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12.6k · Jul 2018
live life in warm yellows
tm Jul 2018
live life in warm yellows
when the sky is a dark gray and the clouds are a loveless black
live life in light pinks
when the trees are dying browns and the flowers are wilting ebonys
live life in bright blues
when the waters are a wild taupe and the sand is a rough onyx
live life in the colors of life;
for life is exquisite
but to see such radiance and beauty,
one must be appreciative and live life in warm yellows
and violets.
life is full of color, but one must be able see that to truly enjoy living
3.5k · Nov 2018
tm Nov 2018
i just want to feel pretty
not the kind of pretty that people want to have *** with
but the kind of pretty that makes me feel happy with myself
pretty inside, pretty outside
1.3k · Dec 2018
your loss, babe
tm Dec 2018
i have learned to live without you
i have learned that there is more to life
than you
of course, it still hurts
but one day, this poem will no longer be about you
and i'll be the one that got away

your loss, babe
820 · Feb 2018
Her art
tm Feb 2018
There she stands,
covered in paint,
admiring her work.

Her feelings.
Her thoughts.

She is her art.
She is the blue overlapping with the dark purple.
She is the light pink mixing with the red.

She is her art.
She is art.
I am she.
I am art.
WE are art.
We are all art. We are all special and important.
674 · Apr 2018
tm Apr 2018
On the 'Words' page,
here on this site,
'love' is the first word,
sitting lovely, without blight.
Peculiar, though,
it seems to be
That love is the thing
killing both you and me.

Why is it we dream of what we fear most?
For thrill, for passion? Maybe it is, who knows.
Many, many poems, and pieces of art
include the broken word sent from the heart;
374 · Jan 2019
A Fairy Tale
tm Jan 2019
I know our souls are not meant to be intertwined
I know how different we are from each other
I know how bad we are together
But God,
There is something about you
There is something about your blue eyes
that make the worries disappear
There is something about your smile
that make me forget that we are complete opposites
I know we aren't meant to be
I know I'm not supposed to like you
I know you're not supposed to like me
But there's no harm in pretending, right?
Lots of repetition woops
347 · Jul 2018
What did I do wrong
tm Jul 2018
He stopped loving me.
The same boy who told me he wanted me to take his last name stopped loving me.
The same boy who said he would fight for me stopped loving me.
The same boy who held me and told me he would never let go stopped loving me.
The same boy who would write me poems at 3am stopped loving me.
The same boy who always talked about our future stopped loving me.
The same boy who said he would never stop loving me stopped loving me.
Why did he stop loving me?
328 · May 2018
Hope is where the mind is
tm May 2018
Life, to me, appears meaningless
And I am still stuck
In the same place I was
In the same person I was
Life, to me, appears meaningless
But I cannot stop wondering,
If it will get better

em pleh
tm Mar 2019
Once again
I have allowed myself to live
in the illusion that
you actually care for me

How foolish of me
to let lowly emotions
get in the way of reasoning
and logic

Please don’t waste my time

It's my own fault
238 · Apr 2018
an apology
tm Apr 2018
i'm sorry
i truly am
you should not have to put up with me
but you do
and i could not ask for anything more
thank you
227 · Sep 2018
save me
tm Sep 2018
the devil played his music
and i sat front row through that symphony
ignoring the angelic choir behind me
222 · May 2018
Useless at 1:41 AM
tm May 2018
“You’re loved”
I know I am, but how do human
emotions compare to my actual worth
and value as a person?
I am so tired.

Does any of this matter?
Has it ever mattered?
tm Apr 2019
it's constant now
the bickering
the fighting
it started as an insignificant disagreement
but it grew
and oh God did it grow
it's becoming something
that i'm scared is bigger than us
something too big for us to fix
again and again
one fight after another
196 · Apr 2018
writer's block
tm Apr 2018
if you were to wait for perfection to start flowing through your brain,
through your veins, through your hand, through the pen, and finally to the paper,
the world would lack a masterpiece
that is your
Just a little reminder to just write! Write from the heart, and even if it's not Shakespeare, it's yours. Embrace what you have written, and remember to spread the love.
171 · Oct 2018
tm Oct 2018
Falling in love with you was easy.
You were a dream.
You were everything.
But falling out of love with you will be easier.
You were a nightmare.
You were nothing.
I love you.
I hate you.
Get out of my head.
168 · Dec 2018
why i left
tm Dec 2018
tm Dec 2018
My very existence
is found
within these lines.

You had no clue
No idea at all
Until you took the time
to read my rhymes

And saw that I exist.

— The End —