getting away with deeds,
that they have no souls no more.

Anger fluster inside me,
as my body trembles from
the blood boiling inside I.
Why must I live and see
the evil deeds.
Of the wicked and

I am disgusted and angered.
Adultery, lies, and suffering.
Oh I dislike.

I am disgusted by all
wicked behavior and

Just disgusted.
TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
I need the truth, for once
in my life!
All I hear is a swirl of lies.

Whatever comes out of everyone's
mouth, are words made of plastic.
No one tells me the truth,
for I wish they would.

What is the point of lying to I?
Telling a lie, is like putting your
life on the line.

So why you must?
When I am dying to know the truth.
Just saying, and don't make it up.

The truth is right, and always
the best.
A lie is a horrible

So tell the truth, as we wish
to know.
Instead of a lie,
that isn't whole.
TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
In shadows, it roams in grace.
Its eyes scan as the mortals lived on,
at night time as you go to sleep.
In the shadows it lurks as you sleep,
watching you turn and breath.

It comes closer as it leans in,
not knowing from the shadows,
you sleep deeply and soundly.

In the shadows they watch you,
watch you as you move a slight inch.
Even during the day, they watch you.
The feeling of eyes, millions of eyes
on you.

They await in the shadows,
they wait to take you and
you'll be gone in a second.

In the Shadows they wait.
TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
The two black eyes stared back at me,
my heart was pounding faster in my
chest afraid it may strike.

Blood covering its face down to its
Fear rushed through my every limb in
my body, the things mouth widen into a
large smirk not taking its
eyes off of me.

Tears escaped my eyes, as I clenched the knife in
I watched as the thing moved its blooded hand to a shield force
between us, as I noticed my hand blood covered on it
as well copied.

My blood rushing and as I meet with the monsters
eyes, I noticed a resembles.
The long dark hair and pitch black eyes, and the hand that was touching
the shield force...was I.

I am the monster.
TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
Everywhere I see,
news, internet, and newspapers.
Tell us, we may be the last.
And the end is near.

So fast and to late, the world
has been crumbling down
with the saint.
Pain, suffering, and losses
of thousands.

The earths ground crumble,
the weather goes insane.
Everything out of place, in fear
as we are.

Scared of the end.
Losing half the world,
in mysterious ways.
Lies, lies, lies.

The end is slowly emerging,
suffering to all,
depression, and darkness.

No one is safe, no one to trust,
the world is crumbling, as we sit there
not knowing.
When well it be for us?

My eyes have seen the signs,
my ears have heard the evil,
my mouth is covered.
The end is near,
already here.

It is beginning,
as we become watched,
nothing personally or private.
Scared for your safety of your family and

The end is coming, I am not scared.
But ready to protect.
Ready to fight,
ready to survive.
A random poem I
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