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Gradually I'm getting possessed, obsessed by thy love--craft, emotionally flew his heart reaching out to her's. He's intoxicated drunk in love.
Lost in the
lovesome thought of her's. His
heart is detained  underneath
the water of
her soul.
So we're
soul mates.
We met as 2 rivers confluences.
what these mean.
Your voice was like medicine.
Your eyes lit up my sky.
With you, nothing else remained relevant;
You crossed my T's and dotted my I's.

Sweet eyes. Hard like the liquor.
Intoxicate myself with you.
Sip away my needless anxieties.
We will call it a deathrace for love,
From me to you.
flamingogirl Oct 2020
I am intoxicated by you.
The smell of your clothing,
The taste of your lips,
The feel of your hair,
The structure of your face,
Everything about you
Overwhelms my senses
And makes me
Pull you in tighter
And bring you in close.
I cannot stop
Wrapping myself in
Your arms.
You intoxicate me.
Pyrrha Mar 2019
While we sit underneath the shadowy blanket of the night
counting stars and naming all the constellations
sipping wine and forgetting time
I can't help the jealousy that flows into me
as you get drunk off wine instead of me
how I wish I could intoxicate you with myself
It isn't until I part my eyes from those dazzling twinkling lights
that I see your gaze is on me
rather than the endless sky
BEK Feb 2019
Let me sink like a smooth river stone
An illusion of solid and smooth perfection
Yet a mere chunk of matter
The result of many falls and stumbles
Years of immersion at the surface
Of a relentless and powerful stream

Displace every bit of oxygen within me
Fill my body with water
Suffocate every bit of my existence
Intoxicate every ounce of red fluid with acid
Until this burden that beats within me is defeated
The invasion that frees my soul
BlueInkDitty Oct 2018
Magic upon my hands, all pink and blue,
Getting drunk on illusion swirls and shadows,
Sparkles of future into you,
Before they leave, will you follow ?

Fall for my tricks, let my demons go wild,
May these words intoxicate you with a spell,
Jump off a cliff, walk thousand miles,
May they help you reach through my hell.

Golden blood drips from your twisted finger,
A charm of love that melted in your throat,
Bursting galaxies underwater,
And your voice suddenly taints with oat.

Fall for my mask, let my demons untame,
May these words intoxicate you with a spell,
Dive in the stream, run to the flames,
May they scatter your broken shell.
Kume Dec 2017
Swig and swill, so says the urge,

O’er the top, burning liquor in turgid drops,

Hands all over little Brandy’s frame,

My, my, how the little liquor drowns in fame…

Poor liver o’ mine,

Gulping poison and sweet grime,

Your cries can’t reach me,

Your pleas die before they reach my drunken mind.

Like a mage with infinite powers,

A necromancer to dead emotions,

And feelings buried under layers of self-consciousness,

You summon our deepest desires,

Lay out the red carpet, and let our deepest thoughts,

Strut along.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Only those without fear will rule the earth.

And thus, in your glistening countenance,

You drown our every fear,

Of rejection and awkwardness,

You break the chains that once held back my tongue,

And cause my deepest secrets to flow,

Like lava from angry volcano’s.

I revel in this new strength,

My body courses with the power,

I know not how to contain.

But like everything else, this happy night will end.

And so I ask, oh friend of the night.

Where will you be when the morning comes?

When the chains of panache return,

Will you be by my side, fighting the soldiers of reason,

Or will you look on from your shiny bottle,

Awaiting another chance to make a warrior out of me?
My sweetheart love me until I breathe
Let me swing your beauty just to fly
My emotions rise with touch like seethe
Let me touch your treasure let me try

Your lips are soft like petals of a rose
Your cheeks glow like a burning fire
Your *****'s knot is ready to bulldoze
What a charming girl, wonderful attire

She wants me to take over to intoxicate
Her juicy cheeks invite me to just ****
You have taken my heart, let me locate
I am your fortune and you are my luck

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Like a magnet you take my pieces and make me complete
My sweetheart in your attraction no one can ever just beat
I am like a flower who comes in your way under you feet
When spring comes in real bloom you intoxicate me to meet

I know the worth of your beauty and price of my sheer love
Let me hold you in my hand to kiss you my innocent dove
I fell in love please do not ask me when where and just how
You are like sheer worship for me and I have an intent to bow

When we embrace entire universe steps up to dangle, dance
When a beauty in front ,then heart takes chance after chance
I am in your eyes my sweetheart you are in my sneaky glance
When love dares to touch beauty , beauty blooms in romance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
The Tinkerer May 2015
Look through the peep hole, and you shall see me..

Once in a while,
I'm a fun place to be!!

The harbinger of celebration,
The herald of intoxication.

I'm the company of the stars.
I'm at the counter of run down bars.

We meet at the winner's table,
We meet at the loser's table
To some I am a fable.
To some, the sharpest saber.

By me, prophesies have begotten
By me, empires have been toppled.

I am,
*The Bottom of The Bottle.
You wouldn't believe. i thought this up DURING an exam of mine :P
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