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devine Aug 2020
she’s a friend
i met her at a coffee shop
where i planned to stop
and where my heart dropped

she’s a friend
she has a beautiful smile
lovely style and a great mind
her cheeks tastes like chamomile
she’s truly worthwile

she’s a friend
we started seeing each other more often
with her my aggressive mind softens
and my pain are forgotten
it always feels like autumn
i know i have fallen

she’s a friend
i can feel her warmth in my clothes
the one she wore while i was in control
i want to feel her close
i want to be wherever she goes
she has stolen my soul
it’s not something we chose

she’s a friend
you’ll love her

i don’t call her a friend

but she must remain one
or else you’ll hate her
she can't be more than a friend in front of you.
devine Jan 2020
there’s a girl and her sister
on the long way home
they were running from the dog in the manger
but the sun’s down so it’s time to stop the roam

dad chugs beer
mom’s on vilazodone
it takes time to knock
afraid they will get locked

the two thought this is the right moment
so they come in but their parents are strangling each other’s throat
the two hide in the attic
panic but have no choice but to play with the plastics

they lay exhausted
tired of crying and laughing for hours
first thing in mind is to be cautious
afraid of being tortured

but there’s no sound
so she said “let’s go down”

there’s no one
no dad
no mom

but there’s blood
and remarks
she falls to the ground
searching for a hand in the dark

there’s no one
no sound
no crowd

but there’s a gun
and her broken heart
it never goes away, no matter how hard she tries.
devine Oct 2019
i went out
explored the city
met some friends
the sky was pretty

my mouth shut
tried to keep myself busy
but the road ends
now i’m just all filthy

such a waste of time
with me
why did they lie
and agree

everybody is speaking to me
and shutting me out
at the same time

everybody is a reality
and a place to hangout
at the same line

it’s all heavy
too hard to carry

i tried
i really tried
to be everything you want
to be everything i taunt
to believe in my broken heart

but the door’s blocked
and my eyes closed
at the end, it doesn't matter.
devine Aug 2019
sweetness lasts for seconds
before disappearing into shadows
but what the hell last forever
it'd be gone with a laughter

she likes honey
a hand above her eyes when it's sunny
but everyone only wants her money
and her body

so she closed the curtain
drawing cartoons
she was so certain
of all her tattoos

it became a habit
a mask and a casque
so no one could see
her tears for the chocolate
that melted in her pocket
she couldn't help but *****
every time she heard a promise

but the past stops at the moment
she's stealing from the candy jar
she's eating the donut
she's touching her own scar

ypu said it was only the cigarettes
but she mouthed your lips
she listens to apocalypse
looking for your silhouette

you listen to her heartbeat
you said you're a part of her
you said you want her til death

she lost her breath
and whispered
"you're so sweet"
devine Aug 2019
ease in my ears
fears in my head
i’m with my beers
but i feel you instead

i never wanted to
we didn’t intend to
for every **** we went through
hell yeah we’re true

i’m blessed and glad
we are nowhere near bad
but i can’t stop thinking about the unjust
something we always discuss

we’d be in different galaxies
away from each other
we could only meet through galleries
where we both suffer

it’s not up to us
when people are filled with disgust
no matter how much we trust
they will leave us in the dust

i can’t erase me without erasing you
so how can we be free without turning blue
i just want you
why to them we can’t love too

i just love you
none can undo
it's unfair.
devine Jun 2019
you came to my life
with someone in your mind
but i could see pain in your eyes
so i told you to never leave yourself behind

i wanted to be your friend
but i wished the night would never end
i swear i wanted to be your friend
but i thought about holding your heart instead
i don’t want to just be your friend
and i’m so scared

oh how i wish it wasn’t february
when your heart is still wary
how i wish i could go back to september
so i don’t have to surrender

it would be better if i’d just get my heart broken
if i were the only one whose soul is taken
but it’s not sole
you said i make you whole

so don’t say sorry
it’s not our fault
and don’t worry
i can be anything you want
i will always be here for you.
devine Jun 2019
the end of the day comes
now i can see the signs

the only time i can be naked
slightly aided
but will never be recovered
and never be discovered

after a long fight
entirely wrong life
now i'm staying the night
under the faded light

what if she leaves
what if we fall apart
what if i make things worse
what if the truth doesn't exist
what if i'll end up ruin everything
what if there's no place for me in the world

pouring my body with regret
pain that i could never forget
burning a cigarette
wishing i could reset

every night
this is my only right
when i heal
and when i ****
the only time.
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