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Hah, look at me,
Giving up!
I can't do it,
I really can't.

It's my job, my duty to help
And I can't!
I can't, I'm sorry!
I really can't!

Confusing feelings about love
Something I can't explain.
It's my job to help though, and I can't!
I really, really can't!

I'm sorry!
So, so sorry!
It's no fun without you!
I love you!

Aha, I can't! :D
It's too hard!~
Hehe, I can't!
I can't, I can't, I can't!
i can’t help,
but i try.
this might be the worse you’ve ever felt.
i’ll let you cry.

i wish i could promise it’ll be fine.
i wish i could promise it’ll be alright...
but all you can do is pine,
pine over your lost direction in life.

at least you said something,
at least you didn’t shut up.
don’t shut your mouth and say nothing,
don’t hesitate to interrupt.

don’t say it won’t last.
don’t say
i don't say that enough,
not ever enough.
maybe if i said it more
everything would be alright.

please don't go,
please don't stay silent,
please don't stop being you,
please don't...

i'm sorry for what i said
i'm sorry for what i did wrong
i'm sorry for being a bad friend
i'm sorry, i'm sorry

i'm sorry i'ms rory i'm storry i'mst oryr r im sorry im sorru im' soryr i'm sorryr i im soryr im sory pleas e lplease lea s eplease pl as e dont go i'm soryr im osryrr ims srour
im so sorry..
the wide expanse of space,
so empty
yet full of terrifying possibility.
I'm here to listen,
not here to judge.
Feeling isn't a sin
and I won't hold a grudge.

I just need you to let me.
Let me see what's inside.
I can't tell what it's going to be
just by looking at the outside.

I don't make assumptions,
I won't tease you.
I'll listen to your opinions.
I'll help you be the best you.

The journey to bettering yourself is
and tough.

But I know you can do it!
I'll help you do it!
I know you'll get better.
I know it get's better.
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