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Lizzie Matthias Feb 2020
i’m feeling fine
a bit bulimic, but that’s alright
you write to me,
i write right back
and that’s all we’ll ever need
Lizzie Matthias Jan 2020
With all these lies I tell,
how long until I’m the boy who cried wolf?
Lizzie Matthias Dec 2019
Will myself to sleep.
Will I go to sleep?
Too many thoughts.
Tired eyes,
Active mind.
I live my life wrapped up in lies.
It's quiet a bind.
  Dec 2019 Lizzie Matthias
Why the ******* do my poems go in trending I put no effort into them and there are people that try and you like this ****??
Lizzie Matthias Dec 2019
Pull me in from shallow depths
Follow in my footsteps
Hide with me in shadows
Ignoring all that follows

Get away from trouble,
Come and play with bubbles!
No need to worry, anymore
That's too much of a chore
Lizzie Matthias Dec 2019
No longer a bother
And nothing to ponder
I'll be hitting the hay
Think about all this another day
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