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  Dec 2014 Elise Law
Why is the ocean blue?
The ocean is blue because water absorbs colors in the red part of the light spectrum. Like a filter, this leaves behind colors in the blue part of the light spectrum for us to see.

Why do people you love get angry, till their fragile veins bleed out?
They care, sometimes, too much.

Why do I feel like this?
Perhaps, your eyes said a shy hello to his.
And both of your lips refuse to say Goodbye.
Hihihihi there!
How was your day, lovely soul?
I started learning how to play guitar! Eeek, it's definitely a little hard for my little hands and fingers to kind of move across the strings. :')
But, hey! Just gotta keep on trying.
Elise Law Dec 2014
It's summer.
The season of love.
People search for love,
But some people become heartbroken.

Couples taking walks along the beach,
Sitting on the sand,
Staring at the lovely orange-pink sky,
Looking at the sunset.

Some people look for a summer fling,
But as long as they had a great time,
Not regretting it,
The memory engraves into you.

A few people go on holidays,
Finding their one true love,
But this summer love ends,
When autumn finds its way to interrupt summer.

No matter whether you're still a couple,
If it was just a summer fling,
Or you were left heartbroken,
It was still a once in a lifetime opportunity to fine love.
Hey guys :D
It's been a long while since I last posted something, and since it's the first day of summer over here, I thought I should write something. It's not the best, but please enjoy :)
Elise Law Aug 2014
My heart is broken once again.
You keep leaving me,
leaving myself to slowly fall into despair.

Here I lay, in my bed,
Thinking if you will come back.
I wait and wait, but the result is nothing.

All I did was leave for two minutes.
I return,
But you leave for hours.

If this is how it is now,
When I leave for an hour,
Will you leave for eternity?

I cannot handle this hurt.
The abandonment by my own love,
Makes my chest throb in pain.

Should I trust you and give you a third chance,
Or should I free myself from the cruelty,
But mourn over my loss of you?
Something similar that happened to me inspired me to write this.
A lot of my poems have been quite sad so far hasn't it?
  Aug 2014 Elise Law
Damien Randerfield
The first time we met, your eyes glinted in the afternoon sunlight.
I pondered,
I adored,
I loved your shy personality.

Then when I got to know you more,
I was hooked.
Your lovingness, your care, your optimism,
had me thrown into pirouettes.

We laughed, we hugged.
We talked, we cried.
We shared our secrets and our lives together.
We were complete.

Until that one moment, when you pulled my heart strings too far,
and left me to throb in pain.
My heart aches as it harrowingly beats.
And tears roll down my flushed cheeks in rivulets.
  Aug 2014 Elise Law
Damien Randerfield
I see them clasping each other's hand,
planted on a wooden bench,
head on shoulder,
and carving a smile at the winter clouds.

They hold each other's embrace in the chilly flurry of air,
their eyes shut,
seizing the moment,
and allowing their hearts to slowly, but surely entwine with one another.

I gaze at them, longing for what they have.
My heart sinks at my despair and companionless thoughts.

The only thing I can do now, is to keep scrolling.
My eyes fixed on the screen of my device,
my thumbs flicker from one side to another.
I keep myself distracted, vacantly staring at the pixels beneath the tip of my index finger.

Ultimately, the thoughts strike in its final wave.
Anxiety flushes over my sense of self,
and I realise.
That I.
I am.
the odd one out.

Elise Law Aug 2014
Left alone two times in one day.
How many times will you betray?
You know how emotional I get.
Are you trying to make me upset?

Your excuses and explanations, I do not want to hear.
If you keep talking, I will disappear.
You try to get my attention by giving me a shove.
All I want, is your love.

My heart is a fragile little thing.
It can be broken easily, like a piece of string.
You only need to heal my heart.
From then I know, I can assure you, we will not be apart.
Hello peeps :D This is the best poem, but it took me a long time to think of rhyming words. Please appreciate my work!
Thanks~ Elise
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