nichole r Jun 2014
the reason why
I still open my eyes
is for the shock of the
               c o l o r s .
Nicole Dawn May 2015
Before I met you,
My world was black and white.

When we met,
You showed me the in between,
The gray of life.

When we became friends,
You showed me that there is even more.
There are oranges, red, and greens.

Peace, happiness, and life

When I left,
You taught me more,
Although you were gone.

You taught me of
Blues, yellows, and purples.
Darker, colder colors

Sadness, bitterness, and anxiety

You taught me so much
About the colors of this world
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
So many colors on nature’s palette
There are many moods and emotions
Picturesque gallery of many paintings
Forever framed in the travelers mind
Masterpieces cannot be recreated
If we only hold onto black and white
Immerse the soul in nature’s color
Many shades will color the spirit
Clare Jun 2014
The colors I wished to touch
I finally did on a still wild parrot
Beneath the electric pole
That woke up now and then
In angry alien blabber.

I don't know if I like
Those colors any more.
I am not a color.
I am a human,
Just as you are.
Why can't you see that?
mirandy Jun 2014
you spoke in colors
in waves
like spilled ink
i can't seem to wash you off
your waves keep crashing over me
i can barely breathe anymore

you loved me in colors
in waves
like spilled ink
i can't seem to wash you off
but i am no longer drowning
your tide has passed
i can no longer see in color
Alyssa kasper Dec 2014
How do you describe
the indescribable
what is black
"well its a color"
no describe it
what does it look like
how about red?
What do you think of when you think red?
but what is it
Nicole Dawn May 2015
Blue can be happy,
Like blue party balloons

Blue can be sad,
Like a tear down your cheek

Blue can be angry,
Like a stormy dark ocean

Blue can be frightening,
Like your piercing bright eyes

Blue can be hopeful,
Like a new day's blue sky

Blue can be timid,
Like baby blue walls

Blue can be mysterious,
Like the oceans far depths

Blue is a bipolar color.
The "piercing bright eyes" belong to my dive coach, who scares the crap out of me.
Luna Craft Feb 2015
Everyone is so colorful
so full of life, so vibrant

Kind green hues
yellow smiles
red thoughts of love
pink cheeks from embarrassment

But I am grey, a colorless hue that represents the lack of self
yet I shine as if I am the only light
for darkness always contradicts the light
But clear as day
So many words I want to say
Colors paint my mind
But I speak in black and white
amrutha Jul 2014
I would paint your sky a thousand colors, if I could
And inspire the restlessness in your heart;
I would give to you a million stars, if I could
If I could, I'd gift you a new start.
Layla Thurman Sep 2014
Everyone looks better
Dressed up in black and white
Untouched by the colors
Of the lie they hide behind
You notice every inch of them
From the hue of their hair
To the color of their skin
You can truly see the way
Their eyes reflect the sun
And how they hold themselves up
Everyone looks better
Dressed up in black and white
Untouched by the colors
Of the lie they hide behind.
Harsh Sandhu Nov 2014
That time being nation's condition worse
For all to exist in yoke motherland seemed
                                                       to be curse
Having country's onus on youths to freed
So swear to intent freedom theirs' mind
With full enthusiasm, excitation and zeal
Everyone gone for country's wound to heal
Having all that time the same intent
Anyone who felt country's screaming of
                                        bondage present!
I try to feel again and again country's situation of that time , when freedom was only a word for our countrymen.
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