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Long ago in foreign lands, I stood quietly with a gun in my hands. In the midnight hour I walked the line. I watched the horizon for trouble from the sea. I was far away from my loved ones, as far as one could be. In places where I did not belong, I went to answer duties call. I was part of a greater good, one among many. I did not complain, for I had raised my hand. I was willing to pay freedoms debt, no matter what the cost. Where others now walk I once stood. I stood the watch and answered freedoms call.
If tomorrow we withdrew and called our soldiers and sailors home. If we pulled back all of our boots on the ground and left the world to fend for itself. Would there be parades in our streets, but weeping abroad? Our young and brave would be home for the holidays. Would the world truly miss us or breathe a sigh of relief that we had gone home? How would those who protest us feel, if they were left to the hand of tyrants and murderers when all of our troops came home?
The stars shine in a cloudless sky, as the earth turns. People sleep in peace as our fighter jets fly and our satellites keep watch in the night. Ships sit on the horizon as the watch changes unnoticed. Children dream under the stars and stripes in many lands, because our soldiers are at the gates. A world waits for dawn so that sleepy eyes can wake. People go out to play and children don't have to worry. A silent night watch was kept by America on land, sea and in the skies.
The world is filled with chaos, reality has been torn up at the seems. There is an aching for change, but the old paradigm will not easily pass away. Through blood and tears the world is shedding it's old skin. A new birth is coming, what it will be no one is sure. All that we know is that castles are falling and new ideas are emerging, but unfortunately some mimic the old. We must not give in to complacency, but we must move forward with change. How ever painful it might be, we  must let what will come be. Until new ideas are tested, we shall never know what works and what will not. Perhaps only in revolution will we emerge the better, only time can provide the answers that we seek.
I had a dream the other night, I was in an ancient land. The world was dead silent, as people stood around. They looked up at a hill top where 2 crosses stood. I ask a stranger, sir was does this mean. He told me the Romans has killed two thieves. Then I was taken to another place, a quiet garden outside a city. There I heard people arguing, I went in among them to see what I could do. Then as they quarreled and fought, I asked what's wrong with you? One man pulled me aside and said that he was gone. I did not know what it meant, then I was carried on. Quickly night became day, and I stood on a hill over City. I saw a man looking down weeping and I said sir is there anything I can do. He simply looked at me with sorrowful eyes and said they're not worth it. I stood in awe for a moment, then I saw a bright and blinding light. Then I heard the man's voice say I am sorry and I watch him fly away. Into the heavens he went, then I felt a cold chill. An then I heard someone laughing, but no one could I see. Then a cold calus voice said, now you belong to me. Filled with terror I woke in a cold sweat, I the got down on my knees. I cried out to God. Please don't let this be. A quiet voice replied, please be still my son. You have nothing to fear for the fathers will was done. I tried to calm myself, but I still felt like I was there. Stuck in a place on that hill so long ago. Overlooking a city where Satan won, when Jesus said no.
James M Vines Nov 26
We may not have wings, but we can still have mercy. We may not wear shimmering robes, but we can still be a witness. We may not wield a blazing sword, but we can still give justice. Many are called but few are chosen. The way is not easy but the reward is beyond imagining. What is done is not done for personal gain, but because is right. Often we are persecuted, but we still endure. Can we be angels, the answer is yes, if we choose to be.
The House was a flutter with lawyers galore. Files were stacked from ceiling to floor. The media waited breathlessly for the gavel to fall, impeach them one impeach them all. Phone calls had been made and text messages had been sent. This is it this is the event. As Pelosi took the stage, all of their hopes and dreams would come true. Just waiting on the vote that all they could do. As the roll was called, one by one they said yea. The democrats had 218, they won the day. With all of the House Republicans in unified dissent. It was over, an on Impeachment went. From the floor of the house in a blink of an eye, on the Senate they thought we have this guy. While in the White House with not even a frown , President Trump was making a deal with the Chinese. When someone came in and said it was just on CNN, they passed the impeachment, this is the end. The President just looked with a coy smile, he said I think I will be golfing for a while. As the papers were cleared out of the House, the building became as quiet as a mouse. On to the Senate all in disarray, let us end the President let us do it today. Then what appeared to the Democrats dismay, but Mitch McConnell to get in their way. With his neatly placed glasses centered on his round face. he took all of the joy out of the place. Like a Grinch that stole Christmas, he said with a twitch, you will not impeach him, I am not giving an inch. So with stacks of papers and boxes of legal briefs, the impeachment charade came to an end. Another failed attempt and the Democrats had lost again.
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