Maxi Jun 2015
I feel like an empty coloring book.  
Just brought out the store, still in the bag
and I require every single crayon in your 64 pack to be filled in.
Yet you could never color me properly,  never able to see all of me, I know that all of John’s lyrics were just legends
Cause we would, never have been able to adapt in the environment we were set in.
I promise, we were fail.
But In this moment, at least try to stay in the lines..
maybe squint your eyes ..  take a closer look at how damaged my pages already are.
I never asked you to be neat...
I only advised, that you at least try to stay in the lines.
But really, who am I?...
Giving advice, but never take mine..  
Living for the moment, when i should take time
I  move fast.. like smooth winds, grooving through the motions but
               I…move too fast
             And I  spread myself too thin.
    Like, weak things & wheat thins, we could never break even.
Even when I'm looking for happiness in the same place that I lost it.
     If you weren't gonna color in this book then why you got it ?
            I refuse to be a coloring book kept in the closet
              & I'm tired of being patient, so color me in.
                   Shades of chivalry is not dead yet
                   Of you making my cheeks red and
            Shades of “is the sky black… or blue at night?”
                     Of “my love goes on for light years”
& I'll be loyal like Woody, If you'll be my Buzz Light year.

       Shades of“did you know that violets aren’t really blue?”
                                       Of confusion.
    Color me in shades of understanding, and sympathy.
                                Rose red.
                     And violet. Purple. Not blue.
                           Color me in shades of cliché.
                                       Frame me in calming hues.
Ooolywoo Jan 22
A perfectly linear shape painted in gold
Is what you see
Through Instagram pictures Facebook posts Snapchat videos
The tacit life
I lead in the virtual stairway
I am living the life!
So you say
You painted my life in the most shimmering color
Turn on every light in the room to make it brighter
Gazing with admiration
Most of the time
With jealousy
Seduced by the lure of the blue light dependency
Turning this perfect lie into some meditation
And make it my definition
An image I’ve built to cover the within
A perfect fragmented me I post on social media
A habit I borrow for social gatherings
A behavior forced into me
For the sake of society!
An illusion so fragile made out of eggshell
A shell covering the true essence of ME
Uncovering myself for the world to see
The egg wall and make believes shattering
To life unpredictable burdens
That perfect golden shell cannot bare life’s hurdles
Holding something beautiful that doesn’t curdle
I am more of what you see
More of what I let you believe
More of society’s standards
More of you
More of me
I contained beauty and imperfections
I contained colors and bricks
Strengths and weaknesses
Enough to suck in all life’s miseries
And to also reflect confidence and vulnerabilities
I am not just one color
I am every shades
Every undertones
Every hues that follow the changes
I am the intense
The neon
The eclectic
The iridescent
From the lightest to the darkest
The contrasting
The complementing
The chromatic
I am in nature in art in paintings
I am every northern lights dancing to my own ballet
Don’t just paint me with your own palettes
Crack me open
And see what’s inside
For there you will see
My true colors
Inspired by one of my brother drawings
thomas Jun 25
on a beach roars a bonfire
on a midsummers night
in June.
the inferno is calm,
tossing sparks and smoke
into the clear night sky.
and the sparks turn to stars
as they drift upwards
into the twilight.
the fire, as it burns driftwood,
begins to change color
from orange, to an
ever so slight hint of sea green.
the green, highlighted with
pale blues and rich,
pastel yellows grows stronger,
more vibrant, until every flame
is a mosaic of the sea
and the grass.
fluttering in the wind, our
driftwood bonfire burns to the
colorful tune of the sea
and the vibrant sounds
of the reeds.
ohellobeautiful Dec 2017
i still think
i can see you in the clouds
and every time i blink
the colors of your
soul sing
It's the blend of black and white
The collapsing of good and evil
Like parallel universes becoming one
Like the pull of an angel to the dark side
Or of a devil redeemed
Or like two children at play
rolling down opposite sided hills
Until they meet in the middle of a valley
But gray is not just two colors combined
It is a feeling too
Like an uninvited dark cloud
Looming over head
Crowding you in an empty room
Gray can even be a sensation
A feeling of breathlessness
Despite knowing that your lungs work perfectly
It is the color of numbness
Of no personality and "I don't care"
Its the color of not having an appetite
And a lack of social interaction
Gray is the black and white feeling of a panic attack
When the lights start to blend together
But that slowly turns black as you start to disassociate from the world around you
And you only hear your ears ringing and your heart beat

Heart beat...

The one thing that makes us real
The one thing that we all have in common.

BUT we have more than just hearts
We have minds

Minds that make the human race diverse

Gray is the color of diversity
It represents the complete blend of black and white

To think of the world in black and white would be a crime
Not because there is never a right or a wrong
But because when you see the world in gray,
You witness a world of beauty, pain, error
Emotions that don't exist in clean margins

I love the world that I see in gray.

Can you see it too?
Met you back in two thousand fifteen,
had this feeling with you that
you were just unique.

Could feel it in my bones,
there was no point in denying it,
that you were just as real
as the snow that falls on winter,
or the sun that shines in summer.

And there is no point in denying it,
you grew on me really fast,
crawling under my skin,
tearing down all my walls,
in little to no time, you made your way inside my heart.

Met you back in two thousand fifteen,
been four years since you came to me,
I've learned more with you in these years
than what I've learned alone in seventeen.

You taught me to be brave,
you taught me to smile through the hate,
you taught me that life is more
than what we see on the internet.

You taught me to be better,
you taught me to be nice,
you taught me that "love and kindness are never wasted"
and most important,
you taught me that I'm enough.

Today, on July the twelveth,
I'm giving this poem to you,
because you're my daily inspiration,
because you've encouraged me to follow my dreams,
because writing is my way of loving,
and with this poem, I'm loving you.
Birthday poem for one of my favourite humans on earth, Bryana Holly.
She's my role model, I've been looking up to her for four years now. She makes me happy, and I hope to make her happy too.
She has inspired me to be better, helped me grow as a person and as a soul. She's one of the most important humans in my life and with her words has encouraged me to do what I love and feel right.
So today I wrote this for her.
Hopefully, you'll enjoy it too.
Kaliedoscope colors, shaped as a rectangle outline of my door-
and I can't go out and see the beauty of it. A gray room,
with a blue face, laced into rushing in another pumping day.
Provoke the guilt, wilted meaning every breathing being has.
I'll leave someday, in someway, maybe not this moon fall,
but I know I can't live, thoroughly at all--
All feedback is welcome.
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