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Clair Meyrick Sep 2017
I see
I saw
The sea
You see
The tide
It turned
The sea
It washed
Over me
You see
I saw
The ebb
The flow
The sea
It saw
It sees
The me
The you
The us
The we
It sighed
You see
It sighs
The sea
The tide
The time
The energy
It sees
The pain
It saw
The moon
It turned
It sees
You see
The sea
Clair Meyrick Jul 2017
I turn my face
To morning chorus
Of fresh breeze
Of expectant shadow
I hold out my hand
To the space that's you
In that single moment
My perfect happens
Clair Meyrick Mar 2017
26 letters
My fingertips
A thought
5 vowels
My heart
A sign
Clair Meyrick Mar 2017
Railway station waiting room sitting anticipating inspiration
Breathing slows as calm descends with a black lace shroud
Mystery light and honesty filter through the spaces in between
Thoughts float up then disperse on the wind searching for a patch of fresh earth
The platform rises up and beckons me to trust instinctively
Soon I will be taken from here to find my bodies position in a different place
My absence of presence will be noted in the subtle shift
A whisper of inquisitiveness will leave it's mark on those who pass by my shadow ghost
The past will greet the present like a familiar friend before walking into the future.
Clair Meyrick Feb 2017
Sitting on hands
Feet turning inwards
Trying to hide the inside
From the outside world
Goosebumps on pale skin
Patiently waiting
For the hand that feeds
Listen carefully
can hear a tiny voice?
Perched precariously
Head lifts
Heart beat quickens
Fingers unhinge the cage
The door creaks
With wings unclipped
Freedom beckons
Yawn awake
Hear the delicate song
Clair Meyrick Feb 2017
I can taste the lies you left in the corner of my mouth
I cut my teeth on words that once danced on my tongue
Tastebuds tingled as the sentiment made sense
Tongues tied as eyes widened with the beliefs
I choke on the aftertaste of lips you serviced
Clair Meyrick Dec 2016
It will be happy
Sad and Lonely
There will be wishful thinking
Achievements disappointments
Love and tears
Hope and fears
Arguments, in depth discussions
Songs, poetry and prose
Cold times, hard times
A little bit of wonderful
A whole heap of something special
Long nights, short days
Lazy Sunday mornings
Rainy Tuesdays
Thank God it's Fridays
Writing on the wall
Picking yourself up when you fall
Excitement and wonder
Standing tall
Pride and pain
Hurt feelings
Dancing eyes
Huge big grins
Goosebumps, pins and needles
On searing hot skin
Cold hearts, skinned knees
Hearing things
Saying what's on your mind
Lying and imagining
Eyes wide with wonder
Tears running down cheeks
Time to speak
Wasted days
Guts and glory
Brand new stories on fresh blank pages
The best of you
Laughing like drains
The subtle, the profane
Drunken days sobering thoughts
Big hearts new starts
Expectations, failures and successes
Asking questions but questioning answers
Never forgetting to remember the past
Whilst stepping into the future
Have the presence of mind to be present
It's in your hands
Live it love it

Walk with purpose into 2017 X
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