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Lytrell Howard Nov 2015
Is there love for the cold?
The winter months
Who likes the bite of the wind?
Lonely beds and quiet houses
The home of the ******* man.
Nice to none becuz none are nice
They just want something
Everybody wants you then they leave
Getting love from the ones you run
From no love from the ones you run
Towards my dreams are your night terrors
And my love is your hate.
Splitting the bill on blind dates
This is goin nowhere. Already known
Cards already shown. Cover already blown
The voice is calm but the actions are
Wrong as igloo on the equator.
No more drinks Mr. Waiter. I'm good
I'm bad. I'm happy to be mad.
I'm desperate to be sad. Life takes to
Long to move so fast.
Do soul mates crash? Am I drivin too safe?
My vulgarity equals no similarities?
Thought if I ain't look I would find u.
I ain't look and I did look. I stopped
Lookin then started again the mantra
Of the heartless men. I shall end how I began
Alone. By myself. Loved by no one else.
Maybe my mother. She could be lying.
No sense in cryin when u find out I'm dyin
Yo messed up timing. Gonna try to love me
As they piling dirt on my story.
Chapter over.
Book closed.
The single life of the committed *******.
Lytrell Howard Nov 2015
I'm thinkin of u
Are you thinkin of me?
Staring at your last text
Hoping you text me

What's stopping us?
Who holds our destiny?
I will give you the best
Soon as you message me
Lytrell Howard Oct 2015
As the light dims and the night grins
Let's not pretend what we intend
Is this life? This too shall end
Type with my pen. Write within sin

Im not sorry I'm not what u want
I'm happy with what makes me flaunt
If it keeps me on a solo launch
I didn't want to go with the haunted

Yeah some are afraid the change
Can make you lose your brain
But if change is not strange
Why are you so afraid of the World's ways?
Lytrell Howard Jul 2015
I love the warmth
It's the sun's glorious hug
The quick switch
From dusk to dawn
Sweating profusely
Energetic like the second
Before we make love
It's the long days
The golden rays
Children voices
Making melodies
Weathers gift
Lytrell Howard Jul 2015
I can't believe
You are about to leave
So much more left to say
I want one more day
Just a moment
One more moment
Where do I file for an extension?

Is it over now?
My body is colder now
All in my shoulder now
They want me lower now
Like I'm sober now
Wish I was older now.
Leave this an enter another dimension.
Lytrell Howard Jul 2015
Trying to fill that hole
It never fills
The void so real
Its the lonely nights
I don't want to let u in
But each time u win again
I just
The loss of time and love
Makes the time seem
A dream
A nightmare
A moment of peace
I beg please give me
That moment
That second
That minute
It's just one hour out of the thousands
We waste with the wrong people
People who
Love to hate you
Where am I?
Who are you?
What is this?
Why did I start
What I couldn't finish?
Slowly back away from it
And it follows
Like an obedient dog
I want to quit....
Lytrell Howard Jun 2015
Our love is a valley
It goes down but comes back up

Our love is like a cliff
Once it goes down it stays down

Our love is an ocean
It lasts as long as the eye can see

Our love is a swimming pool
It lasts from this tree to that corner

Our love is a payday holiday
It's as good as good can get

Our love is rent day workday
Some muthasuckin bullspit
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