Jason Cirkovic Nov 2014

The snow makes this humming noise
Can you hear it?
It’s the noise
That people described
When they were huddled
Around the campfires
Telling ghost stories
Back in the day
When the ground was soaking dry
And the tank top filled days
Ricocheted off of the boys
Chasing Bigfoot thought the cornfields.
The reflection of innocence
Left my mind
When reality kissed me
With her cigarette filled breath.
Leaving me
Flaking away
From the radiant skin
That brushed off the cornfields.

The snow makes this humming noise
Can you hear it?
It sounds like my friends
Moving away
From the innocence
And transferring
To the school
Of harsh expectations.
They were forced
To take daily vitamins
Consisting of impractical expectations
Left by the people
Who said that they just couldn't do it.
You see,
My friends didn't follow the boy scout honor,
They left traces of themselves
Behind the cracks of my skull.

The snow makes this humming noise
Can you hear it?
Its sounds like the snow
Is giving a close shave
To the power lines
That crackle with apprehension.
I walk about the desserted Ice cream
That has foamed over the cornfields.
My feet seem to stick
To the people who wants me
To be just like my brother,
Whenever I creep
Through the creek of snow,
I get trapped by the vacant wasteland
All I can do is wait
For I am waiting for jack frost
to suck up my last breaths.
Crushing my soul
With the rhythm
of this humming noise
The snow makes.

Aniseed May 2015

Your skin wasn't so soft
Not the softness you'd find
In great love stories

You didn't always have the
Words to say something
You fumbled with them
While I babbled

You snored -
Only a little, I promise

Yet in ways I found
Them so endearing
Perhaps it was just you
And I find myself
Tripping and tumbling
And scrapping ideas
Of not needing love
Or just not being aware

Because I'm just yearning
To brush against that arm again

Stories be damned

Whatever this feeling is, it's terrifying.


The Flake the Wind exasperate
More eloquently lie
Than if escorted to its Down
By Arm of Chivalry.

Claire R Mar 2014

Remember, remember that time long ago?
We talked and we walked
and we waited for snow?
Nary a flake did it rain down,
nothing but dust covered the ground.
We prayed and we cried,
shouted and lied,
It wasn't until the day that we died
did we see one white snowflake outside.

Lorraine day Dec 2013

My aim is to love
As gently as a snowflake  that falls
* * * * * * * *
To be as graceful
To be as pure in mind
And in thought
As inspiring
As elegant
* * * * * * * *
My aim is
To remember
That I have been created
As all of us have
Unique * *
As the snow flake that falls
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I saw that the Flake was on it
But plotted with Time to dispute—
“Unchanged” I urged with a candor
That cost me my honest Heart—

But “you”—she returned with valor
Sagacious of my mistake
“Have altered—Accept the pillage
For the progress’ sake”—

brooke Mar 2012

bathed in a salmon glow
only the trees saw us

(c) Brooke Otto
Rip Lazybones Jul 2014

Ambiguously aged
Restless protuberances
Chilled tundra flesh
Timid breaths
Inclined emotions
Cold stranger, nothing more.

Lalin Dec 2014

Have you also smelled the snow today?
I reckon!

It came to me eyes shut
A little summer breeze outside

Carried by an undeceive December rain
Waiting for a rainbow sunshine
But it never happens!

And I know it is unlikely
here the snow  inside
or meteorologically outside

except maybe it’s on your sight light-years away
I should be smelling a living joy as what is lost of me

and so I become a snowflake
to connect
hang just
above a mountain lake

a bit nonchalant
as I like to be sometimes
by my temperance the wind balanced
so that I stay upright
above an exact measurable point
become the fairest of fairies
a fairy-bride feathery white

for fun

but also to pass on spirits of me properly
as I stretch myself from dust  to my wholest parts
I become the matter of the flake’s material
and I don’t care but know only by being
the duped me infinitesimally

either the one above this lake or another
slowly descending one
to touch the tip of your nose or lip or forehead
And I know then you will recognize me at once
when I tickle you softly
as you know so well by now  
how it thrills and hurts in one breath
cold or hot spot
that’s what our game is about right?

Which one is of you or of me
haha I DON’T KNOW really THE DIFFERENCE it seems
is getting a little blurry
AND that not only for me but also for you
or thee
and that very last one for fun or for the sake of the rhyme ONLY!

alex waddell Jul 2010

i can't say clever quotes and i don't tack roses to my wall.
i don't dress nicely and i am not as beautiful as she.
i don't expect you or anyone to love me.

my taste in music is bland and i read oh slow.

my back is not defined and my thighs are vast.

my mind is mental and my teeth are dental

but there's not a damn thing i can do about it.

how many steps must I take
joints grind and bones to break
this is for your sake
regrets follow in my wake
your face and smile fake
poker table I'm the rake
Nicki, Kanye and Drake
like filligry on my cake
like edgewater on a lake
real estaste will always make
dem big booties shake
to make the earth quake
and when will you flake
and make my heart break
It's then I realize you're my only mistake

James M Vines May 2015

Water rises from the earth and forms into clouds. Rising to the edge of the heavens the clouds cool and settle out. As the wind churns the moisture, little crystals form. Each unique in it's own beauty, they begin to fall down. Coming to the earth in small and wondrous designs, every individual snow flake is a singular work of art. All of the flakes join together and blanket the earth, bringing cold and cleansing. When we look at the snow flake, let each of be reminded of our own uniqueness and how while individually special, that we are all joined together in our own special way just as the snow flakes are in beauty and cleansing before renewal on cold winters day.

Haunter Mar 2012

People are like
snow flakes.
They always
melt away
flake out
shit get’s hot & heavy.
Kind of like friends that aren't passionate.
Friends that aren't passionate about you are seasonal friends.

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